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The best FPS franchise is back and better than ever, but this time I watched my boyfriend play. DANG IT! I like DOOM. DOOM is good.
Special thanks to these guys for their shots of LA during the quarantine:
And another special thanks to the guy who made the Doomguy/Isabelle mash-up:
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  • SchulzEricT

    His name isn't "Doom Guy". It's Cpl Flynn Taggert. Fly.

  • Jordan Kelly
    Jordan Kelly

    I genuinely hate the animal crossing series

  • laxa _
    laxa _

    Realizing we are in lockdown for a year be like:

  • ChargeRedstone 1
    ChargeRedstone 1

    *Me hears doom music*. Sir,......where is the nearest elementary school

  • Mr Zoat
    Mr Zoat

    The bubonic plague was pretty bad, and it killed a far greater proportion of the population than the Wuhan Virus. And then there was smallpox. That was pretty nasty. And there was that ebola outbreak in Africa a few years ago.

  • N.

    I just wanna say... that lil clip of you guys arguing about who gets to keep the fish is THE CUTEST THING EVERRRRRRRRRRRR if my relationship ain’t like that I don’t want it 😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Serioussux

    Alright, i suppose i have to play doom again now

  • The Multiplayer
    The Multiplayer


  • Eerie_

    “Humanity’s only salvation was my boyfriend.”

  • EzzDrezz

    This channel convinced me to finally try Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. Alas, no boyfriend to speak of. So I became the Doom Guy of my dreams instead.

  • liham deli
    liham deli

    All i can hear is tiny tina and im here for it

  • Joshua Alwyn
    Joshua Alwyn

    What is the video put at 3:08

  • Brian Freitas
    Brian Freitas

    Ur bf is one lucky dude to be with you

  • Emiliano GuRo
    Emiliano GuRo


  • Funkmunkle

    Check out FarCry 3 blood dragon if you want a sick soundtrack and some killin.

  • J T
    J T

    My review of the review: too much simping over new horizons

  • C VI
    C VI

    what location is 7:05 at?

    • M S E
      M S E

      Sentinel prime

  • Clutch Genes
    Clutch Genes

    I love this channel and ima single dood.

  • Thingamajig K
    Thingamajig K

    2:33 ummmm🤣🤣🤣😅😅🤣

  • Francisco Carrasco
    Francisco Carrasco

    3:14 does anybody knows what the music is here?

  • Adit Chitale
    Adit Chitale

    I feel bad that she didn't play the game, hopefully she eventually got the chance to play it for herself.

  • David Dunmer
    David Dunmer

    Isnt Ray J that Kim Kardashian guy?

  • Salman Kabir
    Salman Kabir

    Thank you for making such a boring review.

    • D B
      D B

      Thank you for making a useless unneeded comment.

  • Overlord

    2:24 please help me with the song name. I have searched 100s of Doom and Doom Eternal soundtracks but unable to find this one. Please help I beg you

    • Overlord

      @M S E thank you, bless you!

    • M S E
      M S E

      It’s really not that hard to find it’s one of the best songs in the game

    • M S E
      M S E


  • Chicken Speed
    Chicken Speed

    Covid-19 has turned me into a hermit ready to live in a hole with an extension cord

  • Ya2

    What’s the name of the music at 3:16? Pleaaaase

  • Sealonark

    5:28 Crucible seller, I require only your strongest sword

  • Mudshrooze

    Doom Eternal is the best shooter based game ever made

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two

    Doom are best lol

  • RatBagBoy

    You put the sponsor at the end of the video. You are the best!

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Tekno Viking plus ebm dancers 😂

  • Thornbrow


  • MegaRann

    Boyfriend sounds like one of the dudes on Two Best Friends Play. Also my wife says yall wholesome af and we should be friends haha

  • BassyKelly

    Your reviews are by far the best! I never laugh as much on any other game reviews

  • C VI
    C VI

    what's the song at 3:09?? it sounds familiar but i can't quite place my finger on it

  • somarf

    The transition to the Raycon advertising - A+++++++

  • DarkStar

    "Manhole covers" LOL!😂

  • Kyle Alexander
    Kyle Alexander

    Diarrhea christmas lights was the name of Matt's high school band

  • Kazi Ashfaqul Huq
    Kazi Ashfaqul Huq

    That lady with the sword! Where is that from?

    • BJGvideos

      I'm gonna guess Heavy Metal but I'm not sure

  • Hugo Peters
    Hugo Peters

    which show is the "guns kill man" clip from?

  • Matt Fenlon
    Matt Fenlon

    6:25 Ugh, but I came here to avoid news about post-Breixit trade deals..

  • Johnny Cox
    Johnny Cox

    Hey were did you get the demon voice if 666/10?

  • Rohan

    You should do a girl friend review on Titanfall 2 single player! It’s only 6 hours long and you won’t even know the hours pass by cause it’s that damn good! Plus the multiplayer is loads of fun with a high skill ceiling. This game is call of duty on roids! And yes am copy pasting this comment on every video of yours, please fulfill my wish

  • Рома Мамедов
    Рома Мамедов

    She is so adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    Yes, yes.... YES!

  • Cynthia Trudeau
    Cynthia Trudeau

    What a pointlessly naggy video

    • M S E
      M S E

      What a pointless comment

  • Steve DeSilva
    Steve DeSilva

    Good stuff!!

  • DeuSJS

    the fact that the only major complaint she has with this is that she didn't get to play it herself is a good sign

    • M S E
      M S E


  • iced327


  • Gary The Hippopotamus
    Gary The Hippopotamus

    "These are my fish, these are my waters" Brexit negotiations in a nutshell

  • Gemma jordan
    Gemma jordan

    I play doom and i live with my cousin

    • M S E
      M S E


  • BuuGii 8
    BuuGii 8

    It’s 2am and I don’t know how I got here

  • Giordany Lormeus
    Giordany Lormeus

    There's no way doomguy would kill a bunny, I call malarkey 😡

  • HellReiser666

    That private ryan thing omg lmfao. Funniest thing i've seen all week

  • Tom Sproson
    Tom Sproson

    ‘Ol up a minute, this poster would look great in my foryay. 😂

  • The Suplex Ranger
    The Suplex Ranger

    Doom Crossing Eternal Horizons bay bay.

  • Thomas Frazer
    Thomas Frazer

    I find it hilariously ironic that the Raycon ad was interupted, by an ad. (titter)

  • Nikatname

    You said tochus, and that is a word in hebrew which is my home language

  • Stelios Arxdia mple karamele
    Stelios Arxdia mple karamele

    If i find a girlfriend like this , i am gonna marry her 3 afterlifes straight... i am telling ya...

  • Triggered

    What song starts playing at 3:15 ?

  • Boktorinator


  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer



    I love how they put the video of dancing varg dancing

  • Ajay Rathee
    Ajay Rathee

    She enjoys Doom, She loves Doom for its best parts, she ain't afraid to describe the gory parts and she's damn good at Demonic Genocide. Ladies and Germs, Now THIS is what you call a perfect Female Gamer.

  • Michael Korn
    Michael Korn

    It's Djent gutsplosions actually...

  • Levi Lewis
    Levi Lewis

    Lmao @ Ray Jay's dating show

  • Benjamin Calmenson
    Benjamin Calmenson


  • Julien Wood
    Julien Wood

    I just wanna say that as a Canadian the continued Trailer Park Boys references throughout their videos warms my heart.

  • nvzddabu

    YOOOOOOOOO, THE THOM YORKE SHOT. I've never commented on a youtube video. Ever. Literally. But I've been watching your guys' vids for awhile and the Thom Yorke Lotus Flower vid just made me too happy.

  • Franco Krustofsky
    Franco Krustofsky

    J to the ROC and T.

  • david10006

    and there you have it, the reason I think Doom Eternal was an overrated piece of ultra violent glowy, multi-colored poop summed up.."diarrhea Christmas lights" Brilliant.

    • M S E
      M S E

      That’s a good thing

  • Connor

    i lost it at the saving private ryan portion

  • Sketch124

    This is the best channel on yt

  • Dougie Cramond
    Dougie Cramond

    Really good, really funny, keep em coming

  • Mr. Rods
    Mr. Rods

    This is better than most gaming journalists

  • StamX

    '80 hours in the last 9 days' me with 190 hours in destiny 2 in the past 14 days

  • Alexander Agcaoili
    Alexander Agcaoili

    The sound track to both Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal are sooo good to work out too

  • TJ Thomas
    TJ Thomas

    I know this comment is late and won’t get read by the people of Girlfriend Reviews but I saw the LDS temple at 1:13. Pretty cool reference.

  • Thane's Games
    Thane's Games

    Frenetic! That was my description! I can barely play anything else now. I pick up Borderlands 3, and its like "Why is everything so slow!!!!!!!!". I can't even imagine Fallout now.

  • DaftRNG

    So. Much. ACNH. In the doom review. 🤣

  • Isabelle

    no shoot daisy

  • Sean Lenihan
    Sean Lenihan


  • codbdup88

    When having a ALgone channel that is doing pretty successful means that you can’t get married cuz it’ll change the name lol

  • David Pigbody
    David Pigbody

    God I hate you and your channel

    • M S E
      M S E

      @David Pigbody you’re weird

    • David Pigbody
      David Pigbody

      @M S E nonetheless, I love you

    • M S E
      M S E

      @David Pigbody but I don’t hate the channel or hate her lmao

    • David Pigbody
      David Pigbody

      @M S E you don't watch

    • M S E
      M S E

      Don’t watch lmao

  • Jacob Frye
    Jacob Frye

    2:25 pls include more radiohead plsssss

  • Emiliano GuRo
    Emiliano GuRo

    2:24 Song????

    • M S E
      M S E


  • kungfukiwi

    You put the ad at the end. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Wesley Anderson
    Wesley Anderson


  • Johny Etwer
    Johny Etwer

    If you two ever break up will there be any videos left on the channel?

  • Owen Leavitt
    Owen Leavitt

    4:19 is actually really well done

  • Your Mom's Tits
    Your Mom's Tits

    where is that black woman booty clip from?

  • Christopher Polanco
    Christopher Polanco


  • Larry The Goat
    Larry The Goat

    That Thom Yorke meme will never get old

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    That homer simpson skit was an instant sub

  • Logan Merrifield
    Logan Merrifield

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that found that little bunny and tried to kill it lol

  • Merle YT
    Merle YT

    So what ur saying is the game thats whole purpose is to be violent is so violent u don't like it because its too violent

    • I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition
      I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition

      And she praises it

    • I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition
      I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition

      No that it's loud

  • Per Capita
    Per Capita

    This clip includes commercials, it´s implanted in it. One dislike coming up! :) Good bye

  • Per Capita
    Per Capita

    0:25 ENHANCE the background music there and ONLY. It´s epic game music and a flash to the past right there..... it´s so purty......

  • IamLemonz 115
    IamLemonz 115

    I love how angrily happy she sounds

  • Darren Cordoviz
    Darren Cordoviz

    Please review the DOOM Eternal Ancient Gods DLC!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

    • M S E
      M S E

      I think the dlc is for the fans and this isn’t a doom channel so it would be out of place here

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