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My boyfriend finally got to play the remake of one of his favorite games: Final Fantasy VII! And I finally got to experience the first 10% of it in this remake of the first 10% of it.
Special thanks to ProZD for narrating our FFVII Trailer:
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  • gwyn lee
    gwyn lee

    No fair using Carl Segan!

  • john lloyd Tulang
    john lloyd Tulang

    Shelby is a good writer.

  • Enas r
    Enas r

    Girlfriend calls Sephiroth a lady, lol

  • Yu Yang Teoh
    Yu Yang Teoh

    Anyone else came back to look at this video since the game is made available for next month's ps plus game?

  • Steven Lao
    Steven Lao

    I rewatch this every once in a while because it's still one of the most poetic and beautiful reviews I've ever seen. And then there are boobie jokes!

  • Trong Ronakiat
    Trong Ronakiat

    This was a masterpiece of a review. The Carl Sagan bit is a stroke of creative genius. And yes as a 90’s kid a lot of this resonates deep lol.

  • Blade Sturm
    Blade Sturm

    God I would love to see them review FFX

  • Stefan Tabit
    Stefan Tabit

    It is actually unbelievable that the first half of the game teaches you to stagger tough enemies and then do Big Damage, while the second half teaches you that nothing is holy- especially not your Limit Gauge.

  • IonTV Rocks
    IonTV Rocks

    This was so funny!! 😂

  • Big Man
    Big Man

    1:05 didn’t realize it was *that* guy

  • John W
    John W

    HEY! Don't talk down the death of Aerith! 23 years and I still cry when I hear her song played in a minor chord 😭

  • minh ho
    minh ho

    You both make me laugh so much. You both really are so talented and it shows. Your videos look like you are having so much. 👍

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank

    I love this channel!

  • Itay Weiss
    Itay Weiss

    Please why does it take so god dam long to start a video, im not saying that its bad but geeeeez, i dont want to wait four minutes for the intro to end, please make the intros shorter.

  • Bernard Huff
    Bernard Huff

    Damn...your breakdown on this videogame is life changing. Geez you deserve all the follows it’s you keep this up.

  • Richard Lim
    Richard Lim

    This is the best opening video ever.... This review too short lol

  • Ahmad Hafiz Yahaya
    Ahmad Hafiz Yahaya

    New sub here. The FF7 recap brings tears to my eyes.. I’m enjoying every second playing FF7 remake now.

  • Razr7 _art
    Razr7 _art

    3 minute intro , why

  • Lazychuck Productions
    Lazychuck Productions

    The answer is get a PSP and play the final fantasy on there

  • Ryan Das
    Ryan Das

    You people are a mistake.

  • Dominik Walter
    Dominik Walter

    just watched some real old ff7 original trailers and noticed that they are quoted right in the beginning of this video. like over 20 years later!! this blows my mind. you girl.. your creativity and the scope of your perspective is just 🤯👏

  • Andres Cevallos
    Andres Cevallos

    I think that the romance starts on Gold Saucer that is not on this remake.

  • Thomas Larsen
    Thomas Larsen

    "Why the hell is Mickey Mouse out there wearing a crown??" "You'll seeee." oh yes... you will see!

  • Redgrave89

    Dudess your intros are fuckin amazing. I've like watched five videos so far

  • Lee Thomas
    Lee Thomas

    The original has and will always have a special place in my heart! Sephiroth. Has there been a better game character...

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson

    You should totally have him do legend of dragoon

  • chien po
    chien po

    Aerith is a horse. LOL

  • Lordoftheapes79

    Wow, that slide into the earbud plug was seamless 😆

  • Devils Isle Gaming
    Devils Isle Gaming

    When is it gonna be "Wife Reviews" ?

  • Kieran Law
    Kieran Law

    Profound and beautiful intro.

  • One_Preacher

    This editing is immaculate!!!

  • rexile1986

    God dammit, now I have to replay this game again....

  • Martin N.
    Martin N.

    I'm disappointed that you didn't mention the dance off.

  • Gazza

    When you learn Cloud's real true backstory, his personality and demeanor make so much more sense and it was rare to give main characters this ambiguous slow burn to learning the real origins of themselves in the 90s.

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C

    she doesnt know chadley is a robot

  • Kev Zapata
    Kev Zapata

    I'm naming my cat "Cockhobo"

  • Gem Bocobo
    Gem Bocobo

    What I wanna ask though is if they give us a chance to save aerith or take the hit ourselves would that ruin ff7? I mean I personally would adore if we get that option only if we have to really earn it. Same way Chrono trigger got those brilliant multiple endings. Now I kinda wish Chrono Trigger got a remake like ff7 does in terms of graphics

    • Orome

      No not necessarily, but what concerns me more is characters not staying dead. In the OG death came suddenly and was permanent. When you know a character can be resurrected, then it completely takes away from the impact of their death.

  • Danny North
    Danny North

    Why.... why did the first half of this video make me cry......?

  • 99Lezard99

    Love the part with Carl Sagan. FF7 is also my first piece of media that left an actual deep impression on me.

  • Theodor Wulff Poloni
    Theodor Wulff Poloni

    Every boss in FF7R: *uses cutscenes between phases* Final boss: *uses cutscenes between phases* Player: "wait, that's illegal"

  • Icy Fire
    Icy Fire

    Me looking through these comments waiting to see the ship wars. And then realizing maybe people can be civilized sometimes...

  • Synathidy

    Hey don't make fun of the materia system. It's BECAUSE it involves so much playing with balls that it's so great. You can rearrange your balls, stick balls in your equipment, and observe crazy combinations of balls that provide unique and customizable experiences. And the balls regain all their energy after each battle so they can be used repeatedly. Playing with balls can't be beat.

  • Thomas Frazer
    Thomas Frazer

    I wasn't expecting to cry in the first four minutes but here we are.

  • Eva Fiskeman
    Eva Fiskeman

    What game should one start with if one wants to start the series?

    • plojs 0
      plojs 0

      @mystic mungus oh I expected there would be more comments on a video even if it's a few months old.

    • mystic mungus
      mystic mungus

      @plojs 0 this is the 13th comment on latest??????????? ........

    • plojs 0
      plojs 0

      @mystic mungus how....... how did you find this comment if it was 3 weeks old without a single like and one reply? DId.... did ou REALLY scroll that much in new comments????

    • mystic mungus
      mystic mungus

      the remake or original depends if u like turned based jrpg or action adventure u choose

    • plojs 0
      plojs 0

      the final one

  • holiggan2008

    To use Carl Sagan in such a poignant way in a video game review commands so much respect! Thank you for your channel!

  • Mr.Flame

    Sephiroth for smash thooo

  • Paul Parker
    Paul Parker

    This really was beautiful. Thank you so much for this


    Did they just make a Ted talk?

  • robey wan
    robey wan

    look at all those chickens got me good

  • Colin Deal
    Colin Deal

    I think Skill Up does the best review intros in all of ALgone, but with this one you guys are right up there.

  • Ezra Kwon
    Ezra Kwon

    Any Final Fantasy XV reviews coming? Would love to see one.

  • Nelster

    Yeah, they really need to add sections to boss's hp.

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S

    All the real bros know FF9 is where it's at. I'm probably saying that because I didn't play FF7 until way later.

  • O.B.1 Slam
    O.B.1 Slam

    "I didn't enjoy my boyfriend playing with his balls, but I did enjoy the salt" WTF??? LOOOOOL!!!

  • Viktor

    Still waiting for the PC Version, which is most likely launching in April 2021

  • Something Witty
    Something Witty

    Not gonna lie, Shelby's speech about FF7 and the voice over made me cry a little bit, FF7 taught me about loss, grief, and acceptance. God I love this game

    • plojs 0
      plojs 0

      @Something Witty funny since for two whole weeks, the only person who saw your comment was the uploader (wether it was shelby or her boyfriend, who knows?). NOT ANYMORE. liked

    • Something Witty
      Something Witty

      My comment got hearted ;-; I've been noticed

  • error

    OK, small thing, but I've been binging these and I just noticed something: at 3:50, where the title for girlfriend reviews is, with the FF7 logo, it says LXI (roman numeral for 61). I just checked, this is the 61st girlfriend review. I like this.

  • Jake Moggy
    Jake Moggy

    That was brilliant xD

  • parker469a

    6:58 Brianna White (StrangeRebel Gaming) said that was supposed to be her trying to do Don Corneo's laugh but that was the best she could do. Anyway, it was super cute.

  • Alex M
    Alex M


  • AlexanderJW19

    I really feel the need to thank you for this piece of content. The combination of seriousness and hilariousness is perfect and it really does justice to one of my favourite games of all times. You had me going from tear in the corner of my eye to literally laughing out in a matter of seconds.

  • Marvelous Meh
    Marvelous Meh

    Nice video as always but you guys paid ProZD for this right?

  • Amilio

    Possibly the most seamless segway of all time

  • Hallow Jupiter
    Hallow Jupiter

    Pale blue dot? Shane Koyzcan?

  • 楊凱!妖怪?

    FF7 vs Avengers ,Lfmao。

  • Midgard Eagle
    Midgard Eagle

    "Aerith getting cancelled" wut 😂

  • Ben Lindsay
    Ben Lindsay

    8:13 The moment this review went from a 10 to an 11.

  • DarthJF

    To our generation Aerith dying was like the revelation that Luke was making out with his sister was for my dad.

  • Steveland Martin-Khan
    Steveland Martin-Khan

    I’ve only played the remake, and the whole time I was aware on Aerith’s fate. It was heart breaking, but made my time with her that was sweeter. It’s not beautiful because it last forever.

  • Justin Day
    Justin Day

    What is the song at 3:38 ?

  • AlgaeNymph

    You might be interested in Cloud's other girlfriend. She's over in Final Fantasy 6.

  • Goodblueboy62

    If its going to take them years to develop the game they should be scared of if the remake is going to look out dated

  • Kathy Gisselberg
    Kathy Gisselberg

    satisfying video

  • Justin

    Omg hard mode veterans, stagger to cut scene is the real deal

  • Tabarnacus

    I'm pretty sure the PS4 hardware is to blame for the long awkward pauses before dialog. Well I guess well know for sure when the PC version is out.

  • NullPoEx

    The idea that out best bet for survival is to keep the earth capable of supporting us is the same idea that keeps 30 year olds living with their parents. Humanity outgrew this planet 50 years ago when we proved we could reach others. Yet we cling to the basement like scared children. This planet's end is as inevitable as your parent's retirement fund. One day, it will run out, and you'll need to look for an apartment in the cheap part of the city, where it's dangerous and easy to fail. Its time to move out of mommy's basement, humanity.

  • Thelonius Punk
    Thelonius Punk

    marvel movies are for subhumans

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G

    Yep can confirm. Cloud is every guys role model.

  • Darl Gearhart
    Darl Gearhart


  • Isabelle

    "aerith ur making a mess!!!"

  • Isabelle

    haha im crying AND laughing

  • sylent19851

    This review was stupid and inaccurate.

  • Eddie P
    Eddie P

    The soundtrack to final fantasy vii is soooo timeless 😢

  • Johnny Comeau
    Johnny Comeau

    The quality of these videos are actually bonkers

  • steven moreno
    steven moreno

    Please do twilight princess 😭😭😭

  • Dave Keeler
    Dave Keeler

    These are super well done. Great jorb!

  • rusty shackleford
    rusty shackleford

    keep it classy shelby lol

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh

    Your editing skills just keep getting better! Loved it!

  • ErebosGR

    Advent Children was the best thing that came out of the FFVII franchise.

    • innerbloom

      advent children ruined every character

  • Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down

    When she said Cloud is a hoe, I heard glasses shatter.

  • Spartan5040

    Is getting absolutely destroyed in a chocobo stampede. *How does it feel to hear your friends cry out in agony?*

  • Aqua Lantern
    Aqua Lantern

    So... did you like it?

  • napoleon yong
    napoleon yong

    Holy shit, Sun!

  • Peter Crukshank
    Peter Crukshank

    2:22 gets me every time

  • Orome

    @6:15 I never had such issues in my play though.

  • Claudio Dias
    Claudio Dias

    David S. Pumpkins bit @7:22. I see you're a man (couple) of culture

  • kumagawa i have to change my name because sam flatman thinks my name is stupid misogi
    kumagawa i have to change my name because sam flatman thinks my name is stupid misogi

    I always come back to this video just to rewatch the google glasses gag, it's the funniest shit ever

  • DiscoDalek

    So good!!!

  • solid snake
    solid snake

    the girls are realy hot but Tifa is special and i am a grown ass dude

  • hyun_jae

    ahh playing with balls. 100% can relate.

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