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My boyfriend is an imposter! Today Gus Johnson, Eddy Burback, and Abelina Sabrina are among us in this very special episode of Girlfriend Reviews. Turns out Among Us is 2018's best game of 2020. #amongus #innersloth #amongusmemes
We owe a very special thanks to our Twitch mods for helping us film some of the skits in this video: BunnyWearingGlasses, KTCAOP, GangWarily, StaceMcGate, kwheeze, Bugattiboy/ptd163, cptbacon_35, VilikeU, Picklesupport, kkobalt, and MikeyHobbes
And another thanks to all these content creators for playing with us:
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  • Oleander Kazzy
    Oleander Kazzy

    When the boyfriend is sus

  • Justy Gerald Cubias
    Justy Gerald Cubias

    tank intro.. 😍🤩

  • Sebastián Álvarez
    Sebastián Álvarez


  • Ride the Gamer
    Ride the Gamer


  • Dan Nash
    Dan Nash

    I love how nala brooks was on the most searched items haha.

  • victor hong
    victor hong

    I am here after seeing the cheetos superbowl commercial. girlfriend reviews did it first.

  • aids

    Came back here after the super bowl it wasn't me commercial lol

  • tashi Anti
    tashi Anti

    can we appreciate the editing for a second

  • Chantos14

    Oh my god the ‘It Wasn’t Me” tie in had me hoooooowling 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • InfiniteDarkMass

    That's some great sinister music at the end there! What is it? Is it actually from Among Us? Reminds me of Inside.

  • Zerus Zephuros
    Zerus Zephuros

    Dang, I love your editing!

  • Witcher King
    Witcher King

    That matrix Sekiro cut was 💯👌

  • Jani-Mari Nienaber
    Jani-Mari Nienaber

    My boyfriend introduced me to your channel and I am not one bit disappointed! You are a hidden gem! Thanks for helping me decide whether I'll sit next to him and watch or go netflix, disney+ or read a book instead! YOU ARE AWESOME, GIRL!

  • A A
    A A

    1:17 HOL UP A MINUTE

  • rainey06au

    I just want to ask. Is your boyfriend ScammerRevolts? Or are they just voice doppelgangers?

  • MrIrvGotTea

    GFR deserves more subscriptions. Easily one of the best youtube channels out there for gamers

  • LackoLad

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  • David X.
    David X.

    1:17 A moment of silence please

  • Duckster

    No one gonna talk about the hub?

  • Marissah Estep
    Marissah Estep

    hi all

  • _ SPT-Wolf79 _
    _ SPT-Wolf79 _

    1:18 Hey, hold up.....this don't feel right

  • Louey Facer
    Louey Facer


  • LionHart

    The "Im sorry?! WHERE?!!!" part was so hilarious

  • Speedy2619

    She has more gags in 8min than female comedians in 2 hours


    I am so bored that I Watching videos that I have watched 3 times 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brenda Juan
    Brenda Juan

    2:57 the state of being good at videogames, synonym : m e r c y m a i n s

  • Kinda JustThere
    Kinda JustThere

    this was hilariously accurate

  • LeJseals

    1:18 ayo?

  • Rohan

    You should do a girl friend review on Titanfall 2 single player! It’s only 6 hours long and you won’t even know the hours pass by cause it’s that damn good! Plus the multiplayer is loads of fun with a high skill ceiling. This game is call of duty on roids! And yes am copy pasting this comment on every video of yours, please fulfill my wish

  • Abram Francis Black
    Abram Francis Black

    The brief Jim looking throw the window meme made me realize I want a The Office reunion, but with them playing Among Us.

  • Abram Francis Black
    Abram Francis Black

    I'm so happy to discover that you've collaborated with Gus and Eddy. I wanna check these out now.

  • Abram Francis Black
    Abram Francis Black

    I think this is the first time I've heard somebody pronounce it "two thousand twenty." Maybe because "twenty twenty amirite" just feels like a meme now.

  • Will O'Toole
    Will O'Toole

    That's really you in all the thumbnails? You look so different lol.

  • Bauer Hans - Christian
    Bauer Hans - Christian

    Sounds like a simplified, cut down version of space Station 13.

  • Arturo Aguilar
    Arturo Aguilar

    the bane speech, the f'in bane speech absolutely killed me!

  • Flora L. Print
    Flora L. Print

    ok but now i want to see Shelby in Chicago

  • Drei Ayanami
    Drei Ayanami

    I am in love with this channel. Honestly makes my day so much better

  • qualivia

    Shelby: "I was born in the theater, Molded by it. I didn't stop playing make believe until I was already a man" Me: "Hold up a minute"

  • Amateur Professional
    Amateur Professional

    This channel is so underrated I'm so glad i found you guys on accident.

  • Fimy32


  • Damian Burns
    Damian Burns

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  • Dog


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    Glodus Muspell

    Is there among us in pc?

  • dlarso11

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  • mapo picker
    mapo picker

    Omg the "It wasn't me" part killed me hahaha

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    Om Verma

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    Panda Ninja

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    Mauricio Vides

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    May Phan

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    Puppy Puppington

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  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington

    3:30 FISHY FISHY PaSTA, PASTA!!!!!!

  • SayaCeline

    So my fiancee and I played a similar game on Jackbox back in like March. Anyway we kept having tech issues with sharing so we'd have to stop and start. Apparently I missed that I was supposed to be one of the imposters and thought I was one of the crew. So I off hand make a comment like "oh cool I didn't know we could do this thing!" because apparently it was something only the imposter could do. My fiancee picked up on this and immediately kept trying to get me evicted and I kept crying that he was picking on me. And that is how I accidentally won the game. The best part was when the last crew member was ejected and the screen said "imposters win" and I'm like "Wait wtf IT WAS ME?!?!"

  • SpartanJames

    lol i would watch a gf reviews film on netflix i will pay the price of red dead redemption 2 lol

  • Ghost

    Imagine having friends to play with.

  • An Anonymous Misogynist
    An Anonymous Misogynist

    This is a game for sociopaths.

  • KirkeGaming

    Amongst us is cancer on PC discord

  • Muffin Man HP
    Muffin Man HP

    Wow Im glad I'm not dating her, her voice is whinny. Tbh and she talks like she is a 5 year old. My Fiancé would wreck this girl In Games.

  • Soetpotatis

    Am I like the only guy who wants to see more clips of you playing and Shelby doing her maniacal cackle? 😂

  • Alexandre Malboeuf
    Alexandre Malboeuf

    You and whoever is involved in making these videos are amazing content creators. Absolute peak entertainment, I'm so happy I found this channel :)

  • Pilkin Батурин
    Pilkin Батурин


  • Dom Hawtin
    Dom Hawtin

    You are my favourite success story. For you and from you perspective I am glad you’re doing really well...and from my perspective please keep making videos because they are hilarious and I love them!

  • Keith WS
    Keith WS

    Playing it is way less fun when you live in Asia, and everyone still chats in English - only they don't speak much English. The discussions are just "who?" And writing a full sentence in English means that you're immediately voted out.

  • cookiemonster7682

    I love your videos. I dont have twitter but I think a game you would have great fun reviewing/playing is Dark Cloud, they have made it available on PS4 however its one the great unknown PS2 games. It smashing

  • reese were you a god
    reese were you a god

    I played among us when it released

  • Ashtro 8omb
    Ashtro 8omb

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    Kingston Bowen

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    Kyle Barnes

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    Kathrin Thomsen

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    Bo King

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    macjolly dog

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    Siming Meng

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  • Maahin_13

    Can’t wait for the cyberpunk 2077 review

  • 13strong

    I'm not a big gamer, but I just started playing Mass Effect 2, and I'd love to see you take it on too :) The ethics of it are kind of hilarious. And the insane boobs are so unnerving.

  • Alexis J.
    Alexis J.

    Love this! Also does anyone know what game is shown at 2:41? Can’t find it anywhere!

  • D e v i a l
    D e v i a l

    I would literally pay money to have full length versions of some of the parody songs you make...

  • Hamid Mehrdad
    Hamid Mehrdad

    I’m still not very good at this game. I’ve only won as impostor three or four times.

  • Scott

    Thank you for the Cowboy Bebop intro.

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    I totally had the idea for this exact channel lol if only I had a boyfriend D=

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    Erin Cashin

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    Omni Charlizard

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    Paul Stevens

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    Reuben Bell


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    ben zahor

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    cool beans

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    alejandro gomez

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    Aadyant Pradhan

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  • Ted Naifeh
    Ted Naifeh

    Having learned that Matt does most of the writing and Shelby has a theater background, this channel makes way more sense. Clever as the writing and jokes are, the polish of Shelby's performance may be what catapulted this channel into the ALgone A-list so fast.

    • Ted Naifeh
      Ted Naifeh

      Also though, the whip-fast way it's all edited together really helps.

  • Ulf Klarström
    Ulf Klarström

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    Kaptein Skruf

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