Phasmophobia ft. Gus Johnson & Abelina Sabrina | Girlfriend Reviews
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It's the 2nd Annual Girlfriend Reviews Halloween Clickbait Special! This time featuring Gus Johnson and Abelina Sabrina to help us review the scariest game to ever poop my pants: Phasmophobia. One of my most favorite, most spookiest episodes awaits, so I hope you enjoy! #phasmophobia #halloween
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    Thanks again to Gus & Sabrina for being in this video! We hope you all have a very spooky Halloween 🎃 👻 drop those anime recommendations too 👀

    • mrsirwester wester
      mrsirwester wester

      you guys should upload more twitch highlights

    • Jack Sparrow
      Jack Sparrow

      I'm the real giggler

    • king squidward EPIC
      king squidward EPIC

      Steins gate is my favorite anime and the only one I watch besides hen-

    • Roy

      Animales recommendation: Nisekoi, cute and funny

    • Beerbottles123

      Cute Anime recommendations? 'Tonikawa - Fly to the moon for you'. (Not that I'm hinting anything)

  • Future Firelord
    Future Firelord

    can we please talk about the "The Witch" soundtrack playing in the background-

  • Juan Iarussi
    Juan Iarussi

    Review cold warrrr

  • Chris Cuff
    Chris Cuff

    holy sweet shit how did i not know this video was out, girlfriend review AND GUS JOHNSON????? MY POGS ARE FILLED TO THE GOURD

  • Jasper M
    Jasper M

    Does anyone know what the laughing sound effect is from? It's driving me nuts, I've been trying to find it for like 2 months haha

  • J T
    J T

    I felt like the smaller levels were a lot scarier than the bigger ones like the school and the asylum

  • J T
    J T


  • Andrew

    Stealing other people's catchphrases is super-easy, barely an inconvenience.

  • Jared Palmer
    Jared Palmer

    Girlfriend review DEADSPACE!!

  • vidviewer92

    Your videos are hilarious! Your references are perfect.

  • jonathan collier
    jonathan collier

    Gus. Is. Hilarious.

  • Chicken Speed
    Chicken Speed

    That time I got reincarnated as a slime

  • a b
    a b

    The game was fun, until I wasn't scared of dying anymore. Then itd still kinda fun but it loses most of the magic

  • john larsson
    john larsson

    how did i miss this video?

  • Fletch

    Super easy, barely an inconvenience. lmao

  • Herbert Schaeffer
    Herbert Schaeffer

    that's official, this is my favorite channel

  • Logan Jones
    Logan Jones

    Has anybody talked to Ryan George about use of his catchphrase

  • REWilkinson

    I cant wait till bitter ex wife channels starts, it will be full of so much female venom.

  • Ltred161

    You quoted Ryan lol

  • Razorsfury

    You guys make games I'm not interested in seem fun. Thanks for the great videos! 😍

  • Card Trader
    Card Trader

    The Promised Neverland, Dr. Stone, and My Hero Academia are pretty dope

  • Brad

    Hi. You forgot to review the game, nice attempt at content though

  • CharMillion47

    "U...T...I...He has a uti" - Gus Johnson

  • 「 quirmi 」
    「 quirmi 」

    what do want!? *Baby* When do you want it!? *kill*

  • Ivan_ Dr
    Ivan_ Dr

    Your writing is always exceptional and jokes are on point!

  • May Phan
    May Phan

    Watch either when they cry or madoka magica

  • xboxgamer3389

    🤣💀Zak is like the Chris Angel of ghost hunting he tells you some bullshit and then you’re like woah he’s so professional

  • Dakota Dry
    Dakota Dry

    You should watch Violet Evergarden! It's on Netflix though.

  • Manboi 17
    Manboi 17

    Dammit I thought Ryan George would be in the comments now I'm sad.

  • rAnd0m gUy
    rAnd0m gUy

    Super busy, barely an inconvenience.. Waiit a minute, I have heard it somewhere 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Savi GG
    Savi GG

    I am here for the memes love it.

  • Katie Spaine
    Katie Spaine


  • arfhabverfklsznf

    If you liked rental girlfriend you'll like bunny girl senpai

  • Kelly Hagerman
    Kelly Hagerman

    1:18 You can't sneak that sweet Clue soundtrack music by me

  • Jay Cunningham
    Jay Cunningham

    Watch Cory in the House. Best anime.

  • Kinoshita Yuuko
    Kinoshita Yuuko

    I don't like Rent a girlfriend.

  • Lucky Observer
    Lucky Observer

    You should watch Himouto! Umaru-chan! It's super cute and it's on Crunchy Roll.

  • GregTom2

    Super-easy-barely-an-inconvenience? Is that a hint at a collaboration with Ryan George?

  • FluffyFang

    Man still quoting Dunkey, still doing some with Gus and the chick.. I mean.. It's like your3 channels should be sold in a pack together

  • the milk human
    the milk human

    Toradora is a cute anime

  • Lil Dufflebag
    Lil Dufflebag

    What do you want? Baby When do you want it? Kill

  • Coral Reeves
    Coral Reeves

    Ghost Type: Another ghost girl who fell down the Well. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elijah Wright
    Elijah Wright

    1:20 best clue reference ever

  • bombomos

    KONOSUBA!!! It's the cutest

  • Delta

    Late, but watch New Game! It’s about cute girls making cute games cutely. And yes....there’s a hedgehog.

  • Ayush Dhar
    Ayush Dhar

    This channel is 60% office us and 40% gameplay

  • OwYouMoron

    KILL LA KILL omg!!! You've unleashed da weebz!!!

  • Nj Montano
    Nj Montano

    Should your boyfriend play Daemon X Machina?

  • Luke Scioscio
    Luke Scioscio

    you've probably seen Your Name (2016) but it's an amazing anime film and very cute

  • Boone

    love the video but....RANCH ON PIZZA ROLLS?

  • Jeremy Brookshire
    Jeremy Brookshire

    you should probably watch Ascendance of a Bookworm.

  • Aerhon Tiburòn
    Aerhon Tiburòn

    Making a nod to screen rant is tight!!

  • Dee Dd
    Dee Dd

    Death Note ( original ) one of the smartest detective stories i've ever seen .... .. Ergo Proxy ..... Psycho-Pass .... Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1 & 2 ( ( ( They're all super cute ... trust me. I would not lie to you. Sincerely yours .. ... Demon in the Asylum

  • Greenpoptartover9000

    For cute anime, try “The Helpful Fox Senko-San” or “Kemono Friends” :)

  • Kikii

    Kaguya sama love is war is very cute I can assure

  • The Lego Moc Man
    The Lego Moc Man

    3:46 *I understood that reference*

  • Carrie B
    Carrie B

    Fruits Basket! Cute, funny plot. Zodiac characters

  • Alejandro Salcido
    Alejandro Salcido

    Meta-youtube vids are super easy to do, barely an inconvinient

  • Edgar Santos
    Edgar Santos

    *"The developers wanted players to actually see ghosts and actually feel scared without any pretending"* isn't that the aim of *Horror* in the first place? weird dude

    • TessaMxdori95

      Oh my gosh, now I don’t think I want to watch his show ever again! 😂 does that mean he’s a fraud and he acts scared??! I’m not sure but his statement was VERY stupid 😜 good riddance!

    • Eka

      Horror isn't just about seeing. In fact, most times. Less is more

  • Kenny Ying
    Kenny Ying

    So.....when is the Yakuza Like a Dragon gf review coming???

  • Hidden Level
    Hidden Level

    My Hero Academia. Darling in the Franxx. Ancient Magus Bride. Dems sums good ones. Great video! Love the Gus features!

  • Brooks Gray
    Brooks Gray

    Omg anime suggestion is Bofuri!! It's a cute wholesome show about a girl playing a VR video game!!

  • Eliott DeWitt
    Eliott DeWitt

    You prolly seen it already but 'kaicho wa maid sama' is a great series please try to get past the maid pretext its not as weird or sketchy as you might think

  • Oscar Wang
    Oscar Wang

    Love you Shelby, but Ryan is the only one that can say that catchphrase without making it sound weird.

  • DarthJF

    If you like cute anime you should watch Madoka Magica.

  • DeuSJS

    Anime recommendations: Hunter x Hunter One Punch Man Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai (only the first arc, though :V) Toradora Demon Slayer Your Lie in April Your Name

  • Luke Soderstrom
    Luke Soderstrom

    Super easy! Barely an inconvenience!

  • porkstamina

    Loved the Clue music!

  • Adam Feldman
    Adam Feldman

    Acchi Kocchi will give you diabetes

  • au jack
    au jack

    The clipping and bugs are more scary at this stage of early access.. lol

  • Dylan Budde
    Dylan Budde

    Review Dead Space please.

  • Dylan Budde
    Dylan Budde

    Review Dead Space please.

  • vatras324 V3
    vatras324 V3

    I heard you like cute anime : watch Ore monogatari.

  • Paul Staker
    Paul Staker

    this is like alien isolation multiplayer

  • Alien Face
    Alien Face

    You guys need to play Visage 👍

  • Tyler Martin
    Tyler Martin

    Matt's editing skills blow me away every single time. Amazing work!

  • kinseyjr21

    Shelby REALLY needs to try this in VR.

  • Vinícius Panato Osório
    Vinícius Panato Osório

    Oh, Pitch Meeting references are TIGHT!

  • Willsam6

    ouuuu free crunchy roll

  • AmaCheez

    its Gus!

  • Rogelio Ramirez
    Rogelio Ramirez

    Try Citrus on Crunchy Roll

  • Avery Pennington
    Avery Pennington

    Watch the Quintessential Quintuplets or Nichijou!

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith

    Everybody hard until Charles Johnson gets a UTI

  • jeanschyso

    I wish this game was scary, but it's just very startling. I hate being startled.

  • Unlikely _logic9
    Unlikely _logic9

    Please make a mafia 2 girlfriend Reviews

  • Justin Kreager
    Justin Kreager

    Metro Redux when?

  • Mop Man
    Mop Man

    If your looking for an emotional game to play over Christmas you’ve gotta play What remains of Edith Finch, i imagine Shelby would cry but it’s worth it

  • jaydemdorifto

    please play chrono trigger :)

  • Shaun Brooker
    Shaun Brooker

    Where’d you find that clue theme lol

  • brandon estrada
    brandon estrada

    would you ever do a days gone review?

  • David Tripp
    David Tripp

    If anyone sees this, I recommend Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Best game I've ever played.

  • Poffy Daisy
    Poffy Daisy

    Genshin impact review plsss

  • arandomguy1205

    Pikmin 3 on switch would be a perfect game for you guys !

  • A bag of chips
    A bag of chips

    You two need to try out Shadow of War

  • Jion Guerrero
    Jion Guerrero

    I seriously watched this show since the beginning when I was feeling antisocial and it lifts my spirits. I have a special lady with whom I watch it now and it Sparks our own conversations on the topic and it helps me communicate my perception of games better to her through Shelby's personality. I really hope guys play the Metroid Prime games. Especially with the hype surrounding the new one. The episode will be legendary! Imean we are talking about female protagonist that started it all on girlfriend reviews?? It has to happen please. Thanks for all the work. God bless

  • Vicodin

    Are you gonna "review" Silent Hill 2?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Y'all should do Metal Gear Solid V: TPP!! It's such a fantastic game and I think you both would enjoy the structure and creativity

  • Raid Lad
    Raid Lad

    That was the best Intro !!

  • ryan leone
    ryan leone

    It used to be reviews from an outsider perspective but now, as an outsider myself, I cannot follow them as I have no idea what is going on or what these games are about, though, Shelby still has the comedy chops to make them interesting.

  • Adil Ali
    Adil Ali

    You guys should do a video on "project winter". Its l like among us, but with survival crafting mechanics. Super great if you can get a big group together.

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