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In this episode we take a look at the Nintendo GameCube and analyze the role it played during the 6th generation console wars, as well as its relevance in present day gaming. It may or may not be Nintendo's best console, but it is certainly my new favorite.

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  • Wrong Davey
    Wrong Davey

    I love the Luigi/Arrested Development joke!

  • Rene

    Vindication. I always felt the gamecube had a better offering than the other two. the games were just better at being... games. And I feel the same way about the undersold Wii U actually. Curiously, I find the Wii less impressive, even though it gets called the winner of that generation a lot.

  • Kay Collins
    Kay Collins

    Game Cube Mario Party games we’re elite. I wish my dad didn’t get rid of my Game Cube without my permission.

  • Gregory Fenn
    Gregory Fenn

    2:59 "optional media" for the gamecube is a gamecube game disk lol

  • TygerFalcon

    I would love a Windwaker review.... (you did say it deserves one.) Seriously, I would love for y'all review Windwaker, Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword.

  • Guilherme Luz
    Guilherme Luz

    And twilight princess??? that game is a mastahpiece

  • juppppy

    2:16 that’s Timesplitters 2! Oh, the nostalgia.

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank

    I love this channel

  • Supreme leader francisco
    Supreme leader francisco

    i played little league and had a one on one baseball teacher and still don't know how baseball works lmao

  • Rohan Cook422
    Rohan Cook422

    Funny thing is the other 2 consoles of that era are obsolete now.. I play my GameCube w friends all the time.

  • Chris Bodall
    Chris Bodall

    Just found your channel today. Excellent, funny, smart videos. Bravo!

  • Kieran Fanning
    Kieran Fanning

    What game is that at 5:12? It looks kinda like Gauntlet Legends

  • Ramiro Deleon
    Ramiro Deleon

    Best review of the GameCube controller ever spoken into existence

  • Patrick Kilduff
    Patrick Kilduff

    Also...I am beginning to think you have to be an idiot to be successful at do you not know the basic rules of baseball...I mean, I get not knowing what the infield fly rule is...but 3 strikes and your do you not know what that means?

  • Patrick Kilduff
    Patrick Kilduff

    I always think this girl would think someone thats good at games would be like a God to her...she thinks her BF is so good at games, while not horrible, still middle of the pack...she is just comparing it to herself, which, lets face it, if Animal Crossing is your favorite game...well, you aren't looking for a challenge.

  • Jason Wang
    Jason Wang

    this episode feels more like the boyfriend's inputs and the girlfriend is just a robot reading it.

    • Jason Wang
      Jason Wang

      @Girlfriend Reviews well said. keep up the good work! Love you guys!

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      Every episode is a mixture of both our feelings and ideas. This channel is a team effort. I'm never "just a robot", but even if I was, who cares? I'm happy to share my boyfriend's inputs.

  • frigginresulrum

    "The cube is the only one still fighting" The cube was also dropped off a building by Morgan Webb along with an Xbox and PS2 and was the only one functional afterwards.

  • Harix80

    Gamecube is still one of the best consoles ever made

  • Daniel Shaver
    Daniel Shaver

    "Metroid Prime needs its own episode of girlfriend reviews." THIS. That game alone justified the gamecube. I would love for you to review it. I played it around the same time as half life 2, and while half life seemed more technologically advanced, metroid prime just constantly made me think "This is beautiful. I'm so lucky to be playing this game." Probably my favorite game of all time. Please review. :)

  • Icarus TheFinal
    Icarus TheFinal

    You played Gauntlet!! Fuckin love Dark Legacy. And the GC controller. And lots of games. Love the GameCube.

  • Vlogamer

    2:12: That's some golden globe caliber writing and editing right there.

  • Isaac Lacoba
    Isaac Lacoba

    So the learning of this story is that Gamers are little crying babies that do not know what they want and, in the end, Nintendo was right. As always.

  • Seimen 434
    Seimen 434

    i love luigis mansion way more than mario sunshine. glad luigis didnt just get a copy of a super mario-game. oh, and i dont know anything about baseball either^^

  • j m
    j m

    The brave little cube that could.

  • Carl Leo
    Carl Leo

    Tell your bf to play risk2

  • Desiree R
    Desiree R

    I know I'm late, but you should definitely play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle! It let's you raise chao's and they are so cute!!

  • BionicBagel

    Lol. Am I the only one who loved Luigi’s Mansion?

  • Rohan

    You should do a girl friend review on Titanfall 2 single player! It’s only 6 hours long and you won’t even know the hours pass by cause it’s that damn good! Plus the multiplayer is loads of fun with a high skill ceiling. This game is call of duty on roids! And yes am copy pasting this comment on every video of yours, please fulfill my wish

  • BBnator

    It has been 9 months. Where is that Wind waker review??

  • Vanessa Trottier
    Vanessa Trottier

    I left nintendo during the Wii/wii U era. Loved GameCube

  • Kage Song
    Kage Song

    2 videos later, I subs.

  • Valiant Bradley James
    Valiant Bradley James

    as a luigi fan ouch you're not wrong but ouch lol

  • CAngel

    Leave my man Luigi alone and Luigi's mansion is amazing ok !?

  • Pete Tran
    Pete Tran

    respect for recognizing melee

  • mjskillz23

    Brilliant episode. The GameCube is amazing.

  • Anton Suprun
    Anton Suprun

    As a non-US gamer, I have no idea how baseball works. It just seems silly to me.

  • John Abbate
    John Abbate

    I heard a saying about the console wars, "If you play for the graphics, get a Playstation. If you play for the franchises, get a Xbox. If you play for fun, get Nintendo."

  • Big Ball Of Sunshine
    Big Ball Of Sunshine

    Soooooo still waiting for that Metroid Prime review

  • Harsh Mishra classes
    Harsh Mishra classes

    I mean the 6th generation was not even a competition among consoles the playstation 2 demolished any competitors

  • Ved Aryan
    Ved Aryan

    Twilight Princess.

  • AlecThePerin

    That was such a deep cut tenacious d reference ???!

  • why am i even here.
    why am i even here.

    Please review Luigi's Mansion 🥺👉👈

  • Boruch Arnold
    Boruch Arnold

    Tenacious D reference.

  • millennial loft
    millennial loft

    Girlfriend reviews: Windwaker needs it's own review Me a year and a half later: so that was a freaking lie

  • Matthew Price
    Matthew Price

    5:40 lolsssssssssss

  • Mihail Ivanov
    Mihail Ivanov

    In Europe Nobody knows or even plays Baseball...

  • Brain rich
    Brain rich

    Nintendo needs to make another Mario Strikers

  • TheSilverPhoenix100

    The funny thing about the gamecube is it aged the best out of that console generation, the PS2 like you said is basically an inferior playstation 3/4 and honestly though it massacured the other 2 in terms of sales I dont find myself going back to many ps2 era games (especially since those games now have HD remakes that are far superior) to and the xbox basically has the same problem. The gamecube though has more games that were unique and fun and i constantly find myself wanting to go back and play those, and honestly I wonder if thats a big reason the phoenix known as the Wii was such a hit. Also Luigi's mansion may not look like much but its a pretty fun game and the closest we will ever get to a good ghostbusters game

  • Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down

    That's why I love Nintendo. They're not afraid to make risk. They're constantly innovating their products even if some of them ends up in failure.

  • Gustavo Adolfo Guardado
    Gustavo Adolfo Guardado


  • spaceLem

    The GameCube controller is my all time favourite controller. I had some great memories with that console. I can't believe I lost my GameCube during a house move. My ex-flatmate ended up with it instead :'(

  • Robert Elliott
    Robert Elliott

    See also:Eternal darkness.GameCube was excellent.

  • Billy Walsh
    Billy Walsh

    My gf is a non-gamer and it makes me sad.

  • digizilla164

    Luigis mansion is amazing.

  • Sam Barris
    Sam Barris

    I really liked the GameCube. It had some great Zelda and Metroid games. That was the generation I stopped being Nintendo exclusive and bought a PS2, but I thought they were both awesome consoles.

  • Gustavo Luciano
    Gustavo Luciano

    Metroid Prime GFR would be most cash, just saying...

  • ProJatior

    Yeah but scalpers and my bank account. The PS2 is still awesome.

  • Jinx Beats em up
    Jinx Beats em up

    2:13 Wha-meh-hoo-eh

  • shepherd_b0y

    The GameCube was the greatest thing to ever happen in gaming. Come fight me haha.

  • Las Cubiertas Delanteras
    Las Cubiertas Delanteras

    Was that a cheeky Tenacious D reference at the end there? 😉 Peek out our heads

  • S B Keel
    S B Keel

    My 3 favorite video games are Wind Waker, Thousand Year Door and Sunshine from 1st to 3rd in that order... My other favorite games aren't from the GameCube but I still love many more of them... Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 and 3 deserve special mention!

  • Ajar Raccoon
    Ajar Raccoon


  • Mike Visby
    Mike Visby

    The gamecube nubbin is still 10x better than the new 3DS nubbin.

  • Ghosty XDL
    Ghosty XDL

    The word play in this episode puts William Shakespeare to shame

  • Emerson Fleming
    Emerson Fleming

    Loving the Community and Arrested Development references

  • Elias Cervantez
    Elias Cervantez

    lold @ the finding nemo wimpy fin! This is quality content.

  • Adam Webber
    Adam Webber

    Nice D reference 😎

  • Aaron Lopez-Huskey
    Aaron Lopez-Huskey

    A review of Metroid Prime would be awesome! I think it was a game before its time.

  • Jeriel Castillo
    Jeriel Castillo

    "a brave little cube is the only one still fighting' -Girlfriend

  • Retro Gamer Nat
    Retro Gamer Nat

    I came here for Eternal Darkness and Wave Race, and I leave dissapointed!!

  • Larry The Goat
    Larry The Goat

    I don't know the rules to baseball......


    Luigis mansion is a masterpiece and we do not disrespect him in this household

  • i'm caleb
    i'm caleb

    What game is at 5:11?

  • bigangryscotsman

    The genius of how Nintendo make their consoles is that each one is designed to be different from its predecessors, unlike Xbox and PlayStation which are simply just hardware upgrades. It pretty much guarantees that years after the other consoles of that generation are out of date people can still go back and enjoy Nintendos older consoles and have a fairly different experience in each of the older generations.

  • Stephanie

    3:25 marios getting old give him a break

  • Frabasco Sauce
    Frabasco Sauce

    *sees her clown luigi* *picks up gun* 7:04 *puts down gun*

  • Logan Seydel
    Logan Seydel

    Oh god, my childhood has been sprawled out in this entire video.

  • Henrik Wenne
    Henrik Wenne

    As someone with a disabled arm... I salute that genius Nemo reference

  • Alister Karl
    Alister Karl

    I completely skipped this generation of consoles.

  • Sund00d

    “These 5 games are *quint* essential” omg

  • S.H Gogo
    S.H Gogo

    Speaking of Gamecube games, you should review the Resident Evil 1 Remake. It was originally on Gamecube but they have it on the PS4 store too. Maybe for Halloween?

  • 瑠衣美丹 Lou
    瑠衣美丹 Lou

    How could a video about the Gamecube leave out Tales of Symphonia!

  • José A.
    José A.

    Gamecube controller is the most comfy and ergonomic controller ever. you cant change my mind.

  • meh

    HAHAHA Dreamcast peeking out! 😂 Poor baby.

  • Jon Clayton
    Jon Clayton

    Anyone ever tell you your SpongeBob impersonation sounds like Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopolis the third?

  • Spinhoza G
    Spinhoza G

    Where is madden 08?

    • Mr.Ouest

      This isn't Scott the Woz.

  • Dip Shit
    Dip Shit

    Honestly don't know why modern consoles don't have a handle

  • Michael Korn
    Michael Korn

    This shows, old doesn't mean not fun or not good. Old means the power might be a bit out dated but thats about it

  • Alejandro Camberos Rodríguez
    Alejandro Camberos Rodríguez

    There's one game I'd strongly advise anyone that mocks the Gamecube to play. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

    • DJ Kale Eat
      DJ Kale Eat

      Viewtiful Joe : has entered the chat

  • Szabolcs Nagy
    Szabolcs Nagy

    Honestly i love Luigi more than Mario. 2

  • John Peyton
    John Peyton

    Dang yo, the Luigi shade in this video is REAL.

  • Devin Faux
    Devin Faux

    Holding out for the N64!

  • RetroAggression

    How could you not love Luigis Mansion? Especially the first one.

  • Gwen Walravens
    Gwen Walravens

    Ah yes, the fight between the PS2 and Xbox over 'realistic' graphics which are so horribly outdated no-one talks about them anymore. The gamecube had so many gems. They forgot Pikmin, Animal Crossing and Smash just to name a few more. There were also some excellent 3rd party titles like baten kaitos.

  • Andrew Perez
    Andrew Perez

    I got the GameCube because I wanted Luigi’s Mansion....

  • Skyhijinx

    "Matt" "Shits"

  • TheHiddenBanana

    Music at 3:00?

  • Samantha Allen
    Samantha Allen

    Can mario sunshine please get its own girlfriend reviews!? That’d be amazing

  • Stealthy Mongoose
    Stealthy Mongoose

    1:03 that LOTR edit LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO


    I wish I could like this video 500 times for the David Pumpkins bit! LOL

    • GLO-TUBE

      Excuse me, David S. Pumpkins.

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