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The Master Chief Collection came to PC last month and now I like Halo a lot, so here's a video!
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  • Uther Goodman
    Uther Goodman

    Yeah. Letting you know. Halo Reach ain't the first Halo. Its a prequel so you played it out of order. The Halo AR and Magnum are iconic in Halo Combat Evolved, not Reach.

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      We obviously know that lol

  • TessaMxdori95

    Halo on the original Xbox was my introduction to video games!! And the rest, as they say, is history! So many fond memories of my brother, his high school friends, and my dad playing Slayer & Capture the Flag a lot!

  • Bryan Elder
    Bryan Elder

    To GirlfriendReviews: Watch Hokiebird's tutorials on ALgone to learn how to play Halo... And perhaps you should've started out with the Xbox One/Series version of the *Master Chief Collection*... I loved the Halo series. Played Halo 3 on XB Live (good times), and owned the Master Chief Collection when I finally got an XB1 after my 360 got RRoD'ed. Alas, the MCC had such a myriad of bugs, it seemed like CD Projekt Red wanted to up the ante.

  • BuzzedLightyear

    Halo Reach > Rogue One

  • Asura Azoth
    Asura Azoth

    Feminism is cancer

  • DeathStryker

    Damn, you must be really annoying

  • Wyatt Berlener
    Wyatt Berlener

    Well when's the review of the rest of the halos since their all out now????

  • phliip

    Lady... I don't throw this word around a lot... but you are LEGENDARY. 🏅🎖🏅🎖🏅 achievement unlocked. kudos. 👏👏👏

  • PadeJuan

    Her evil giggle is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever heard lmao

  • The Degenerate
    The Degenerate

    Full cover of “kiss from a rose” please

  • Ghost McDang
    Ghost McDang

    Every once in a while, I come back here to watch the singing part

  • Cooper Tarvin
    Cooper Tarvin

    I need a full video of Shelby singing kiss from a rose. Please

  • Felice Navidat
    Felice Navidat

    Ok we have now all the halo games. We need a pt. 2

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank

    I love this channel!

  • Edmond Johnson
    Edmond Johnson

    Best newish channel on youtube. I hope you guys get rich, and showered with joy and high fives. Thank you both.

  • Alonso Hernandez
    Alonso Hernandez

    Technically Rogue 1 came after Halo Reach lol

  • Wade Anderson
    Wade Anderson

    Any Halo without The Flood is garbage.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    3:16. Me: Damn, Gordon Ramsey looks good

  • Adam Sosa
    Adam Sosa

    why does matts voice sounds so different here lol

  • Speedy2619

    5:26 stepbro im stuck :D

  • Vash Carrison
    Vash Carrison

    You guys should redo this review now that Master Chief Collection is complete.

  • noah hager
    noah hager

    Honestly I suck at halo (I may be worse then shelby) but my platformers and metroidvania game is on point

  • Matthew Gregory
    Matthew Gregory

    Laser sword lol

  • Ride Gaming
    Ride Gaming

    Dddddun ddddun dddun

  • Johnny Cox
    Johnny Cox

    DOOM is better than Halo

  • starwars917

    Lol if she thinks halo is sad wait till she plays gears and reads the books that shit is tragic

  • Rohan

    You should do a girl friend review on Titanfall 2 single player! It’s only 6 hours long and you won’t even know the hours pass by cause it’s that damn good! Plus the multiplayer is loads of fun with a high skill ceiling. This game is call of duty on roids! And yes am copy pasting this comment on every video of yours, please fulfill my wish

  • Gidi

    The reason that daimonds are so popular is because of the britsh de beers company and the second Boer war

  • Darkghost Studio
    Darkghost Studio

    OMG is the guy from FORTNITE they made a video game franchise of him 😱.

  • Bobby VeeDoh
    Bobby VeeDoh

    Your voice is perfect for this shit.

  • sir oros the first
    sir oros the first

    Notice that said on the planet. Their aliens

  • Ghost McDang
    Ghost McDang

    9:02 is the only part of the video I needed to watch. The rest, I watched because I wanted to

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & Groot

    *9:03* *Your so Adorable just listening to you..*

  • Josh Worsham
    Josh Worsham

    "Kiss from a rose" ...how DEAN-lightful.

  • Not Joe Pesci
    Not Joe Pesci

    _nobody's acknowledging how good the singing is_ Fine, I'll do it myself

  • DarthPlayer 18
    DarthPlayer 18

    Bruh she kinda sounded like navi at 2:21

  • Benjamin Shields
    Benjamin Shields

    I'm sorry, are we just not gonna talk about that play at 3:36

  • João Ribeiro
    João Ribeiro

    5:11 going full Palpatine there

  • Bijoy Lal
    Bijoy Lal


  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington

    Mr. bf writer.... that Drive segment was priceless

  • Farabi Ibrahim
    Farabi Ibrahim

    Maybe you can do a re review again on the masterchief collection since all 6 games got released already.

  • Oscar Clarke
    Oscar Clarke

    Jimmy Kimmel is so freaking annoying

  • 13strong

    You need to watch the Adam Ruins Everything episode about why engagement rings are diamonds, to know why. It ain't what you said ;)

  • xdrive 2
    xdrive 2

    Damn I realized these videos aren't interesting I just watch because I'm lonely and experience having fun vicariously

  • momaraziz

    These two are amazing.

  • DeathStryker

    Reach is sed; i cried when Jorge and Kat died

  • Lisandro Gallegos
    Lisandro Gallegos

    When are you going to play the rest of the halos

  • The Experience Of The Life Of Living Flesh
    The Experience Of The Life Of Living Flesh

    HALO FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Cheese
    Eric Cheese

    Ty Mr and Ms Halo.

  • SJ M
    SJ M

    Dude, where were you these years?? 😂 Thank the ALgone algorithm!! 🤭 Subbed!!!

  • Gravy Spin
    Gravy Spin

    I respect your boyfriend for playing Gods game; however he is is a small fragile pleb. :3

  • Ovin Punyawardana
    Ovin Punyawardana

    All the games are there noww review it again plsssss

  • MTB3211

    I actually thought that Reach's story was very emotional and good. I got teary after Jorge's death as he was my favorite :( Sorry but Reach is my favorite Halo. Most memories, Favorite campaign, Awesome multiplayer. Amazing!

  • Campervan Cookout
    Campervan Cookout

    Halo 3 still has fond memories for me, first shooter that ever hit me in the feels

  • Natalia H
    Natalia H

    Reach is still my favorite game. If not for the nostalgia factor, Titanfall 2 would be 1st.

  • brill parks
    brill parks

    is it weird that these videos have incredible replay value, they never get old

  • Frank Fleischhacker
    Frank Fleischhacker

    1:02 pure gold

  • Troy Wilkinson
    Troy Wilkinson

    Please do the other Halo games!!!!

  • kyoto da gamer
    kyoto da gamer

    And now here we are, waiting for the November 17th release of Halo 4.

  • Boppin Bunny
    Boppin Bunny

    "And probably about three women" don't lie. We know you haven't been with that many

  • Sultan Suleman
    Sultan Suleman

    1 horrid part game Those damn kill timers

  • Sami Wadud
    Sami Wadud

    I think the goofyness is mostly to do with playing coop.

  • Alec Mitchell
    Alec Mitchell

    I think I enjoy Shelby singing more than the originals

  • M. Bern
    M. Bern

    hahahahah teabagging lol laugh out loud

  • Lucas Jordan
    Lucas Jordan

    Nah you disrespected the story. Predictable or not, the deaths were sad and the story was still pretty good.

  • capnfoo

    Halo 1 is still the best

  • Tiger74147

    "DId that tick your nips?" Bahahaha. Also, pretty good Seal rendition.

  • Jason Long
    Jason Long

    Not sure exactly why, but I find your reviews more entertaining than anyone else out there. My girlfriend is also a gamer, however she's much more selective than I am. Where she has 2,000+ hours in a few games. I have a few hours in 2,000+ games. But your gameplay comments, analysis of games, and maybe how it relates to the other gamer in the household is very well done. And your video editing for humor is really enjoyed. Maybe it's partly because we have a gaming couple in the home, but your content is super relatable and I really enjoy that. Thank you and keep keeping us entertained!

    • Jason Long
      Jason Long

      @Girlfriend Reviews Well you guys are doing a great job at that! I've subbed and linked some of your videos. My girlfriend really likes your videos as well now, as do a few friends.

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      That's very nice, thank you! We just want to spread the good word about gaming and make people poop themselves laughing.

  • 3nertia

    You have a surprisingly good singing voice ...

  • Azalea Jane
    Azalea Jane

    Diamonds are engagement rings because of an ad campaign by DeBeers

  • Kensei Hayabusa
    Kensei Hayabusa

    I love the Spartan Laser joke. Epic. 🤣

  • Ru New
    Ru New

    The singing was gold 😂

  • Brogan

    Any chance you'll review the rest of the halo games? The pc version of mcc has most the games at this point and the last game halo 4 is supposed to come out by time 2020 ends

  • KokiriLegend

    That grenade to claim the sniper changed my world.

  • I Get BltchezZz
    I Get BltchezZz

    What about Halo C.E., 2, 3, 3 Odst, 4 & 5? You can't forget about all of those either! Also Halo Wars 1 & 2 those are also great! Please make videos on these or I'll be sad :(

  • ESCapist WasNotTaken
    ESCapist WasNotTaken

    Do you think you’ll do the other games now?

  • Aiden T
    Aiden T

    Trust me in halo ce the ar is insane but the magnum oh my fuggin god

  • SgtEaZeyE55 official
    SgtEaZeyE55 official

    Why must we remember Reach ?

  • Darxus' Tech
    Darxus' Tech

    The demand and value of diamonds is entirely manufactured by the people who own diamond mines. People want diamond engagement rings because the mine owners told them to. They're expensive because of artificial scarcity - the miners only releasing enough to keep them expensive. There's lots and lots of info about this online.

  • Benny Lee
    Benny Lee

    Thanks for making me laugh

  • Jamie Whitney
    Jamie Whitney

    Ayyyy! Months late, but Caitlin Doughty rules


    Girlfriend Reviews:the little handgun has more damage Halo Fans:well yeah did you not play the first game? the only guns with more dps were the rocket launcher and shotgun am i the only one who just wants a playlist of Girlfriend Reviews singing songs

  • Ben Featherstone
    Ben Featherstone

    love your channel & jus joined Audible through your link. Sapiens (narrated by Derek Perkins) here we come keep up the fun content & i hope ur cats are well haha

  • Your Conscience
    Your Conscience

    Halo guy meets master slayer

  • john ornelas
    john ornelas

    ya know, that's the only time i've realized diamond rings are cool. i've always thought they were stupid but i totally get it now

  • Andrew Matthews
    Andrew Matthews

    Hey rogue one came after reach just saying.

  • Blake Jones
    Blake Jones

    How is your singing anoying? I was singing out so loud that my flatmate joined in from his room... "Babeh. I compare you to a kiss from the rose on the grave🎵. The more i get of it yada yada. Yeah!" I didnt say we knew the words.

  • Bames

    If you got a girlfriend you ain't a gamer

  • Anuja Nimesh
    Anuja Nimesh

    Could you please set the language to English, so that youtube will generate captions

  • M. Powell
    M. Powell

    Thanks for reminding me why I loved halo all these years.

  • Craig Morrison
    Craig Morrison

    The most popular game character..... was halo guy. *Angry Orphan 117 Noises*

  • maximaldinotrap

    Assault Rifle isn't trash if you use it right.

  • razorwireclouds

    myeah, unfortunately, the Spartans are supposed to be super strong, super fast and deadly...but no, you play as a slow, clunky and clumsy armoured bozo with crap weapons. this series can't hold a candle to Doom, but the multiplayer is indeed fun.

  • SurgeofGaming

    Honestly, it feels like you’re singing your boyfriends theme song or something.

  • Dan Tesenair
    Dan Tesenair

    Jiminey Kimmel is a Bozo. Just saying.

  • Troy Cerasuolo
    Troy Cerasuolo

    I lowkey got super triggered, but then laughed about it when you called them "Rogue One" lmao. I believe that Rogue One copied Reach.

  • Kurikara99

    his name is Master Chief not halo guy

  • Stack Academy
    Stack Academy

    It looks like you need to try apex legends in this case

  • A.R.H

    Halo GUY What the hell??!!?!?!?

  • Joe Brito
    Joe Brito

    2 of my friends and their dad wouldn't leave the house when halo 2 and 3 came out we didn't see them at school snd the dad would take off work its weird but in the end it was a dad enjoying time with his sons we would give them shit though

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