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In preparation for Half-Life: Alyx, today's episode is a 3-for-1 because we're reviewing Half-Life, Black Mesa, and Half-Life 2. These are some of the best games of all time and I'm going to make fun of them.
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    This video is dedicated to Walter Melon: He had a beautiful rind, and a rare soul.

    • Jack Sparrow
      Jack Sparrow

      What, does he think Half-Life is gonna full suck?

    • Peyrino

      That pun was quite fruitful

    • noah hager
      noah hager

      Cara bella, cara mia bella! Mia bambina, oh ciel! Che la stima! Che la stima! Oh cara mia, addio! La mia bambina cara, Perché non passi lontana? Sì, lontana da Scienza! Cara, cara mia bambina, Ah, mia bella! Ah, mia cara! Ah, mia cara! Ah, mia bambina! Oh cara, cara mia! [Instrumental Break] Mia cara! Ah, mia cara! Ah, mia bambina! Oh cara, cara mia!

    • Sam Rosen
      Sam Rosen

      What is the music starting at 5:36?

    • Rogue Zero
      Rogue Zero

      The man who killed him has no soul, never take the life of a water melon

  • The Abortion
    The Abortion

    If you've ever wanted to shoot Gman in the face. There's a game called XCom enemy unknown that you should look into

  • theShady Potato
    theShady Potato

    Your opinion is invalid because you used the hd pack for half life 1.

  • Dreams R Lies
    Dreams R Lies

    Not sure how such annoying noise could gather so many subs but one video was enough to make me wish I had never heard of this channel. Grow up, world. How annoying becomes funny takes a mentality I’m glad I grew past after I turned 15.

  • Jordan Kelly
    Jordan Kelly

    This was the moment she truly became a gamer.

  • Rogelio Velazquez
    Rogelio Velazquez

    Just found this channel and this review is worth a subscription, you nailed it.

  • moopile

    Triage At Dawn; the best musical score from Half-Life 2 and by far the deepest. The song displays a time of struggle, despair, and futile hope. It really hits hard when it pans through the Combine overcoming Resistance rebels in a firefight. It displays the fact that the Resistance is futile because if you remember correctly, the war between every last drop of Earth's forces and like 67% of Combine's forces ended in literally 7 hours. SEVEN. I shed a few tears listening to this song for the first time.

  • Dark Dreams Don't Die
    Dark Dreams Don't Die

    The forklift driver should have his own game

  • Mitre 517
    Mitre 517

    Smh my head you using the hd models

  • Dan Xander
    Dan Xander

    So when do we get to hear your thoughts about the Portal games?

  • Gregory Desir
    Gregory Desir

    do destiny

  • Weardo

    I stumble across this video like once every 3 months and then i enjoy the crap out of it again because i relate so much to the excitement :)

  • Trusty Vault 13 Canteen
    Trusty Vault 13 Canteen

    They used HD Models! Blasphemy!

  • Fleur

    Wait... “your games are outta control, man, everyone knows that”... This is the End reference?

  • Stefan Constantin Dumitrache
    Stefan Constantin Dumitrache

    She's not even asking if your boyfriend SHOULD, because your boyfriend MUST play Half-Life :|

  • GaunterOdimm

    are we gonna ignore the creepy creature lurking at the end of the tunnel when he pauses at 4:44, or am I seeing things?

  • ShinSakuraNoMai

    He should check the speedruns with backwards bunny hopping for maximum vertigo :D

  • Sam Traynor
    Sam Traynor

    dude i just noticed the gman face that appears at 4:42 months later

  • Clyde Marshall
    Clyde Marshall

    I'm sad that you used the HD models pack and not the originals.

  • Anhad Sharma
    Anhad Sharma

    I don't know dude some say Halo 2 was the sickest sequel of all time and Halo 3 was the sickest threequel of all time. And you guys have not played Halo 2.

  • mattresspiano

    "HD Barney, gross."

  • Christopher Celeste
    Christopher Celeste

    Nobody: Bernie Sanders: GREETINGS

  • _akashhh

    And I thought I was the only one getting nauseated from playing half life 2 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Schrabidium

    "and that what happens if you put cheese in the resonade cascade" i think you ment antimass spectrometer

  • Palider

    7:00 We've all had that moment, but I had it in 2007 when I played CS:S for the first time. A teammate shoot a barrel and it tipped over and rolled in the floor and I was like WHOA PHYSICS

  • Sam

    A word from our sponsor..... G MAN!

  • RandomSabahanGamer 98
    RandomSabahanGamer 98

    0:11 is that Tony Jaa?

  • Gisele Atadaime
    Gisele Atadaime

    My boyfriend really wanted me to play half life but I wasn't really interested in single player an old game, so he bought me half life series and found multiplayer mods so we could play the entire series together. :3 I love my boyfriend, so dedicated to half life hahahahhaha

  • austin blake
    austin blake

    Id like to see a review for.... Condemned criminal origin, and maybe condemned bloodshot.._ yeah the story can be a bit all over the place especially the second one but it was one of the scariest games I ever played or you guys could do spec ops the line? Extremely good story

  • sloppystreamer

    Whoever thumbs down this vid is a dick plain and simple

  • Dean Arberman
    Dean Arberman

    4:44 gman is at the end of the vent

  • CaribouGC

    I want you to know I hit the like button precisely at the batman "where are they" bit.

  • Kryštof

    It was mistake to play it with that updated texture pack

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    Portal 1 and 2 reviw next

  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez

    "Girlfriend Reviews" The name of this channel is SO so S O S o S O so "clickbaity" that is actually genius

  • Paweł Kęcerski
    Paweł Kęcerski

    7:50 Funnily enough there's an achievement for carrying a garden gnome pretty much throughout the entire HL2: Episode 2.

  • Anihilus

    Shelby G-Man isn't real, she can't hurt you. Shelby G-Man: 0:56

  • Pul5ar

    Hnnnngh! 😫 Pleeeease, not the 'HD' models! 🤮😢

  • av3nger3

    Those Matrix clips are used pretty well.

  • The6thMessenger


  • Donosporidium

    7:05 no.

  • Guy Person
    Guy Person

    I've watched a lot of these now. This one was a delight. The Brienne bit was pretty wonderful.

  • DarkStar

    I was expecting a jumpscare at the end😭

  • vldnsp

    whats the face on 4:48?

    • Fehu _
      Fehu _

      oh shit your right

  • Andrew Percic
    Andrew Percic

    Great video. Love it. My one thing is with the graphics bit, did the universe just forget about half-life: source?

  • etipla666

    04:41 is it just me or is there a face there?

  • SiniorGolazo

    2:11 did you just used HL chapter names there? Genius 👏 EDIT: 2:34 I KNEW IT!

  • Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne
    Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne

    please some one remaster both games

  • John Neville
    John Neville

    I had no idea how good looking they made Black Mesa. I played it when the first version of early access came out and it looked good but I don't remember it looking like that. I guess I have something to replay.

  • Manchild Adult
    Manchild Adult

    this makes me sad i dont have a girlfriend or vr

  • 1up

    I watch your videos with a smile glued to my face. In a non creepy way :D thank you for that!

  • Dilly Dangles
    Dilly Dangles

    Hot snakes and bubble gut!

  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti

    You know you're a Half Life fan when you realize she was using chapters names in that sentence before she said it.

  • GavinSucksAtGames

    4:17 It's because he was using the HD models lol.

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington

    why cant everyone be as cool as this couple ?!??

  • xdrive 2
    xdrive 2

    It's so weird seeing someone not bhop in this game

  • Stefs Engineering
    Stefs Engineering

    5:20 : Freeman's Mind (ross scott) takes care of that :)

  • LaTech

    2:10 This is sooo genius, I can't even process it. Amazing Script-Writing right there

  • Jack Allison
    Jack Allison

    Why are you playing with HD model packs? This is sacrilege!

  • LaTech

    Oh man, it is amazing to see somebody else who has, like me, found out about Valve in 2020 just because of Half-Life Alyx. I wasn't even born when Half-Life 1 came out and by the time I played Video-Games seriously Valve had already stopped making them. But I am actually not mad about Valve not making Video-Games for a long time because I know, then whenever Valve puts out a new game it is, because they want to and not because they have to. That's the reason why very game from Valve (except Artifact) was and is a masterpiece and why the Half-Life Series is the only series in Gaming where every single game was a masterpiece and revolutionized some part of Gaming. I actually really hope they find something to innovate with for Half-Life 3 (because at least on a flat screen I can't imagine something except NPCs which are completely driven by AI which would be almost impossible to get right and at least needs some serious partnership with for example Google or some other big company in AI). PS: I am amazed to by how Valve treats their problems (or at least most of them) like Artifact. They don't try to find anything great about it and then pretend that it is actually great like every single big publisher does today but they admit, that they might have made a mistake and then search for the Problem to learn from it (Gabe even said, that Artifact is more important for them as a company than Half-Life nowadays because they can learn from Artifact what not to do while Half-Life is to outdated and some of the aspects of it would actually not work today)


    So many perfect references.

  • Mr. yes
    Mr. yes

    What about the episodes?

  • Mladen Mihajlovic
    Mladen Mihajlovic

    You guys should do the fear games...

  • Parker Dixon-Word
    Parker Dixon-Word

    It's been wonderful watching through your backlog in the last few days since getting recommended your channel- I feel like I got to watch a whole wholesome journey about sharing the things you love with the people you love, and see Shelby learn to love video games, and now she just reviews games she plays, no real gimmicks about it other than the perspective of someone who knows these games are classic, but is experiencing them herself for the first time. And that's wonderful.

  • Jak MP
    Jak MP

    Whats the background music at 1:04??? I GOTSTA KNOWWWW

    • Galeq

      Triage at Dawn

  • Christopher Proudlock
    Christopher Proudlock

    theres a halflife 2 mod called Synergy that lets you twoplayer HL2

  • NickoTyn

    My eyes got watery at 9:50

  • Kako phonien
    Kako phonien

    this review is terrible. like, wow, literally terrible

    • Kako phonien
      Kako phonien

      @Girlfriend Reviews well, as a comedy it works. But try playing half life 1 in fullscreen, and without the ugly hd models (which you can turn off in the video options)

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      It's not a review. It's a comedy video. Thanks for watching!

  • Con Smith
    Con Smith

    And there not alien soliders there modified human's

  • Con Smith
    Con Smith


  • Jonny Sparta
    Jonny Sparta

    'Where are they!?" :D you guys crack me up so much.

  • Nobody432

    First thing I do when I download half life mods (`) "bind = sv_cheats 1; host_timescale 5" "bind - sv_cheats 1; host_timescale 1"

  • anaskye

    Speaking of old great games, I would loooove to see you play/review Quake IV :)

  • Blakslee Woody
    Blakslee Woody

    Valve: a company who couldn’t count to 3 if their life depended on it

  • Knull Gorr
    Knull Gorr

    1:40 I know that face.

  • Diego Muñoz
    Diego Muñoz

    5:15 so what you're saying is that the natural reaction to what happened is basically Freeman's Mind?

  • Aksel Karlsson
    Aksel Karlsson

    RLM reference = automatic like

  • Morphix007


  • Michael Leary
    Michael Leary


  • Michael Leary
    Michael Leary

    Soooooooooo good, That episode was so gooooooooooooood. They all are, but wow, wow

  • Marcus Hough
    Marcus Hough

    Great video. Except Half Life isn't the granddaddy. That would be the original Doom ;)

  • Alex Whittaker
    Alex Whittaker

    Hey want to do portal, or is that already done?

  • TheEllod

    you mean "hook line and sphincter"?

  • chickenicecream1942

    They just described what freeman's mind is all about!!

  • duckhai nguyentran
    duckhai nguyentran

    bioshock infinite pls :3

  • Th3MadDabb3r

    Shotgunning Ruby’s with another 5mgs of Xanax in the system just to be able to manage everyday life cani get a hell yes please?

  • David Stefan
    David Stefan

    Did you complete half life Hl opposing force hl blue shift Hl2e1 hl2e2 hl2 lost episode hl alix to truly complete the series?

  • Zer0dog


  • dominic

    WTF is that face at 4:43???

  • AraPlays

    4:48 why u put a creepy face :(

  • wildfire01985 Bergeron
    wildfire01985 Bergeron

    Am I the only one that loved the deadspace series 20,000 times more then the half life series? Portal gets a pass though... it is a nearly perfect video game... where is our portal or deadspace reviews? ...pretty please with Walter mellons rind on top?

  • Zeldanerd 2525
    Zeldanerd 2525

    6:28 I thought she was about to say a sponsor lol

  • Kerstkrans Ya-Mian
    Kerstkrans Ya-Mian

    5:04 that was a joke, haha, fat chance

  • An Amusing Idiot
    An Amusing Idiot

    Ngl the physics in the boat section are probably why there isn’t VR remake.


      fyi, HLA was originally remade HL2 in VR. HL2 is 100% playable in VR. The boat section is not great, but better than expected in terms of motion sickness.

  • Totally Okay Productions
    Totally Okay Productions

    Please make a portal episode

  • Sam Rosen
    Sam Rosen

    What is the music starting at 5:36?

  • Pogman

    0:04 uhh so why is that in your recomended buddy? Huh? Common tell us

  • Greg

    Has that face always been at the end of that ventilation shaft? 4:42

  • Lorenzo

    9:01 was amazing 😂

  • sshironodeath toresu
    sshironodeath toresu

    Idk care if this might be mad scripted i love half life portal and matrix So ye this is stupid fun Hi yall hi GF Reviews im new sub 👉👌

    • Noah Peters
      Noah Peters

      it is scripted, written by the boyfriend and edited by him as well, but its her honest thoughts. they work on it together.