Girlfriend Reviews

Girlfriend Reviews
Girlfriend Reviews

We are Shelby and Matt, a content creation duo that really appreciates video games, but also think it's funny to poop on them.

  • Tyler Beauchamp
    Tyler Beauchamp

    No wonder your singing slaps 😄

  • Kratos

    "mY bOyFrIenD"

  • EliTheWizard

    0:59 is that Jimmy Fallon?

  • TessaMxdori95

    Halo on the original Xbox was my introduction to video games!! And the rest, as they say, is history! So many fond memories of my brother, his high school friends, and my dad playing Slayer & Capture the Flag a lot!

  • Froggie

    i hate that this is the game that my girl Kamala was first in, she deserves so much better

  • •halo•

    B a s s C u l t

  • SparkySpice0911

    Now do breath of the wild again

  • Lance Garcia
    Lance Garcia

    Matt, I hate to say this, but you're "yelling" is not yelling. And you spend enough time online that I have to believe you know that. Why are you trying to convince us that what you do is yelling?

  • TessaMxdori95

    I’m sorry but wireless earbuds like Raycons are gonna fall out of my ears 😂

  • KamiKazi

    Please do a Titanfall 2 Rewiew !! I beg its a really underrated game

  • Sampat Kedarisetty
    Sampat Kedarisetty

    I am in this video and I don't like it!

  • TessaMxdori95

    I was happy to see that Jacksepticeye (Seán) and Gab Smolders (Evelien) were in this!! So cool!

  • Jose Padilla
    Jose Padilla

    Please do cold war

  • MrHfightc

    I'm intrigued. 😂

  • Yonwin Hood
    Yonwin Hood

    I think you guys doing Saints Row 3 would be entertaining .. I know they made a 4th .. But that was where they killed that franchise

  • TessaMxdori95

    That’s what I’ve always loved about the assassin’s creed games: it’s like a walk through the history books. As a lover of history, I instant fell in love with the franchise!! 😄👏🙌

  • •LilCarrot•

    I love it

  • TessaMxdori95

    The story was FANTASTIC!!!!!

  • TessaMxdori95

    I appreciated the “RIP Lucasarts” part. 😭💔 what fond memories I have of the Lucasarts intro from KotOR 1 &2. My childhoood!!

  • Jonathan Zimmer
    Jonathan Zimmer

    You look like female michael reeves and its amazing

  • David Lee
    David Lee

    is she doing a dunkey impression, you got my sub

  • LordLokilo

    I'm subscribing now in your channel, and I love that segway to keeps, very smooth, Linus smooth

  • Shannon Singer
    Shannon Singer

    *This is my new favorite thing*

  • Pastel_Goldie

    Song : Bass guy *Me getting a mounted black bass from a present*

  • Ghost Biker
    Ghost Biker

    as a god of war fan I played that game more then 50 times more than 40 of them was in the hardest diff and always finished it at 100% I can understand any one that was taken by it

  • TessaMxdori95

    A lot of the clips of videos from shows/movies in all of your YT videos CRACK me up! I literally LOL’d! So after watching a few videos, I subscribed. Humor 10/10!

  • Victor Xu
    Victor Xu

    Touching everything...

  • Kelly Lee
    Kelly Lee

    Aw this was so sweet! I should play multi mode more often :)

  • TessaMxdori95

    HOLY CRAP! Your clips of throwbacks to my childhood are bringing back memories I forgot existed!!!! Especially the “robot companion” part! 😂👏👏🙌 I love this channel! Sorry it took me 2 years to finally watch a video! 😍

  • truthan 1324
    truthan 1324

    We talked about this... self distruction is a no go🌚

  • Mari Does Things
    Mari Does Things

    This is hilarious omg

  • The Abortion
    The Abortion

    If you've ever wanted to shoot Gman in the face. There's a game called XCom enemy unknown that you should look into

  • Vinnehkins

    I was dying laughing when the bass started popping out of everywhere, not gonna lie. This was hilarious and I needed this laugh today! XDD

  • meh

    I literally come back here periodically just for “Thiiiiis is your dead moooom....”

  • Mr.Puppingson


  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia

    Hi! Do Fallout 4 please

  • Bella AD
    Bella AD

    girl I don't even have a switch and I watched all of this- I love the editing HAHA

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini




  • bubble_is_pop

    She got a egg on 1:47

  • Katie Carter
    Katie Carter

    wow those answers to those questions make me want to be your friends

  • Blake Young
    Blake Young

    Normal girlfriend : gets mad at boyfriend playing games Smart girlfriend “ I could use this to make videos”

  • violetguavapeacheé

    1:16 my favourite part lmao

  • BK Films
    BK Films

    ahh yess. here we are, back to one of my favorite games of all time

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      I would love if they also did some game summaries! I love this channel and all they make hehe

  • Florian Janniard
    Florian Janniard

    Wtf 🤣😂

  • TawaraboshiGenba

    The PS5 is a lie.

  • snefansson

    This video permanently added the term "diarrhea christmas lights" to my vocabulary over a year ago... and is still being used on a regular basis. Also you nailed the absolute relief of the map-guy in hollow knight. Bless this channel

  • nikhar patel
    nikhar patel

    you know i am crying right out now!

  • Kav

    That LOTR reference cracked me up 😂 Great job as always. Wish my gf had that sense of humor. (sorry babe 🙊)

  • shahar van
    shahar van

    I love that in the ending they did tenacious d cover

  • SchulzEricT

    His name isn't "Doom Guy". It's Cpl Flynn Taggert. Fly.

  • Golden Tail Studios
    Golden Tail Studios

    Maybe if she sold all her bass she would be able to pay off her loan...

  • meh

    7:26 What game is that from?

  • Tamara Aljaafreh
    Tamara Aljaafreh

    T.r.u.e A.r.t

  • Miguel Rodrigues
    Miguel Rodrigues

    Time for new game plus :D

  • Colin Wyatt
    Colin Wyatt

    I hope they play the first one at some point

  • Denielle Chapman
    Denielle Chapman

    The ravens! Some of those birds had to have been placed just to piss us off. And the designer of the valkyrie queen got so much hate mail from fans for how difficult she made her.

  • vtaykw1

    I have the same reaction 😂. Memories start flooding back.

  • Food Belly Games
    Food Belly Games

    Thank you for sharing - definitely put a smile on my face. Much respect and well deserved for your success!

  • Neon the savage 123
    Neon the savage 123


  • Sean :P
    Sean :P

    Day 1 of waiting for the OMORI video

  • Dimitri Dionissiou
    Dimitri Dionissiou

    I want to know how she felt when she saw the grubfather eat all the children

  • Joe dick
    Joe dick

    Awe, you found your main. Now you're a real fight gamer lol

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham

    When are you going to cover Assassin's Creed Valhalla?!

  • Runny Foot
    Runny Foot

    Its poetic...

  • Anthony Padlo
    Anthony Padlo

    Just started playing this, I'm not far in and I'm really trying to like it but it's kind of like I'm forcing myself to pretend it's good... This video sums up how I'm feeling pretty well.

  • Keshav Nittin
    Keshav Nittin

    I still believe cp2077 will still be awesome if the bugs are fixed

  • Александр Федоренко
    Александр Федоренко

    How about trying something new, like bannerlord?

  • Fisnik Xheladini
    Fisnik Xheladini

    Bill burr bit... Yeess

  • RockingKevin

    6:50 That puts a big smile on my face too

  • Kere Amohau
    Kere Amohau

    1:00 wow that did not age well

  • MisterCynic18

    Imagine when we combine VR with AI that can intelligently respond to player actions and speech. RPGs will at last achieve their final form and reality will become obsolete

  • DestinedHero172

    You sound like Mrs. Mojo but funny ngl

  • Haru Yoshida's complaints about Life
    Haru Yoshida's complaints about Life

    *Clears throat Devil May Cry 5 is the Mona Lisa of *Hack and Slash*

  • PsycHopathic 7
    PsycHopathic 7

    Oh trust me I would definitely play this again. It's my favourite game of all time 🙌🏼

  • Cael Szabados
    Cael Szabados

    It's weird to me that people will always follow whatever distraction pop up on screen. I honestly would just use the foxes and birds as suggestions because no matter what I knew I would run into something beautiful and cool eventually and just let them come along on the journey.

  • Sara Jensen
    Sara Jensen

    I luv the end I just HATE bass lol I would love too kill all the FREAKING COMMON STUPID BASS I HATE THE STUPID BASS I got a lil’ off hand there oh well

  • Ahmed Anser
    Ahmed Anser

    I thought my whole life that gamers are always single 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Squishykillface Plays
    Squishykillface Plays

    Also, I can sincerely say that I am a better human because of DragonBall Z.

  • Squishykillface Plays
    Squishykillface Plays

    Holy Shit. 'Homeless Goku' sent me.