Half-Life: Alyx | Girlfriend Review
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I recently watched my boyfriend play Half-Life: Alyx in his underwear on Valve's Index and now I'm going to make fun of him.
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  • MisterCynic18

    Imagine when we combine VR with AI that can intelligently respond to player actions and speech. RPGs will at last achieve their final form and reality will become obsolete

  • Joema Techi
    Joema Techi

    0:44 is this man playing VR kanojo?

  • Chris Enriquez
    Chris Enriquez

    How you gonna use a Jean Baudrillard quote and then say, "unreality" when the more ideal term would be "hyperreality." Immediately broke my immersion and I think I might have to unsubscribe.

  • Spider-Man

    0:51 expectation 0:50 Reality

  • ayr fresh
    ayr fresh

    Their was loads of fun games before HL Alyx but nw.

  • the underground empire
    the underground empire

    I sold my psvr and got a gaming laptop and a pcvr🤷‍♂️. Best decision ever

  • q3ark

    The cost of entry is worth every damn penny!!

  • Phantomdude

    this is a really epic video but don't go around saying how the cost of vr is so high when you have the highest end headset available and say it like that's the only way to play There's tons of budget vr headsets out there like the wmr headset lineup and, oh no, oculus Some people who aren't so familiar with vr see the price tag you show them and disregard it

  • sicklover

    the amount of matrix refferences pleases me

  • anferny18011981

    such a good video

  • Arsen Jamkotchian
    Arsen Jamkotchian

    Did anyone else expect her to say: "Building your own website with Squarespace is super easy, barely an inconvenience"

  • DavidTheGaeMan

    *Laughs in oculus quest 2 and a gtx 970*

  • Eric Mollenthiel
    Eric Mollenthiel

    Soooo... did she like the game ?

  • l3luue0z3

    I will give anyone a like if they say they have seen hardcore henry cuz I love that movie

  • Nick Hyde
    Nick Hyde

    This may be an unpopular opinion steeped in wishful thinking.... but as hardware progresses, I truly do think that we’ll see a lot more cloud gaming, and with that hardware requirements will shoot waaaaaaaaay down, because everything is in the cloud, so that means more money saved in gamers pockets. What if cloud services start pushing VR and selling their own headsets to make more money? Cloud gaming also opens up the doors for developers to pump more content into games and run them on multiple servers or more advanced hardware at a secondary location, so we could see VR games potentially getting a second wind, and actually being given the attention they deserve, maybe.

  • just Aeon
    just Aeon

    This is the best ad for Valve’s Index I’ve ever seen

  • Ben Apilot
    Ben Apilot

    You guys are so damn funny. I never thought to stick my finger in the gun. But now I have to play it again just for that.

  • Augusto Canessa
    Augusto Canessa

    ...specially she being like “you’ve spent a thousandwwwwhat?!?!”

  • Augusto Canessa
    Augusto Canessa

    This video is literally the story of me and my wife, lol.

  • Macafee

    They live reference 👍

  • Hex Rag
    Hex Rag

    if you haven't tried to use something in vr in the real world then you haven't played enough vr

  • Odhran Mooney
    Odhran Mooney

    Walking dead saints and sinners PLEASE

  • Adam Hawkins
    Adam Hawkins

    VR was "the next big thing" when it first came out back in the 90's, but its adoption was very limited back then too, mostly due to the cost. This 2nd generation of VR (Vive, Oculus, etc.) is having the same problem.

    • Awesome!

      QUEST 2 says hi

  • darthead playz
    darthead playz

    can you revew rust i think its good

  • Wallys Ferreira
    Wallys Ferreira

    0:29 o cara tem uma meia do campeao de 87

  • Skeleton Fish
    Skeleton Fish

    6:01 she flat out died

  • Mr Memelord
    Mr Memelord

    I would love to play this game...if I had 4000$ to blow

  • Sketcher X
    Sketcher X

    Your edits are hilarious! You got a new subscriber.

  • Qwrky

    whats the song that starts at 2:05

  • rexile1986

    The cost of entry also depend on where you live, since valve don’t want our money

    • rexile1986

      @Justin E Imagine spending all that development money to create one of the best vr headset only to refuse to sell to a wide audience

    • Justin E
      Justin E

      Yeah man went to buy an index and valve was like "lol bro imagine living in Australia IDIOT"


    Hi, can you tell me from which series is the short clip at 07:30? Thanks in advance =)

  • maiq theliar
    maiq theliar

    I see I was not alone with the spider man kiss

  • Spy with bucket.
    Spy with bucket.

    TF2 plz

  • Jamie McIvor
    Jamie McIvor

    Hahahahahahahahhaha Epic video Squarespace and plug is hysterical!

  • Felipe Cristiano
    Felipe Cristiano

    I really hope the VR trend never catches on. I get motion sickness just watching VR games... nevermind playing them.

    • LAR Videos
      LAR Videos

      Well, watching them is much more nauseating than playing them. Unless you use smooth locomotion and you aren't used to that yet.

  • Astoo

    Wow, first video i see from you and this is too good to look at only one vid. You have real writing skills. That was funny to look and interesting to listen :)

  • lucanos34

    Screw the liberty mutual ads!

  • Kris Komar
    Kris Komar

    There definitely were other good VR title before this.

  • 81Sazerac

    I laughed so much watching this review. Thanks!

  • thick cat productions
    thick cat productions

    All hail lord Gaben pray, pray that they release the Heavy update

  • SvenEST

    Extremely funny. Loved it.

  • verdurakh

    if you already have a gaming pc the cost is not too bad, get a quest and stream it with virtual desktop! :) Awesome game, and review^^

  • Paul Bottomley
    Paul Bottomley

    Can I just say what a poetic work of art that ad pivot was. Chapeau!

  • Francois Viel
    Francois Viel

    Awesome video

  • Jay Rock
    Jay Rock

    @girlfriend Reviews: you should try Moss!

  • Snapdragon 9600
    Snapdragon 9600

    Dont know why People get motion sickness, me, I love rollercoasters, Vr is just fine.😀 Even as a low spec gamer with two year old gaming pc and quest 2.The fact that girlfriendd doesn't mind that boyfriend is ignoring her while vr Gaming for hrs a day now and they are still together, it must be true love.,😁Me i lost girlfriends this way.

  • Genesis23OPB

    i honesty wouldnt be surprised if VR replaced real life activities in a few decades time like in "ready player one"

  • TheKitchenTechnician

    Thank God for young people! Wait! I’m retired and 61 years old and I don’t even have time to construct videos like this! But hey, I just ordered an Oculus Quest 2 from Santa and I cant friggin wait! Yeehaaa, baby! Thanks for nine minutes and twenty two seconds of...virtual reality !?

  • Dimitri Sainis
    Dimitri Sainis

    Another half dozen games of this quality and I'll finally pull the trigger and buy VR.

    • LAR Videos
      LAR Videos

      There's actually many that rival it in many ways. Be it quality, or length, or spectacle. The problem is... there's almost none that do that all at once.

  • Jone Skaara
    Jone Skaara

    What a wonderfully edited video.

  • FullClippz

    cost of entry is $299 now witht he quest 2 so long as you already got a decent PC. Shit is mind blowing.

  • Good Karma
    Good Karma

    Just found these videos, they are masterpieces

  • cirmothe9

    6:59 Hey y'all!

  • GoddyofWar

    Still my Game of the Year unless Cyberpunk has something to say about it.

  • clouds5

    Cost to get into this game has come down significantly. Now you can get a very good Headset for $299 (Quest 2) and a VR ready PC that can play HL: Alyx is around ~$500 in used parts (I use a i7-4770 and a RTX 2070). It's just an amazing experience all around, it gets you off the couch and moving, it has those wow moments that you will never forget and it's just so much fun. Totally worth it.

  • Bertie B
    Bertie B

    the always sunny references on this channel make me so happy

  • berliner

    Don't throw away the Kinect. You can use it for full body tracking.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski

    “I’ve always wanted to be a 19 year old female”

  • Jarod McCoy
    Jarod McCoy

    "the cost of entry is too high" Well yes...but no


      quest 2

  • Anthony Wan
    Anthony Wan

    This is what Oculus Quest is for. Star Wars Squadron is so good in VR!!!

  • Steven Bowser
    Steven Bowser

    "Oh I'm sorry, di bonk you?"

  • Christopher Heady
    Christopher Heady

    They Live! I love you both. ❤

  • Trestan Ray
    Trestan Ray

    Anyone watching this video today, the Quest 2 is exponentially cheaper than any current console and can play PC VR games wirelessly without issue.

  • StefanHellerArt

    World is Maya, already in old India they knew it in Vedanta all just a simulation in consciousness, or put religious, we are the dream of god - but not only that, we sre god/the dreamer at once, what we forgot. In the end we will unplug and freak out we were god all along, responsible for everything we ever complained. We where that fascinated by the simulation, that god became human and atheist. Kind of Genius 🤣 God becoming atheist. Final proof of being all mighty. He can even forget he exists and think he is human 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Three Cats
    Three Cats

    Cost of entry still to high. Only good set for a good price is Occulus, and I don't wanna Facebook account!

  • Marius Van Deventer
    Marius Van Deventer

    I think I'll stick to PC

    • LAR Videos
      LAR Videos

      VR is PC. Unless you get a Quest. Then it's both a console, and a PCVR headset. :D

  • Sean Lawlor
    Sean Lawlor

    This is so well done. Great video and review of the game and VR in general. Thanks!

  • Ben Stenson
    Ben Stenson

    Quest 2 300$

  • Weep Gaming
    Weep Gaming

    "the cost of entry is too high" *Sell your soul to zucc. Oculus quest 2.*

    • I Am Gates
      I Am Gates

      I have a Valve Index and still use my quest 2 wirelessly via Virtual Desktop for almost everything I play - its lighter, the screen door effect is smaller, the god rays are less visible and no cords all sell it! I’d recommend it to even the pickiest of people :)

    • Henry Beal
      Henry Beal

      @mr.MYSTERIOUS,YT Yep I actually ended up using VD and it's fantastic. Loved the game, especially the ending. I played the majority of the game on a rented Shadow PC as well!! Cloud gaming tech is amazing...


      @Henry Beal dont man, use virtual desktop instead it give much more fps and no wire to worry about


      @w4ck0 YEP quest 2 is so good for the price man you can play everything and so many nice and cool features

    • Jeff boy
      Jeff boy

      @Hex Rag they just sell your soul so they can afford it to make it that cheap

  • Tul Duru
    Tul Duru

    i love that you took that scene from they live :D

  • Joel Cathey
    Joel Cathey

    So many delicious references in this video

  • The Red Blue Belt
    The Red Blue Belt

    When the hell is this coming to ps5?!

    • d1asian


  • Matt Horkan
    Matt Horkan

    I just picked up a rift S for $399, which admittedly not as good as the valve one, it does the same thing for under half the cost.

  • Dubbletake

    i thought the guy was jack black sounds pretty much exactly like him

  • Fred's Full Throttle
    Fred's Full Throttle

    Oh Snap, 2nd video from you tonight, and I'm hooked. Laughed so hard my eyes leaked. Thanks again!! -Fred

  • Tynan Draper
    Tynan Draper

    If you have a gaming PC price of entry is only $300 . just buy Quest 2 and use Virtual Desktop to go wireless.

  • Jason Lilli
    Jason Lilli

    At least now with the quest 2 the cost of entry is 299. That's what finally got me aboard lol.

  • Master Ace
    Master Ace

    I don't know, I loved Hardcore Henry - never gave me any motion sickness. Maybe its cuz I've played a lot of fps

  • IronChef

    Get the Oculus Quest 2 and don’t look back! Alyx plays awesome on it and wirelessly.

  • GabeCrushesVR

    quest 2 300$ tho i went with the index

  • Nicholas Jensen
    Nicholas Jensen

    The oculus quest 2 is only 299 which isn’t to bad

  • João Víctor
    João Víctor

    I hope this to come to PS5 some day!

  • Omega Point Singularity
    Omega Point Singularity

    is alyx a good girlfriend or not?

  • tSp289

    I've learned to throw grenades underarm in this game thanks to that incident with the overhead beam and the skinned knuckles.

  • Rubafix989

    To be fair you can get a pretty neat VR experience for cheap. Microsoft partnered with many companies to build a set of mid range VR headset. This environment is called Windows Mixed Reality or WMR, and the first gen products released in 2017 with models such as Samsung Odyssey+, Lenovo Explorer, HP Reverb G1... Thoses have been phased out in favor of gen2 hardware, but can be found used for a good price, ranging from 130 to 300€. The minimum requirement of WMR hardware are 1440p at 90Hz with 3D movement and hand tracking. There's also the Occulus Quest 2 that just got released and it's a fine option at 350€ if you don't mind the mandatory Facebook integration. It's still a decent amount, but with a game changing experience for 130€, you can say the barrier of entry got pretty low assuming you own a gaming computer already.

  • ToxicatedLum

    3:51 greatest fight scene in cinema history

  • konstantin88181

    Playing first regular flat screen game after playing HL Alyx for 50+ hours, for an hour I was getting used to aim and look around with mouse... and I was like "Is it even legal in XXI century?"

  • Kevin Ryan
    Kevin Ryan

    She speaks the word of a gentleman

  • Jordan Sparkes
    Jordan Sparkes

    with the quest being so cheap and amazing we are headed into a whole new era of gaming, ready player one is less than 10 years away.

  • TheWobblyEmily

    Try pavlov. Budget cuts (some flaws) beat saber

  • TheWobblyEmily

    250$ for a second hand vive! 599$ for a new job reverb

  • TheWobblyEmily

    There's a lot of great takes for vr. Yeah not many but it's far from just gimmicks

  • TheWobblyEmily

    The sickness is something you get used to. You slowly play teleportation and slow games then speed it up after But the "realness" wears of so fast. It's more about using your body for VR

  • Nudelllsuppe

    Whats the song at 4:24 called, i know, i need to know the name pls

    • Samin Latif
      Samin Latif

      hl2 triage at dawn

  • Spitecvlt757

    You are awesome haha

  • Matheus games
    Matheus games

    VR in a nutshell "wow i really feel like a 19 year old refugee in a dumpster

  • Knull Gorr
    Knull Gorr

    The only thing I don't like about VR is it's the only reason for me to put in contacts these days. I'm a LAZY SOB so while I'd like to play VR all the time it's like once maybe twice every 3-4 weeks, especially since I've finished SuperHot and Alyx,

    • Knull Gorr
      Knull Gorr

      @EVOLICIOUS sweet.


      You should visit the vroptician website, you're welcome.

  • d3sign3r

    Just got the Quest2 and I cant wait to give this game a go.

  • Bonkers McGee
    Bonkers McGee

    "When (Index) launched in 2019 there was still no reason to buy it." This is what I thought as well. I thought of VR as this demo tech that was going to be great one day, but was still being fleshed out. I never got into Kinect or any of the other console variants for the same reason. But when they announced Alyx, I dropped that $1000 so fast. Totally worth it, because it turns out that VR has a pretty great catalogue.


      fyi, VR was like this in 2016 too, but too many idiots disregarded it becasue no one had any way of actually trying it.

  • Random Hero
    Random Hero

    oh wow, the use of RATM's "wake up" was perfect.

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