CD Projekt Red vs Gamers: A Cautionary Cyberpunk Tale
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We have a very special episode today here on Girlfriend Reviews. The highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 has finally arrived, and while my boyfriend loved the game on PC, he has a lot to say about the disappointing state of his favorite industry: video games. Please enjoy all the goofs, gaffs, and Keanu Reeves farting...twice.
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    Merry Christmas guys ❤️

    • Fishy Vagina
      Fishy Vagina

      Where is the new video, did you quit? It's been so long, some info would be nice.

    • Gergő Laky
      Gergő Laky

      @Nick Tomkin Yeah, but have SEEN TENET?

    • Nick Tomkin
      Nick Tomkin

      @Gergő Laky cyberpunk sucks dude. Your diversions are fruitless.

    • Gergő Laky
      Gergő Laky


    • Gergő Laky
      Gergő Laky

      @Glop7 TENET SAID

  • Runny Foot
    Runny Foot

    Its poetic...

  • Keshav Nittin
    Keshav Nittin

    I still believe cp2077 will still be awesome if the bugs are fixed

  • Jon Haugaard Meineche
    Jon Haugaard Meineche

    I don't usually comment on a lot of stuff, however I find myself coming back to this take on CP2077 (which was how I found your channel), so I figured I would pitch in and applaud you for a job well done. Releasing this game in the state that it was in for last-gen consoles is inexcusable (and like you said, that should never have been a thing), and it definitely has too many bugs. There are warranted criticisms when comparing the gameplay they showed at E3 and what was actually released. They main storyline and the primary side missions feel lot more polished and cared for than some of the side content and, frankly, just feels like it was tagged on for something to do. I could write a lot about the AI, the bugs, the missing content and features or the relevance of choices to the game, but so many people have already done that. I just missed some of the small things they did in the beginning, but seemed to forget about later and made the game feel rushed (which it definitely was). Like on the very first mission with Jackie where you wave an older lady into her apartment or the dude eating a burger next to you when starting as a street-kid. Some of them are very small things but they just make a game feel alive and polished. I'm left thinking, that if CDPR had stuck to their guns and released "when it's ready", the programmers would have had time to do more of those minor, possibly inconsequential things, that simply made it feel a bit more real. I especially feel this way because they showed early on in the game that, if not rushed, they knew the importance of these small things. Despite all of its flaws, and there are many, I loved this game - for pretty much all of the reasons you mentioned in this video. I love the main characters, the story and the bigger sidemissions. I've played through it three times now, and I intend on doing it again once the DLCs are released. I truly hope that they don't give up on this IP as a result of all the negative feedback. I'd love to see more of V's story, hangout with my new 'choombas' (god I hate that word, which is precisely why it's great) and possibly tie up some of the loose ends. I would also love to see a sequel - though I have no idea how you would do that. I just hope so badly that they have learned from this and won't release anything until "it's ready".

  • VideoBase

    The bladerunner music gave me the chills

  • 竹田伊織

    Best video. Bravo!

  • Endemoniada

    Thank you for such a level-headed and *decent* review of not the game, but the circumstances *of* the game. That's what so many people are missing. I played the game on a high-end PC and I absolutely loved it, but I sympathize with everyone who thought they'd get a polished game also on the consoles for which it was released (at the same time as I wonder what the hell they actually, honestly expected...). As you say, ultimately the blame rests on the corpos and not the developers, who despite some bugs and glitches managed to make come to life an absolutely stunning and staggeringly rich, dystopian future world that I feel privileged to have been able to experience.

  • InsecureCrab

    It's a buggy pos.

  • Nick Redinger
    Nick Redinger

    You had me until you said Keanu Reaves was “decent...” He is an absolute legend among men 😳

  • Tim Bertrand
    Tim Bertrand

    This was hands-down my most favorite review I've found yet of Cyberpunk. Thank you for not jumping on the hate bandwagon and actually giving it a fair review. I, too, LOVE this game and feel frustration towards the constant negative it receives.

  • Kirinor

    That was beautiful)

  • Gabrielle Roxas
    Gabrielle Roxas


  • Meo

    This video is professionally sponsored by "CDPROJEKTRED"

  • Dust

    This company just tricked me into buying crap and sending me a refund link that always crashed when I tried to upload my pictures the demand. F**k CD Projekt Red. Never buying a game from them again.

  • Dan Elstien
    Dan Elstien

    Man, what a great video. That's it. I'm glad this channel is able to give you guys a voice because they're voices worth listening to. Keep it up :)

  • godlvl1

    I did enjoy my time with this game quite a lot, especially the moment with the tank. Hope to see this game become an icon in the near future.

  • rowsay royalty
    rowsay royalty

    And now they are getting cyberbullied and threatened -_-;;

  • Danilo Del Rosario
    Danilo Del Rosario

    Next gen graphics, sure why not. But 3 generation behind on AI. Its pretty but thats about it

  • Keith OQuinn
    Keith OQuinn

    For the love of God...can someone PLEASE tell me where the clip at 2:50 is from? We've been laughing at that scene since this video dropped and we can't find it.

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank

    I love this channel!

  • MisterCynic18

    It's surreal how meta this whole debacle turned out. Maybe they did it on purpose just to show us we're already in a cyberpunk future

  • Nolan Powell
    Nolan Powell

    Amen, brudder.

  • Yik Long Tay
    Yik Long Tay

    In 6 months, don't forget to call out people who sing their praise for the game when 6 months ago, they were sending poor developers death threats

  • raachelala

    Their sentences are so long O_O

  • meh

    I NEED to hear the full version of Shelby's Todd Howard song. I NEED to. Has it been released??

  • GoliathWarfare

    Cyberpunk 2077 = Fyre Festival part 2

  • The Stuff Mike Does
    The Stuff Mike Does

    "60 Dollars in the Garbage" has been in my head for pretty much 5 weeks now

  • Arindam Sarkar
    Arindam Sarkar

    THANK YOU, MATT for standing up against all those toxic losers and speaking like a true gamer! I believe in you! ❤️

  • KugelBlitz

    Though the launch was bad, I’m glad this game released on PS4. Due to PS5 shortages, I’m likely not getting one for a while. Despite it’s bugs, I fell in love with Cyberpunk and am currently on a second playthrough. I just wished the game wasn’t so overhyped and rushed.

  • Ionut DU
    Ionut DU

    The engine is shit , they could have optimise it for old gen , look at Ghost of Thusima.

    • Mao Jang
      Mao Jang

      eh. Ghosts of Thusima ain't rendering the same amount at one time, especially vertically.

  • Skif Slavyanin
    Skif Slavyanin

    Thanks! You just said it so damn right! Because game astonishing, but unfinished 😳 Devs doing office deadlines

  • Paul Mohr
    Paul Mohr

    I think things would have went much better if they had just not released it for older console systems. I think they got greedy though and wanted the extra sales. Should have kept the game just for PC and newer gen consoles. I just downloaded it for it PC but haven't tried playing it yet. I hope it runs better than Microsoft Flight Sim does on my system. 3900x with a 2070 super. And I don't care about any of the ray tracing stuff and fancy shadows so that should help. Most of those cool effects I just turn off anyway in games.

  • Flynx

    This was a welcome reprieve from the rage and insanity I've seen regarding this game for so long.

  • Gamer Wits
    Gamer Wits


  • Sameer Thapa737
    Sameer Thapa737

    best way of putting the words Great work girlfriend reviews

  • Sam

    What happened to the girlfriend's voice? This isn't boyfriend reviews lol

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      My boyfriend works his booty off on this channel. He can narrate whatever he wants :)

  • Ownsrage

    I’m just disappointed it didn’t work on launch :( waiting for the ps5 update

  • Dean Philip
    Dean Philip

    This is the true Cyberpunk review... Most people don't understand that it was the corpo greed that pushed for last gen consoles (cuz they are the larger audience) ... Idiots like ign are honestly just using this excuse to make videos that gets them views and riding the wave of cdpr's public embarrassment. As an aspiring Game dev, I honestly thank you for putting out your thoughts without blindly following the noise on the internet.

  • satyendra shah
    satyendra shah

    Now I see This video is from the person who loves games and its art

  • HeftyOwl

    I adored that Matt threw in an actual Neuromancer Reference. And good Job Matt you and Shelby have excellent voices for ALgone.

  • Howard Marner
    Howard Marner

    Cyberpuk 2077 is the game that made me remember that video games aren't that fun. I played it for a bit and I was like "yeeeeaaaahhh" and then after a while I was like "oh yeah, it's just this...."

  • Lucho Gabriel
    Lucho Gabriel

    Lucky for me, this genre is not my jam, so I passed from it for my PS4. Maybe I'll give it a shot when I can afford a PS5.

  • kyle chester
    kyle chester


  • Michael James
    Michael James

    I mean I agree with pretty much everything here. Anyone who blames the devs for this immediately lose all credibility. The same way as anyone who defends CDPR claiming it was the "dEF FrEts" that made them release early are equally stupid. Even irrespective of bugs and glitches. The game is absolutely bang average with good graphics IF you have a high end PC. The cut contents is woefully obvious and the AI pales in comparison to games in the early 2000s. Saints Row 1 has better AI than this game. There's fun to be had but with all the broken promises. It can at best be a 5/10. If you want a proper insight into why this game failed. Look at Crowbcats review. Captures it perfectly

  • Derek Sanchez
    Derek Sanchez

    I'm fortunate enough to be playing on pc with an rtx3080 and while, I kid you not within the first 5 minutes of gameplay there were ridiculously visible game-polish issues, and have seen countless more as I have continued on, I wouldn't have waited to buy the game even if given a second chance. It is an absolute blast and so beautiful I catch myself just pausing to pan the camera around (thanks ray tracing). I feel in some form that I'm taking part in history (maybe drunk history) when I'm playing a modern AAA and mid cutscene there's a hilarious, immersion-sucking glitch or character model breakdown. It's unfortunate, of course, but my god have I been laughing so hard with this game. I'll still support CDPR in the future as I agree with video wholeheartedly and I really do enjoy their works. I can only imagine how amazing this game would have been if they'd taken another year to perfect what is already a solid game in form and function, sans polish.

  • Malyssa C
    Malyssa C

    If you don’t want the PlayStation to sound like a jet engine Clean The Damned Vents! I suggest a toothpick and make sure it’s off.

  • Lady Raven
    Lady Raven

    1. They (the corporate douchebags) shouldn't have released it without ample, cross-platform beta testing. It's worth the weight for a better functioning game. 2. It's not the fault of the regular people working on these games. Blame corporate greed, not the artisans/developers.

  • meowzerz and me
    meowzerz and me

    Tf did this man just say about Keanu Reeves?? Wtf you got against Keanu?

  • Syncron Games
    Syncron Games


  • Marco

    Honestly they should've just abandoned the old gen and just focus on pc/next gen.

  • ravenof1985

    4:50 i keep trying to approach things as stealthy as possible, get spotted for no reason (its buggy as hell for me) and then going all DOOM on the NPC's but yeah, i managed to play Deus Ex as a shooter so its not unusual for me.

  • callum king
    callum king

    I still have a thing for Panam

  • Oon Kymppa
    Oon Kymppa

    It's still important to understand that the glitches aren't only overshadowing the good, but also the bad. For example the police and the civilians SUCK. No flying cars. The player character looks funky. And the game could definitely use some optimising so it wouldn't crash on anything but a good pc. All these problems because the programmers were rushed.

  • Gatman

    i get your point but this really feels like the limited POV of over privileged 2080ti/3080 owners that most other people on pc just can have

  • jimmy D
    jimmy D

    Dude that was a stellar video! it was thicc with jokes and quotes from all kinds of cyberpunk media! like the neuromancer quote at 5:51 !

  • Savi GG
    Savi GG

    Get a better pc.

  • Ant

    Well said!

  • TreoTra93

    bruh, this was unexpectedly beautiful. props!

  • Phil

    the part you got wrong is that the combat is good. its not. i've beat the game 4 times on very hard with quickhacks/ pistols/ blades/ shotguns. the combat is boring as shit.

  • Александр Островский
    Александр Островский

    Sorry guys

  • Александр Островский
    Александр Островский

    It just did

  • Александр Островский
    Александр Островский

    Don't listen to me guys, you are awesome, keep on doing what you're doing I really love it. Thank you!

  • Александр Островский
    Александр Островский

    I want to hit both like and dislike only because the girlfriend opened her mouth. Matt, thank you, this was wonderful.

  • Antonio Sanjurjo
    Antonio Sanjurjo

    I must say this was so funny

  • Aris Vlachopoulos
    Aris Vlachopoulos

    yo at 2:28 i had to go take a shower after pissing myself laughing

  • Jesse Holloman
    Jesse Holloman

    Man, world class writing on this one.

  • anime godz 69
    anime godz 69

    I think the game is pretty bad the ai is not what I expected the game story was dissapointing

  • Yura Nunes
    Yura Nunes

    This is the only review worth seeing. Thank you!!

  • Zero OutRage
    Zero OutRage

    I hope us gamers would just let these artists work so that we can experience their work the way they intend and not rushed 😄 much love y’all ❤️

  • Nebuchadnezzar

    Well said

  • salim albitar
    salim albitar

    Did he just dis Keanu? 😯

  • Azure Emarald
    Azure Emarald

    This guy really gets it the prev gen versions should have been scraped and made for pc exclusively

  • Lars3D

    ALgone needs to enable multiple likes. Anyway, great video!

  • Magnus Nordström
    Magnus Nordström

    Great video! Best reflections I've heard so far on the subject. 👍

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business

    I feel like there is some blame that needs to be placed on the devs because they have had 8 years to make a playable game so what have they been doing cuz clearly it wasn’t their jobs

    • 8Paul7

      No, not 8 years. CDP focused on Witcher 3, Cyberpunk was announced to attract talent in 2012, but its development started in 2016 after Blood and Wine shipped. CDP definitely should have taken an extra year and scrapped lastgen versions though. Huge mistake on their part.

  • Odile Mwaro
    Odile Mwaro

    This is fantastic

  • Prangon 1
    Prangon 1

    I'm not sure if I agree Just because you don't got no 3-500 clams for next gen Don't mean you don't deserve to play cyberpunk After all it was announced a long time ago for current gen Sure it won't look good I don't care about 4k res or draw distance or raytracin Tone down all fancy stuff But just give me a solid game with 30 fps and ill be fine

  • Logan Talks Gaming
    Logan Talks Gaming

    Are the NPC as dumb as they seem in all the videos I keep Seeing?

    • 8Paul7

      There are two classes of NPCs. NPC pedestrians on the street - those are brainless, just a backdrop. And NPCs in actual locations and missions - those are similar to other games like this (Deus Ex series etc).

  • Dacotah Roskop
    Dacotah Roskop

    I couldn't have said any of it better myself. You both are amazing, keep up the great content

  • Travis Norman
    Travis Norman

    I love your entire channel. Every video. It's absolutely incredible how your videos just get better and better. You're raising the bar, you two. Thank you for making this. Keep up the good work! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rob S
    Rob S

    I love this channel

  • God Bear
    God Bear

    Why obsess over Judy's booty when Panam...exists? 🤔

  • Tom Hubbard
    Tom Hubbard

    This might be the most genuine review of this game. Was severely turned off this game when some "fans" were complaining. Think I'm actually gonna go buy it now :)

    • Peter Von Frosta
      Peter Von Frosta

      You proably already did by now but I just wanna say, if you have a decent PC or a next gen console you definitely should.

  • redjakOfficial

    Ok, I'm 3 minutes in and it's already the best take on this game I've seen on the internet. And I've seen all of them. Thank you.

  • ABX8

    Thank you for this. Its nice to see that someone gets it :P

  • Miszczu

    I admit - Keeanu's performance was an absolute surprise. And in a good way.

    • shododdydoddy

      @no info Oh agreed, he's often a plank of wood in films. I do think in this there's a bit of that (Keanu trademark at this point) but at the same time I definitely wouldn't want to discredit the parts where he's genuinely fantastic. The bonding between V and Johnny after starting off trying to kill each other felt very authentic.

    • no info
      no info

      @shododdydoddy well his acting is not really that good, his image as this well-known person, Keanu, works, sure. But we don't know how this character would be if they'd hire less known actor. Acting might've been better and also they would save tons of money to actually make the game. And to me the most annoying thing is, i see ads about Cyberpunk2077 themed shaving razors, Cyberpunk2077 themed pizzes, Cyberpunk 2077 wallets and whatever else, but meanwhile the actual game is a complete mess, i paid money for it, i had to finish it to have an opinion (and also because you can ask for a refund only if you've played less than 2 hours, and at launch there's no way that a person would realize the scope of that disaster in the first two hours), and i am disgusted to even thing about this game and look at it in my Steam library. I recently reinstalled it again and it works even worse than it did. Cars rendered like after 5 seconds after the game loaded (i have the game on SSD though), and game stutters if you turn around the camera in the car on the busy street and etc

    • shododdydoddy

      @no info Thing is, I don't think I could picture him as anybody else. He could absolutely have been *just* an actor, but I'm far from annoyed that they used Keanu. Definitely nails the role tbqh.

    • no info
      no info

      rockstar are hiring little known actors, but their performances become iconoc just like their characters. But CDPR wasted so much money on Reeves and a hypemachine instead of actually make a game

    • Boneless

      I mean, people say it’s flat, but I’d disagree, honestly. It’s campy, which kinda fits the silverhand I had in my mind.

  • Miguel Castañeda
    Miguel Castañeda

    That was an AMAZING script. VERY well done, Matt.

  • Nico Tribaldos
    Nico Tribaldos

    I just KNEW your take on all this would be a good one. you guys never disappoint.

  • Nicholas Leon
    Nicholas Leon

    Profit motive ruins games

    • Nicholas Leon
      Nicholas Leon

      @8Paul7 profit is not the sole source of information. Civilization existed before profit. Do not confuse profit with surplus

    • 8Paul7

      @Nicholas Leon ..and yet, profit as a source of information about people's preferences is still necessary for civilization to exist.

    • Nicholas Leon
      Nicholas Leon

      @8Paul7 your argument wasn’t factual it was anecdotal because you said you preferred they competed in the AAA market. And it was not an ad hominem because it was not slandering your character. It’s just ironic because deus ex, asking with cyberpunk, and the entire genre of cyber punk is essentially anti corporatavism or anti capitalist and even while sporting a deus ex avatar you are putting up the argument that more money = good for games. The entire point of this video which was laid out quite well was that corporatavism and the drive for profit ruins games. Hype is built that cannot be delivered on, creativity is squashed, and passionate devs are crushed in the crunch time. Cyberpunk, battlefront, the monotonous serial reproduction of far cry, assassins creed, or Tom Clancy games. Loot boxes micro transactions. The list goes on and on of examples of why the appeal to the profit motive homogenizes and vampirizes games and ruins franchises.

    • 8Paul7

      @Nicholas Leon yes it is, instead of any factual argument you just attack my avatar, as if appreciating Deus Ex and understanding economics were mutually exclusive.

    • Nicholas Leon
      Nicholas Leon

      @8Paul7 that’s not how as hominem works

  • Reed Johnson
    Reed Johnson

    "SKY THE COLOR OF A TELEVISION TUNED TO DEAD CHANNEL" made me cheer. You sir are a gentlemen and a scholar.

    • Mikhail Kuznetsov
      Mikhail Kuznetsov

      Yeah, that was great payoff after him mentioning Neuromancer earlier in the vid. I wonder how many people got it though. Doesn't seem like a super well-known quote to me.

    • randomguy8196

      Blue seem to be the default color for error screens these days.

  • walter Thorne
    walter Thorne

    you know your the best honest reviews for gaia.

  • walter Thorne
    walter Thorne

    wow love nd hate bangrang

  • Jimmy De La Cruz
    Jimmy De La Cruz

    I'm sorry to say it... But .,,,,,the girlfriend sounds better in voiceover

  • Jesse Millar
    Jesse Millar

    I have felt the same about this whole situation and I'm glad you have the platform to say it! Here here!

  • Ali Macfadden
    Ali Macfadden

    This is the best one by far

  • I Am Gates
    I Am Gates

    This , as with literally everything you guys are doing, was top notch :) it mirrors my experience and confusion almost exactly - having played the game with RTX on at Psycho melt my pc down settings, I was absolutely blown away by the spectacle and the achievement. Then I saw the videos of people on console and did a double take - how the giant eff was that the same game I played? What a bittersweet launch for the crazy talent and creativity behind this thing. It’ll be vindicated surely, but, what a cluster :) Cheers!

  • Smartbad

    That was very well-written and well-made. Thank you.

  • Neku900

    I hard agree with basically this whole video

  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma

    I don't see how only corpos should be blamed. When you suck multiple millions from corpos and still don't finish the game in almost a decade making the production cost even higher, costing corpos so much money, you as a developer are also at fault and cannot get away easily.

  • Wolfkin1983
    Wolfkin1983 literally made the video I wanted to make. I agree with you 100%, start to finish.

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