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  • Anmo -_-
    Anmo -_-

    Your dislike to likes is so good

  • Tyler Beauchamp
    Tyler Beauchamp

    No wonder your singing slaps 😄

  • Jonathan Zimmer
    Jonathan Zimmer

    You look like female michael reeves and its amazing

  • Food Belly Games
    Food Belly Games

    Thank you for sharing - definitely put a smile on my face. Much respect and well deserved for your success!

  • Ahmed Anser
    Ahmed Anser

    I thought my whole life that gamers are always single 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rob Collins
    Rob Collins

    Girlfriend can sing her butt off!

  • Lesbiehonest

    Well.. this give me life.

  • Jarryd de Vries
    Jarryd de Vries

    You have a great voice Shelby

  • Soshi12005

    The girlfriends pretty hot

  • Fabrication Nation
    Fabrication Nation

    Are you guys super rich yet??

  • Bo Jangles
    Bo Jangles

    Some people of Reddit think this channel is a big studio PR machine

  • Josephus TheInvestigator
    Josephus TheInvestigator

    Lmao Matt pausing the jokes for some real time talk has me all emotional ;...; Keep it going guys your channel is wonderful!

  • Juan Sek
    Juan Sek

    Ok, ok. I love this channel. Greetings from Argentina!

  • TheIheartps2

    Where is Harry Potter 3? Why no name of the wind books?

  • Ok

    8:29 there's a loaf of bread on the table.

  • James Ray
    James Ray

    Those wasps seem nice, might get along with the Raccoons and snakes in my back yard.

  • AestheticV9

    This is awesome, you guys are awesome lol

  • Bottle 12
    Bottle 12

    gotta have a good editor

  • Camden Mollohan
    Camden Mollohan

    The editing over "The Shining" clip is absolutely genius. Love y'all. Keep it up

  • Eric C
    Eric C

    Man hitting that Picardi third at the end of creep sounds so good

  • Khoi Trieu
    Khoi Trieu


  • Pablo Chavez
    Pablo Chavez

    The cribs bit was amazing!

  • rikufang

    @dungeondudes I just found Kelly's long lost brother

  • Manish Patil
    Manish Patil

    When will this become wife reviews ?

  • phliip

    ahh... there's two of you... well... in that case... I'd just like to let you know that you are both Legendary 🎖🏅🎖🏅🎖 and that your videos have rescued me from a bad, bad not good day. 🏆 Thank You 🙏

  • Frank Alviar
    Frank Alviar

    A plushy of you two would be great.

  • aenimic

    I love this channel so much. Been watching since the first video and always looking forward to the next. Keep it going! ❤️

  • RaIlkedia

    I'm just rewatching it and i love how humble they are!

  • Pon Pon
    Pon Pon

    the fact that they live in a normal home makes me adore this channel even more

  • Mwape Samala
    Mwape Samala

    8:02 What's up with the Kun-fu kick??

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones


  • edoardo ruini
    edoardo ruini

    Go on reading The Dark Tower series guys (i couldn't help but seeing The Gunslinger there next to It).

  • MiselStarmo

    I was recommended this video by...youatube? Am I saying this correctly? I enjoyed it and then I saw Mike Stoklasa in the Cribs intro. Now I’m gonna watch all of your videos. I hope you’re happy.

  • Joel Cedeno
    Joel Cedeno

    This channel is so freaking awesome shit make me 😅

  • Josh Carpenter
    Josh Carpenter

    Seeing Y: The Last Man on the shelf made me very happy :)

  • republican lies
    republican lies

    Love the channel, but maybe you got too big too fast.

  • Zed Amadeus
    Zed Amadeus

    Damn, Dunkey's ALgone Crib is looking _fiiiine._



  • Julian Peters
    Julian Peters

    Omg I love you both

  • MetroidMann

    Matt: Plays the games, provides context, writes the scripts, edits the scripts, records the videos, and edits the videos... I love both Matt and Shelby but it sounds to me like he's doing most of the work on these videos.

  • Guilherme Oliveira
    Guilherme Oliveira

    -Some of you think we're some corporate conspiracy -We're not, obviously Ok guys, hear me out She has hexagon glasses. Do you guys remember who else has those? Exactly. Olivia Octavius Coincidence? I don't think so They work for alchemax. Corporate conspiracy proved

  • insaneapples

    I love how Matt trolled Shelby by not doing anything on the green screen lmao

  • TMC

    DAMMIT THEY WON ME subscribing. : )

  • Savan Patel
    Savan Patel

    This is what happens when two extremely talented people come together.

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown

    I love the fact that not only do they have Sean's coffee, they got him to record that 2 second cameo specifically for that gag. Good lads recognize good lads

  • Tony Pugliese
    Tony Pugliese

    You guys are great. I’m still in love with your review of TLoU2

  • Gamer Girl Plays
    Gamer Girl Plays

    The real question everyone wants to ask: is Shelby wearing anti reflective glasses? You all are big time now spending all your ALgone money on glasses. Congrats!!!!

  • Chad's Big Dumb Channel
    Chad's Big Dumb Channel

    You guys hit it big on your first video huh it's pretty cool I'm on video number 783 and I'm averaging about two views what do I do You're probably wondering I review apples not the tech company the food

  • Tony Reed
    Tony Reed

    Your show is no less charming even after you've demystified it. My wife (backseat gamer) and I thank you.

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore

    8:09 bottom left corner “HEY ALL, SCOTT HERE!”

  • Jonathan Locker
    Jonathan Locker

    I thought it was really sweet when Matt talked about how happy they were with what they have and how Shelby supported it by working! Love this channel!!!


    ugh they are adorable it makes me sick.....Love the content!

  • Aamir Qureshi
    Aamir Qureshi

    i hope I can have a life partner like shelby :). She helped him earn and didnt try to get rid of him when he got broke.

  • mortuza arabi
    mortuza arabi

    I wish I had a girlfriend like her,,,beauty n brain

  • Chad Mathews
    Chad Mathews

    Shelby's voice makes the show. Her voice souncs cute and she is funny.

  • Ethan Wright
    Ethan Wright


  • Marcus MIDI
    Marcus MIDI


  • Bryan Peña
    Bryan Peña

    They look like exactly what they sound like

  • kadag

    10:07 matt editing this like: *COMEDY*

  • kadag

    That man is like a references god

  • EnderCookie

    Aaaaaaaaa she's so cute too I wish I had a girlfriend like her

  • Orion H Black
    Orion H Black


  • TKD Tricker
    TKD Tricker

    the real question. when does it become wife reviews

  • Mousy


  • Ethan Swart
    Ethan Swart

    I don't want to be creepy but she's really pretty


    not an expert, but i think those were hornets.

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank

    I love this channel

  • Tiangu Yuan
    Tiangu Yuan

    Such a lovely couple! I love your channel, jokes, songs, Star Wars, and lovely pets!

  • Paul Stilwell
    Paul Stilwell

    Animorphs!!!!! You guys had me at KA Applegate!!

  • Renars Fridenbergs
    Renars Fridenbergs

    Am I the only one that thinks their faces don’t match their voices ? 😄

  • César Peralta
    César Peralta

    Shelby is gorgeous

  • Your Maw
    Your Maw

    pause at 8:59 for a shelfie

  • Deb Roy
    Deb Roy

    I like this couple❤️ Nice home ❤️❤️

  • Ayush Nikale B 51
    Ayush Nikale B 51

    Sooo....what happens if u break up or something

  • Bwills Alwight
    Bwills Alwight

    Yo that string version of the times they are a-changin' slaps.

    • Proud Beaner II
      Proud Beaner II

      No lie it really does

  • Bobby Kunal Parihar
    Bobby Kunal Parihar

    Both of you can do asmr with such great voices

  • russ life
    russ life

    I love the content guys keep it up love from philippines

  • Ricardo R
    Ricardo R

    wtf this is house is awesome

  • Fang

    ive watched a few videos already and one thing i noticed was her underrated singing ability and now i know why she can hit the notes so well lol

  • Paul Mohr
    Paul Mohr

    I have never wanted twitch before, nor do I know how it works but I would consider it just to watch you two. You are a very cute couple with a lot of talent and good sense of humor. I watched your cyberpunk review before watching this and was very entertained. I am going to have to watch the rest of them now. Sounds to me like someone should propose and put a ring on that finger.

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      Thanks! That's so nice!

  • Leon Andres Rojas Martinez
    Leon Andres Rojas Martinez

    Damn, you can easily get in love with her, because ther voice alone

  • pradanakusuma

    Soo cute, u two should get married 😅

  • jawaheri mohammed
    jawaheri mohammed

    Duck shooter is the very first game i ever played when i was about 5-6 years old..ahh feeling nostalgic

  • Sooraj Sharma
    Sooraj Sharma

    That thumbnail got some juice girl

  • jojojaykay

    I would die for these two.

  • Kieran Fanning
    Kieran Fanning

    Abby’s face when he says “all we could have asked for in our lives is a small backyard for our dogs to run around in” was a mixture of ‘Awwww’ and ‘Where’s my ring.’

  • Alberto Marcano
    Alberto Marcano

    Awesome guys, does anyone know if Shelby is single?

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob

    she look like female michael reeves


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  • Sir Sly
    Sir Sly

    One animorphs book! 😂😂😂

  • Earl Deuna
    Earl Deuna

    Content and her pipes made me subscribe

  • Mo Taha
    Mo Taha

    I just noticed Jacksepticeye!

  • puteraslayer

    Your both AREA amazinggggggggggggggggggg. I need a GIRLFRIENS so sad. congratulations you both deserved it from MALAYSIA stay SAVE

  • Ankush Basu
    Ankush Basu

    New merch...yeah...and ...with more money

  • Sterling Oldroyd
    Sterling Oldroyd

    You both excell in your crafts making two halves whole 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jasim Mohammed
    Jasim Mohammed

    Please get married.

    • Rehan Sajid
      Rehan Sajid


  • Aris Vlachopoulos
    Aris Vlachopoulos

    dude's living the dream: having a girl in the first place and then they share this beautiful thing here! onwards to legendhood!

  • Li No
    Li No

    imagine they break up



  • Explorer4290


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