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Presenting Bonk My Head: the Fall Guys music video! The song is a parody of Dua Lipa's Break My Heart, so if you like it go check her out. #fallguys #dualipa
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    Here are the lyrics! I’ve never been the one to get the winning crown Cuz everytime I’m close I just keep fallin’ down But of course they have to give me the slime climb Now I’m fallin… Race to the finish line before the rounds over Feelin’ like American Ninja Warrior I know should just wait until the seesaw’s straight But I keep fallin’ I finally got a tail I’m running for my life but everyone’s chasing me Army of little beans I think I’m gonna make it But they got me cornered then took my tail from me Eliminated bean I should’ve won Tip-Toe Cause I would always go with the flow. But when the ground don’t glow I knew that was the end of it all. I should’ve won Fruit Chute Cause I think I found the safest route Will that watermelon Be the one that could Bonk My head Oh No, everybody’s pushin’ me off But when I saw that skin, You know that I just couldn’t resist I should have won Door Dash Cause nobody was grabbin’ my ass Will that wall with eyeballs Be the one that could Bonk My head Navigate the obstacles on Dizzy Heights Hoopsie Daisy I am diving for my life. Every stage before this was a waste of time Cuz Hex-a-Gone’s here I’m runnin round like crazy Floor is disappearing this is too much for me I am a tiny bean Fallen to the bottom heart is pumping, am I qualifying? Eliminated bean I should’ve won Jump Club Cause I really wanna get a dub. But when my toe got stubbed, I knew that was the end of it all. I should have won Fall Ball Cause I bend it like Ronaldo In this weird Rocket League It’s a good thing to Bonk My head Oh No, they put me on the yellow team. I’d rather play alone Then be put on the yellow team. I should win Whirlygig If I go straight down the mid Will this big pink Wind-Mill Be the one that could Bonk My head. Ooh, bonk my head Ooh, bonk my head Ooh And now all of these beans just continue to bonk my head

    • Manuel Armando Rodríguez Gonzalez
      Manuel Armando Rodríguez Gonzalez

      This was amazing lol

    • Jesse Lamb
      Jesse Lamb

      please upload this to spotify!

    • Kakashi

      Shelby please do HELLBLADE HENUA SACRIFICE

    • Junior Pederson
      Junior Pederson

      @Girlfriend Reviews how could I become a better singer

    • Jamaican Trophy Hunter
      Jamaican Trophy Hunter

      Greatest song of 2020

  • Dora Sapien
    Dora Sapien

    Just heard "Rocket League" on a Dual Lipa song... My life is complete.

  • Dylan Campbell
    Dylan Campbell

    Whoaaaa! How good!

  • Sarah DiBenedetto
    Sarah DiBenedetto

    This song lives rent free in my head. When I hear the original on the radio I can't help but sing "Bonk My Head"!

  • PS3GamingScotland

    Absolutely outstanding!

  • Wicked Pixelated
    Wicked Pixelated

    We need more Shelby Sings! :)

  • Lautaro Emanuel Galán Cid
    Lautaro Emanuel Galán Cid

    I keep coming back to replay this one. Love shelby’s voice (not a fan of the original song nor artist, hell, im a metalhead, so yeah...)

  • Jeremy DeMitchell
    Jeremy DeMitchell

    I can't believe this doesn't have a million views yet

    • Ragglock

      Allmost there 😏

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank

    I love this channel

  • Pinch

    I Have Listened To This Song Like 20 Times And I Love It Good Job

  • Andrew Aldrich
    Andrew Aldrich

    Pleeeease do more songs! These are fantastic

  • Athena Tran
    Athena Tran

    This was amazing 🥺😭

  • Austin Tower
    Austin Tower

    Can we get this song spotify, please?

  • OldenTimes 873
    OldenTimes 873

    I go back to this every now and then.... I just love it so much!!!

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah

    A lot of my favourite ALgone creators made music that I remember for years.. you are up there with Tobuscus and pewdiepie I love you two

  • jonathan collier
    jonathan collier

    The pure skill flex...

  • ALreadyAL


  • Wickerrman

    Love this song so much, please more of this :)

  • Bobbitto

    This video having less than 10 million views should be a crime

  • Darcy Patko
    Darcy Patko

    Move over Weird Al

  • TheDhatchet

    I know my comment is just going to get lost in the mix but I just want to say the editing on this video is just fire. Great job all around guys. After watching this video weeks later it got stuck in my head and I just had to come back to watch it a few more times. you guys deserve all the success you get

  • Lk 808
    Lk 808

    Weird Al's craft has transcended to the next gen.

  • Piotr Steinke
    Piotr Steinke

    We need Shellby's album with all songs she already sang!

  • s a m p l e t e x t
    s a m p l e t e x t

    Woke up from a nap with this song stuck in my head. I've never even heard the original version, i just woke up singing "I AM A TINY BEAN"

  • Bradley Judge
    Bradley Judge

    I have been jammin to this all morning. Brilliant.

  • OnlineCitizen 32
    OnlineCitizen 32

    Wish I could add a new like for every time I revisit this song

  • Ian Hammel
    Ian Hammel

    this game died so fast D:

  • Kaushik Banerjee
    Kaushik Banerjee

    Please release it on Spotify

  • Andy Aleus
    Andy Aleus

    2:14 This part is soooo clean!

  • George Sturges
    George Sturges

    I should have won fruit shute....

  • Don Chap
    Don Chap

    This is gold!

  • Franciumflourine

    I just got plushie today :3

  • Shelby Pettus
    Shelby Pettus

    This is such a bop that I want to play on repeat when I hear the original 😂 thank you so much for this golden paredy.

  • Jannik Oeftiger
    Jannik Oeftiger

    This is so amazing !

  • tweisel309

    This song comes out at the end of August, it’s such a jam that I ended up listening to the original Dua Lipa version to the point that it made it into my top 20 of Spotify. Thanks.

  • XxKoala_Gamer

    More people should watch this because she worked so hard on making this this is just great

  • Joey Zalman
    Joey Zalman


  • JoshGormley

    Wow! That was really good! Good job guys!

  • al201103

    Came here because I just watched and enjoyed Bass Guy. This was just brilliant. You have a wicked voice. I love the original and think you absolutely did it justice. And you TOTALLY nailed the frustration with Fall Guys. 10/10/10 - loved it! Also loved Bass Guy (I'm an Animal Crossing Widower)

  • Martin Long
    Martin Long

    Fantastic!!! This is next level 🤣👍❤️😁

  • martin sharrett
    martin sharrett

    The 1k dislikes are from the rest of yellow team

  • Enver Dashdemir
    Enver Dashdemir


  • Ragglock

    The real song / Album just pulled an bunch of Emmy nominations, wonder why 🤔

  • Sean S
    Sean S

    I am SOOO ready for more Shelby Sings!

  • Richard S
    Richard S

    that's some seriously awesome editing and singing. Hats off to you two.

  • Kristin Wagoner
    Kristin Wagoner

    Love this song!

  • Ashton Dotson
    Ashton Dotson

    Shelby, the four year old I’m babysitting wants to know why you called this video Silly at the end because he takes it very seriously.

  • Auba9

    I heard the original song over the speakers a few weeks ago. I preferred your version ❤️

  • Angel Cordova
    Angel Cordova

    Now I understand why I liked the real song for no particular reason from the moment I heard it it’s because of this

  • George Sturges
    George Sturges

    Just heard the original song in the grocery store. Hadnt heard it before. Good thing i was wearing mask, because i was cracking up the whole time

  • Solar

    Her singing is becoming annoying

  • Jamaican Trophy Hunter
    Jamaican Trophy Hunter

    My favorite song of the year

  • PatricioArt

    OMG All that Skillshare has started to pay off

    • PatricioArt

      Too bad it's not this videos sponsor ʕ ・ัᴥ・ั ʔ

  • Phillip English
    Phillip English

    Why is this song actually a fat bop!!

  • Drade Gamer
    Drade Gamer

    How is this not in itunes already?

  • Mai Nerds
    Mai Nerds

    *Dua Who?*

  • Arthur Watson
    Arthur Watson

    Had to come back for this BOP

  • SipSop Gamer A
    SipSop Gamer A

    Shelly: I am just a tiny bean. Devs: Are you sure?

  • The editor for Tyler Duelley
    The editor for Tyler Duelley

    This is what happens when you give Matt premier pro and one week And when you give Shelby a paper and sweet bass line And when you give both of them a great game

  • Justin Gorsage
    Justin Gorsage

    OK, wow...so I saw this video when you all put it out in August and hadn't ever heard the actual song it's based on prior to seeing your video. Then about two months later I heard the actual song and it was killing me trying to figure out where I knew it from. Now for some reason the algorithm recommended this video again and I'm like: OOOOOOOHHHHH

  • Shehza Shakeel
    Shehza Shakeel

    This is BEAUTIFUL

  • WildSource TV
    WildSource TV

    when's the album ? lol

  • Cody Rousseau
    Cody Rousseau

    This is life. SO GOOD.

  • Cosmic Soul
    Cosmic Soul

    Man you two are so creative good job your inspiring me!

  • gavian83

    Epic song :)

  • Grandison Arts
    Grandison Arts

    “I AM A TINY BEAN!” I was dying.

  • Hyper Beast
    Hyper Beast

    this song is soooo dope👍

  • VelkanKiador

    You know, putting sponsorships in a music video isn't the best idea. I love the song, I have put it in a playlist where it's the only video playing in a loop. But after hearing the sponsorship 50 times in a row it starts to get on the nerves a bit. I do kinda get why channels that do music videos exclusively have to add sponsorships in their music videos, since where else will they put them in if not their music videos since it's all that they make. But here... I wish you had skipped the sponsorships on this video...

  • phippification

    Is it worrying that I now prefer this to the original?

  • Andrew Vasquez
    Andrew Vasquez

    Could we get a live edit of you recording? I think we would all love to see you singing with your energetic style.

  • The V
    The V

    I just watched the original song for the first time and this is deadass better

  • Nicholas Luck
    Nicholas Luck

    I don't know what a Dua Lipa is but they should be very afraid right now.

  • jman2150

    2:00 You know those parts of songs you just feel really deep?

  • Last

    This is amazing.😂

  • asgard demasia
    asgard demasia

    This video get recommended to me 4 years later. I wont blame youtube its litt

  • Peter

    Amazing, but technically incorrect. The Fall Guys are not tiny beans, the developers tweeted that they are actually 6 feeet tall. They are giant beans.

  • Curt March
    Curt March

    Continue to make these game songs please!!!

  • Alyssa Pigati
    Alyssa Pigati

    I love thissssss

  • Carlos Talavera
    Carlos Talavera

    Haven't played Fall Guys, no idea what is a Dula Lupa, but oh, how I love this video!!

  • Tim Whitman
    Tim Whitman


  • Arthur Drury
    Arthur Drury


  • pinguin 72
    pinguin 72

    guys red is sus

  • D D
    D D

    My dad won the door one he got 2 doors Wong

  • D D
    D D

    This song is hlareist

  • Paulo Delgado
    Paulo Delgado

    I hope you guys become millionaires doing this kind of stuff.

  • Jeremy Kurtz
    Jeremy Kurtz

    How could anyone dislike this 🙁

    • Der Riddler
      Der Riddler

      They bonked their heads

  • Jeremy Kurtz
    Jeremy Kurtz

    This is awesome lol 😄

  • Beckham Ortiz
    Beckham Ortiz

    Please go on Spotify

  • Nick Papadopoulos
    Nick Papadopoulos

    It's not very often that a parody is much, MUCH better than the original, bud damn...

  • Fred Tott
    Fred Tott

    That'll go straight into my "Hol up a minute" playlist...

  • James Galvan
    James Galvan

    Commenting twice just because

  • James Galvan
    James Galvan

    I just found your reviews iv literally seen 2 they were great but this is over the top im now subscribed im impressed with your creative content

  • yeIIow1


  • gaurav bansal
    gaurav bansal

    Sheer creativity...hats off guys❤

  • Natalia nipcps
    Natalia nipcps

    this is better than the original video

  • random meme
    random meme

    Put this on for my round of fall mountain. I died but the music kept it real lol

  • Secaus

    This is by far your best one yet! Awesome!

  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook

    My game group plays this song all the time when we play. Love it and you guys so much.


    I listen to this song at least once a day!!!

  • Matthew Allen
    Matthew Allen

    Haven't heard a parody song this good in... oh shoot this is actually the best parody song ever.

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