Demon's Souls is My Boyfriend's New Girlfriend
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It's time for me to review the best launch title of this generation: Demon's Souls. The problem is...I still don't like watching my boyfriend play FromSoftware games. Please enjoy today's very cranky, and old-school episode of Girlfriend Reviews! #demonssouls #fromsoftware #ps5
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    Alright, guys what kind of character should we run in Cyberpunk 2077???

    • I Wong
      I Wong

      @chris Maguire The only one that really didn't do it for me was the Nomad backstory. Pretty much a whole bunch of "I understand how you care about your cars and backwoods tribalism." Yet that's the character I specced out for my crafting build. Sigh.

    • chris Maguire
      chris Maguire

      Street kid had the better character story progression chains I think

    • I Wong
      I Wong

      @Kutlu Mızrak Joke's on you. The nomad path dialogue options only add a facet of tribalism to your character. Seriously, you can give Panam shit for being loosely-connected to her community instead of nuzzling at their feet. You, the Nomad who basically went to the city and left Nomad life behind just for shits and giggles. Both the Corpo and Steet Kid starts offer great insight into power dynamics and ordinary life in Night City, but the Nomads are essentially country bumpkins in comparison. None of your dialogue options ever seem relevant to the context unless you're literally out in the Badlands doing a Nomad quest, which is hardly like 10% of quests.

    • Grinnar

      Nomad was and is, the best choice for me.

    • calum duff
      calum duff

      I have a feeling this didn’t age well this comment

  • TessaMxdori95

    A lot of the clips of videos from shows/movies in all of your YT videos CRACK me up! I literally LOL’d! So after watching a few videos, I subscribed. Humor 10/10!

  • Leonel castinelli
    Leonel castinelli

    Praise the sun \\[-|-]//

  • Blak_Fury

    Omfg Matt whining about the “poopy doo doo” killed me.

  • Jefferson Lima
    Jefferson Lima

    HAHAHAHA, Fextralife always saves me when playing From Software haha I can relate

  • .haashlit

    Omg these clips are so ridiculously on point every damn time. Great job guys

  • Drake l
    Drake l

    Anytime Vaati gets a shoutout, it warms my heart

  • lafio

    The “huh” was great

  • Uninterrupted Rhythm
    Uninterrupted Rhythm


  • John Lime
    John Lime

    That last comment in the "I miss the old GR" montage is a bit of a yikes

  • TooMuchKetchup

    Unrelated but I just spilled tea on my deskpad and now im sad :(

  • Dominic Claude
    Dominic Claude

    Lol he didn't get the sodden ring

  • Entiti

    But why didn't he just not be in body form to keep world tendancy?


    I’m surprised they haven’t done Bloodborne yet

  • Regina Lannister
    Regina Lannister

    I strangely loved watching playthroughs of this game, it's so darn beautiful and just my style. Only wish Bloodborne could have remaster at this level.

    • Regina Lannister
      Regina Lannister

      @Sleepy Gyro yeah, that would be awesome as well. Give us all the remakes and all elden rings please >_> Bloodborne 2 as well, if the studio's interested.

    • Sleepy Gyro
      Sleepy Gyro

      I'd prefer they remake Dark Souls 1 and 2. Bloodborne is still beautiful, just badly needs a 60 FPS patch.

  • Michael Fares
    Michael Fares

    one word: Bloodborne

  • YouEnglish

    This game sucks. Imagine playing for hours and having no progress done because you died. Games are supposed to be fun and progressive, not gruesome and unevolving. It looks great but not fun, definitely

  • Charles Allen
    Charles Allen

    Depression! Hahahaha! 😂 Big facts!

  • happyDude

    dark souls are not hard, the protagonist is just f@cking weak. the dude can't take 3 hits from anything.

  • ASongForTheMostBeautifulWomanInTheWorld

    This channel is even funnier than dunguey

  • Kevin Barahona
    Kevin Barahona

    I need that girlfriend song on iTunes 😂

  • Opposed Tuba
    Opposed Tuba

    Damn, you have the CLEANEST transitions to ads.

  • chris Maguire
    chris Maguire

    Did dark souls 3 get enhanced for ps5? I didn’t think any souls games, blood borne, or Sekiro did if I’m wrong let me know so I can start my downloads

  • Zhongyang Qu
    Zhongyang Qu

    Man...only if you’ve seen the old carry weight limit system

  • uetzel

    I miss the old mango

  • Alex Paradise
    Alex Paradise

    “It’s 3am, I’m naked” “I didn’t hear no bell” 🤣

  • Somedude Watchintv
    Somedude Watchintv

    I hope when I finally try this game it's like Sekiro and the difficulty is overblown. Is there still a trophy/ring tied to never dying?

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome

    2 weeks straight? Noob... 3 AM and naked? Where the hell is the challenge in that, unless you add "with my two hottest girl friends".

  • LilmacGaming

    "I miss the old GF Reviews" says the people who don't understand that the best part of your videos are your personality and humor xD

  • David Ware
    David Ware

    Gael is such an epic fight tho

  • David Ware
    David Ware

    omg that The Boys clip is perfect for From Soft games

  • Alex Sguazzin
    Alex Sguazzin

    Loved that sunny reference

  • Nate Woods
    Nate Woods

    If I had a dollar for every time my partner side-eyed me while watching this, I'd have $7

    • Cerebromide


  • Slayer D'Angelo
    Slayer D'Angelo

    Get him Sekiro, that's 100 hrs more

  • Vincentcleo Donato
    Vincentcleo Donato

    Yooo that freestyle you had there was fireeeeeeee. Haha.

  • fluffy kade
    fluffy kade

    Praise the sun

  • Rico Jones26
    Rico Jones26

    I like your funny words magic man!!!!

  • Matias

    This is probably the greatest ALgone video I’ve ever seen.

  • Chris gregory
    Chris gregory

    The journey Play dark souls Say I hate this, what even is this, why does anyone like this? Play for 10 hours and get completely hooked Consider buying a ps5 despite the huge price tag just to play a remastered game you already completed.

  • Dark Dreams Don't Die
    Dark Dreams Don't Die

    Didn't their first video blow up? What the heck are those people going on about

  • Jace Glover
    Jace Glover

    ALL the points for Good Burger clip!

  • das deathmolish
    das deathmolish

    I'm sorry I hate to be the bringer of old news but Sekiro was conceived a decade after demon's souls just FYI

  • Esteban D.
    Esteban D.


  • Ben Roley
    Ben Roley

    0:06 is such a clever joke lmao

  • Ankurieva

    “I miss the old GR before they blew up” Sounds like an exaggerated swagger of the early squad on par with the "First" YT comments

  • Cerebromide

    0:22 hahahahah shebly

  • John Crow
    John Crow

    I think ds2 is the longest

  • César García
    César García

    Hahaha that South Park was the shit XD

  • SKO


  • Aziatic _
    Aziatic _

    3 words... GIT GUD, CASUL!

  • Forrest Patterson
    Forrest Patterson

    I get so hype thinking that ending theme is Super Smack’s “funky”.

  • Brendan Scott
    Brendan Scott

    praise the sun


    Your reviews have always been spot on and hilarious and a joy to watch. I look forward to your videos and I’ve only seen you and your boyfriend get better at these reviews . Forget what the haters say. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • Lukman Hakim
    Lukman Hakim

    2:28 as Vaati's fan, I died

  • JSlego Productions
    JSlego Productions

    Why the hell are you playing IN HUMAN FORM

  • Wise Crack17
    Wise Crack17

    This channel is internet gold lol.

  • Joey Sigmund
    Joey Sigmund

    Love the vaati shout-out

  • RockRock2233

    Players Google advice. I feel SO attacked! But it's funny because it's true.

  • merlyn ken
    merlyn ken

    i regret to inform you after you beat the game, but there was a shortcut around the poopy doodoo

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank

    I love this channel. 🥺

  • Shy Bùi
    Shy Bùi

    How dare you say such a thing about our SUN?

  • Michael Jahanian
    Michael Jahanian

    Its 3am. I'm naked. ... that got me. Lol

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith

    so true, after demon souls your PS5 is literally like "okay, what's next?" spiderman-remastered - done, hitman 3 - done, ... i am now playing dark souls 3 and i'm getting my ass kicked lol.

  • absolutelysobeast

    Dude! Is that funky kongs airplane theme from donkey kong country 2 in the background at the end of the video? I think it is. Hell yeah! Amazing how those songs can stay with you for 20 years

  • deboleen shome
    deboleen shome

    7:30 apes together strong

  • Cody Peterson
    Cody Peterson

    Hahaha a dude could only hope to have a girlfriend this cool and patient with gaming let alone join in. The review itself focusing on her observations on his time, practices etc is effing hilarious.

  • MBT TV
    MBT TV

    this is game review by gamer girl''' ... it has nothing to do with your boyfriend... I was really expecting some non gamer girl who actually complains.. totally disappointed

  • Kenny Wong Labow
    Kenny Wong Labow

    Yo can anyone tell me what the song they’re lampooning is? The beat kinda slaps and Shelby’s parody is kind of a jam

    • Kenny Wong Labow
      Kenny Wong Labow

      @Girlfriend Reviews WOW thanks Matt! Thanks Shelby!

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      Kanye West - "I love Kanye"

  • Just another guy in the Comments
    Just another guy in the Comments

    I love demon souls but at the same time I want to smash my head into a wall place the disk on my knee and snap it in half so I can sleep well, without having to give excuses as to why I look like death warmed up at work in the mornings.....

  • Rafael Nelvam
    Rafael Nelvam

    "the old GR before they blew up" - wut? all they've been doing is blowing up from the very first video, pal

  • UglyTV

    this is the first time ive played a souls game and first time i ever came across this channel.... both are spot on

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      Yay thanks!!

  • Hamoud Al Thanawi
    Hamoud Al Thanawi

    I need to share my gaming experience with her more. You guys have something that is relationship goals

  • Matias Pereyra
    Matias Pereyra

    I do hate the that the RE herb doesn't replenish

  • kyle chester
    kyle chester


  • Papa Rohrer
    Papa Rohrer

    My wife loves that I’m a massive fromsoft nerd! That’s my all time favorite game company

  • Grinnar

    It's funny how many people missed it the first time it came out on PS3. Yet it's what spawned all this other stuff.

  • Levi

    I can't be the only one that got the ca ca joke! 😂

  • tomtom86004

    Through item descriptions and Vativydia.🤣🤣

  • christian fox
    christian fox

    Pffft yeah right she didnt send the its 3 a.m im naked text that shit woulda had me in bed immediately

  • Michael Chapman
    Michael Chapman are so lucky dude. Treat her right! 😭

  • Lizards Lore
    Lizards Lore

    I really hate that people are giving you any kind of crap becoming a gamer yourself. This is why gamer girls will typically not date gamer guys

  • CasualGrass

    damn...2 hours of dying?

  • Anthony Cordero
    Anthony Cordero

    *Puts points into Depression stat* Phew, for a second I thought you were going to level up Resistance

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee

    16 tabs of fextralife lmaooooooo

  • CodeBlue Archives
    CodeBlue Archives

    XD FEXTRALIFE AND VAATIVIDYA!!! You literally described the souls franchise... 10/10 would sub again

  • Malyssa C
    Malyssa C

    I haven’t seen a video in months.. turns out I was unsubscribed somehow 😞😭 I missed these 😁

  • Anorexic Dragn
    Anorexic Dragn

    You said longest when talking about ds3. But have you played ds2?

  • Keenan Charles
    Keenan Charles

    Just had to add, if my girl texted me that... HA... the journey continues... after i finish my new quest with bae

  • Keenan Charles
    Keenan Charles

    Not touching Dark Souls or Demon souls. I'll watch others rage and enjoy my doritos

  • Lynchpin TM
    Lynchpin TM

    Praise the sun

  • Patrick Kilduff
    Patrick Kilduff

    'past midnight'...pfffffff...hahaha.

  • Alberto Estrada
    Alberto Estrada

    I'm waiting for the bloodborne review.

  • Graen Dread
    Graen Dread

    You should also try CrossCode. It's a pretty difficult zelda and should also be great just to watch!

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez

    Demon’s Souls difficulty is a joke... ...Compared to Ninja Gaiden 2.

  • nikky peter
    nikky peter

    that was extremely entertaining ,creative and right on point ! specially after playing though demons souls myself. I laughed so hard , thank you guys.this is good quality content , keep up the great work it was fantastic.

  • Sky Hope
    Sky Hope

    U know what? Im subbing this channel. Cool edits,straight to the point and very interesting content. 5 stars.

  • Fred Barriskell
    Fred Barriskell

    That is also why from software is a God because they always make their games so you say to yourself " just one more try!!!"

  • Fred Barriskell
    Fred Barriskell

    Ok. That was awesome. Great job on the video. But if your boyfriend actually beat the nameless king in Dark Souls 3 he is the man because I never ever did out of all the soulsborne games

  • CipherAka

    Child humor + girlfriend = this video. Wonderful edit though

  • Jayrob

    Yeah, started dating demons souls not that long ago. After a few weeks “together” I can honestly say, without a doubt, that demons souls is a Dom and fucks me until I love it.

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