I Woke Up at 5AM for the Animal Crossing Direct
Bamboo! LADDERS! ARE YOU FREAKING MY KIDDING!? Just wanted to share my excitement for the Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Direct this morning. This is what my boyfriend had to listen to from the other room while trying to sleep.
See you soon with another episode of Girlfriend Reviews!
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    Hope you enjoy this quick & silly video! We are currently working on our next review: The Nintendo GameCube. Also, I've been watching Matt play Half-Life because he says I need to wake up and smell the ashes before Alyx comes out. Drop by our streams and say hi! Link in description :)

    • HeyThereImCloud

      We never go the gamecube review :(

    • Rebecca Wix
      Rebecca Wix

      Dodo code?

    • guavajuice


    • guavajuice


    • guavajuice


  • normalguycap

    Reminds me of Jenny Nickelson going oh at everything in Star Wars Disney world.

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  • Scott Vanderzanden
    Scott Vanderzanden

    Played it during lockdown and sold it after i was able to get back to work lol

  • MzCastorama

    "Mushrooms" in fall. WHERE ARE THEY NOW ?

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo

    Meanwhile I wake up at 5 am every day.....

  • Amilio

    This was awesome 😂

  • Extreme Gamer
    Extreme Gamer

    Guys do review of "A Way Out".....It is one of the best Co-op game....It will be fun for couples to play.

  • Pogman

    I did the same thing for bylth, I woke up at 5 am for bylth, the moveset is good tho

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    Me too but I realized I had to take a dump and I did and so I missed it

  • Wil Collins
    Wil Collins

    Are you going to post your Dream Code somewhere?

  • Petter Blakstad
    Petter Blakstad

    Aiport (nah) Plainstation (yea)

  • p sully
    p sully

    You're so cute I just wanna hug you lol

  • Thomas Revill
    Thomas Revill

    And at 1:08 you can see the precise moment Shelby's tyrannical regime was born

  • Jessica Budin
    Jessica Budin

    Without the visuals this is all of us going outside again after COVID ends and remembering what fruit and friends are

  • jcnbw01

    this sounded indecent... XD

  • JujYFru1T

    I think my favorite part of this video is 0:53 :,D ₚₕₒₜₒ ₘₒ𝒹ₑ

  • Three Cats
    Three Cats

    Totally lost with Animal Crossing infatuation like it's missed me, but love seeing others into it and this happy.

  • Amilio

    This is my favourite GR video. So much goodness 😂

  • Jake Kilemade
    Jake Kilemade

    *How bout that ladder tho*

  • Alejandro Salas
    Alejandro Salas

    Joy in a 2 min video. I justo rewatched to hear her surprised haha

  • kylevyrel97

    *augh* Sea Bass, get outta here OH BOIII

  • Faisal Abdul Rasyid
    Faisal Abdul Rasyid


  • Jesterface

    This game is Nintendo's answer to the AirPod Strap.

  • Pringle

    Please do a review of Detroit: Become Human! It’s a great game and it’s great for a backseat gamer, such as myself. Although it’s two years old it’s still an adventure and I HIGHLY suggest it! Please like so she can see it! ^^

  • TheZachThatSmilesBack Goldfish!
    TheZachThatSmilesBack Goldfish!

    “ B E E S, careful”

  • grijesh ninama
    grijesh ninama

    Watch Animal Crossing Honest trailer

  • Sarah Jane Crissman
    Sarah Jane Crissman

    Shelby cusses?

  • Sitranine

    I have never made any girl sound as excited as Shelby does just watching the Aninal Crossing trailer.

  • Snow Dust
    Snow Dust

    The happiness emanating from this video is everything! 🥰 Look at that bald guy. 😂

  • Quentin Els
    Quentin Els

    2 thing's that drive girl's crazy, Aquaman and AC

  • Alexis Hewitt
    Alexis Hewitt

    this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen

  • TheKingOfRuckus

    "Isabelle what? Oh she's just there..." 😂

  • Bryce Richardson
    Bryce Richardson

    Idk why but when you said PLANE STATION😆😂!! I’m sorry forgive me

  • Albert de León
    Albert de León

    Omg she's so freakin' perfect. Being this cute should be a crime.

  • LoneLee Productions
    LoneLee Productions

    This is so good, love this B content!

  • Vivid Philosopher
    Vivid Philosopher

    0:33 The foreshadowing on this one is Insane...

  • Towkeeyoh

    Animal crossing could not have been launched at a better time. Screw Zoom, meet virtually in frickin animal crossing!

  • Towkeeyoh

    Animal crossing could not have been launched at a better time. Screw Zoom, meet virtually in frickin animal crossing!

  • Amilio

    This was awesome 😄

  • John D
    John D

    I feel like I'm watching an aspirational living video

  • ImEscapade


  • Garen Evans
    Garen Evans

    **wheezing** “photo mode”

  • Golin

    you cheat

  • The Aussie Nerd
    The Aussie Nerd

    It's actually really interesting to hear the thoughts of an avid Animal Crossing player when they hear that a sequel actually changes something about the gameplay.

  • E. Shih
    E. Shih

    I don't get it.

  • LoneLee Productions
    LoneLee Productions

    If I was new, I’d guess this was a video to see how many completely normal, everyday inanimate objects Shelby can name in 2 mins...

  • Lee Westmoreland
    Lee Westmoreland


  • Diane Evang
    Diane Evang

    I can't wait for the animal crossing's review !

  • Red Zombie
    Red Zombie

    This all seems very lame to an animal crossing outsider but I bet i would lose my crap if I played the game’s

  • Candon Powell
    Candon Powell

    So happy you let me know about this game. My girlfriend, who only about 3 weeks ago moved in with me, has been furloughed from her job for 8 weeks thanks to this Covid-19 crap. She love the old Nintendo Dr. Mario, but I needed to find something that she would enjoy and keep her from losing her mind under quarantine. I saw this short video you did, bought her the special edition Animal Crossing Switch and the game and she is absolutely obsessed with it now and couldn't be happier that I got it for her. Thank you so much, I have watched your channel from the beginning and can't wait to see what you do in the future. Thank you!

  • Stephen Regan
    Stephen Regan

    I've watched this at least 12 times

  • Breanna McCartney
    Breanna McCartney

    Bought this game with my bf and we were so excited to play it, until we found out Nintendo’s little trick... So, I’m assuming I’m not the only one who didn’t realize you can only have one island with one main character PER CONSOLE... yep that’s right ONE. Basically no matter if you buy another game, which we did, only one person per console can own the island even if you have multiple Nintendo accounts on your single switch. Which means that my bf, well his account, is the only one who has full capabilities in the game. Me, or my account, cannot advance the island in anyway. The only way to get around this is to buy another switch. I’m honestly so disappointed in Nintendo for this trickery. I mean I’m an adult, but I know there are plenty of kids and their families who got this game in hopes that all members of the family can enjoy all Animal Crossing has to offer. But the lucky family member one is the only one who actually can. 😢😤

  • James McManus
    James McManus

    * sees face in thumbnail * “I’ve been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly, bamboozled”

  • Woody Andy
    Woody Andy


  • Devin Allen
    Devin Allen

    "Sea Bass, ugh get out of here" The Oracle has spoken

    • Natsirtt

      Talk about some foreshadowing!

  • Master Cheese
    Master Cheese

    I would love if you could do a little series of playing animal crossing ;-;

  • Boyd Smith
    Boyd Smith

    So, the game's been out almost a week? Should we be expecting a girlfriend review? Or a boyfriend review?

  • sunpi

    Found your channel because of ac and I’m so happy 💓

  • J Torres-Lewis
    J Torres-Lewis

    *Doom Metal Intensifies*

  • Nicholas Collins
    Nicholas Collins

    1:34 He looks like the baseball kid off smash bros

  • Marvin Co
    Marvin Co

    Take a shot every time she gasps

  • Garrett Walker
    Garrett Walker

    I need this review now please!

  • Erik Danielson
    Erik Danielson

    0:59 that yellow jumpsuit is so dope

  • Jonathan Rojas
    Jonathan Rojas

    Omg!! The time has come. Tomorrow the game will be released. I will be waiting for next video: should your girlfriend play animal crossing review.

  • ian defensor
    ian defensor

    Not gonna lie, when i saw that thumbnail I thought that you guys collaborated with Joana Ceddia

  • Vinícius Martins
    Vinícius Martins

    "... P H O T O M O D E"

  • Old Revolver
    Old Revolver

    No face. Clickbait🙃

  • julieee

    Which will you play first doom eternal or animal crossing

  • Fabio Mora
    Fabio Mora

    I have never seen someone so emotional about bamboo since the starving pandas of '78

  • Apple !
    Apple !

    yes *ladder*

  • - Droid-J7 -
    - Droid-J7 -

    Dude...that...LADDER!!! Wild stuff...

  • Barbough

    1:24 is Gabe from the office

  • Maggie Raptis
    Maggie Raptis

    Omg omg omg!!! The mailboxes!!!!

  • You are breathing
    You are breathing


  • Chad Every
    Chad Every

    This is so pure!!!

  • Lance

    I might be speaking too soon, but compared to New Leaf this step up from Animal Crossing makes the Pokemon Company look really stupid. If Sword and Shield had been expanded half as much New Horizons was it would probably be the most beloved Pokemon game ever.

  • linkone89


  • Breezi

    Two weeks..... Two weeks and there will be peace...

  • ahab

    ":0" "i'm the leader"


    Thoroughly confused

  • LoneLee Productions
    LoneLee Productions

    Omg, this is great. If someone couldn’t see what was on screen and had no context, it sounds like a challenge to name as many ordinary everyday items as possible. 🤣

  • Vraisairs

    I'm so confused

  • Nox In a Box
    Nox In a Box

    Oof some of these comments are so creepy

  • peoplewhoplaygames

    I like how excited.we all get over the most stupid shit "OH MY GOD IS THAT A LADDER?! I CAN CLIMB UP LEDGES NOW? I NEED THIS GAME."

  • Yuane 3 Domingono
    Yuane 3 Domingono

    Please review uncharted 4

  • Skejcia.Inc

    We need Shelby's reaction to DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing fandom's fusion

  • Skulltoast Studios [NanoElite666]
    Skulltoast Studios [NanoElite666]

    Okay but where was Doomguy?

  • tron tastic
    tron tastic

    What an unremarkable game

  • It's Me
    It's Me

    You guys should review star wars battlefront 2 2017

  • Brooke Ayton
    Brooke Ayton

    OMG YES. My boyfriends switch is. Le mine for the next month!!!

  • An4r4k

    Celeste pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Keelan Riley
    Keelan Riley

    DOOM Eternal comes out the same day... Double review?

  • Dilli Gaf
    Dilli Gaf

    *gasp* hemispheres!!! lmao

  • FractalPrism

    lol shelby, your enthusiasm is adorable

  • The King of Antarctica
    The King of Antarctica

    *”Plane Station”*

  • Space Jesus
    Space Jesus

    Can you say 'Hold up a minute" with no background music so I can use it as my ringtone? Thank u


    I need girlfriend review beyond two souls and infamous second son pleaseeee.

  • Goose part 2 Electric boogaloo
    Goose part 2 Electric boogaloo

    The sheer happiness in her voice

  • cesar febres
    cesar febres

    Well, I’m sorry but since I’ve laughed way too much with your channel and I get the feeling you’ll like the game (never been much of a back seat gamer but the game is pretty gorgeous) I from here on out will dedicate myself in each and every one of your videos to recommend that you do a review on PERSONA 5 so I’ll apologize in advance if this is annoying UwU

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