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I like video games a lot more now than when we made our first video, so my boyfriend encouraged me to take a second look at Red Dead Redemption 2: the game that started it all! #reddeadredemption #rdr2 #gaming
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  • Osasu Elaiho
    Osasu Elaiho

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is a gem amongst gems. It has one of the best graphics and story I have EVER seen in a video game. The gameplay can be annoying at times and it plays like a living simulator sometimes, but it's an easy 9/10 for me.

  • Nathan Pate
    Nathan Pate

    This has to be fake

  • Nathan Pate
    Nathan Pate

    This is some BS

  • Wolfs Loot
    Wolfs Loot

    Play on a controller and the controls are better

  • Lady Rose
    Lady Rose

    Girl you're so freaking funny! I can't get enough of the Seineld references :p

  • david mahoney
    david mahoney

    Get a Xbox controller for your pc games that you have trouble with button mapping. You may like it. My Steam games are 90 % controller 10% keyboard

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow

    What is the goat?

  • Wesley Colvin
    Wesley Colvin

    Honestly, after what I just saw, I'm feeling a bit inspired to turn him into a supervillain after my first playthrough is done.

  • Rafael Irigoyen
    Rafael Irigoyen

    What goat means?

  • Naecreptis

    " What ?! I didn't do this !... Well, ok since I started it..." I peed myself

  • Rob Mckay
    Rob Mckay

    YES!!!!! The map!!! I hated that shit.

  • Nappa

    this quickly became my fav channel on youtube

  • Jessica Christian
    Jessica Christian

    Watching red dead redemption for the second time (thanks to the boyfriend) and I drew the line when he shot a dog. That's just too much cruelty. He can slash open people's throats, shoot them in the head or throw them down the cliff but that poor dog. :D

  • Denisa Alexandra R.
    Denisa Alexandra R.


  • sleep-deprived alien
    sleep-deprived alien

    7:15 bf accidentally choking lady: "okay, well I guess since I started it..." the dismiss button R: "am I a joke to you?"

  • Kelsey Benham
    Kelsey Benham

    This is my fav game. And you are so brilliantly funny! I love this perspective because this was my life for a while!

  • jackbauer322

    A good netflix show ? WHAAAAT ? that doesn't exist !

  • nathan metz
    nathan metz

    Boyfriend should make this, should my husband play series

  • KrœnT

    On my first playthrough, I was the nice Arthur who does everything to have a high honor.... and now on my third playthrough I'm Arthur, the depressed, aggressive alcoholic who shoots a man in the leg and knocks him out, just to get a bottle of gin from his camp. He grumbles at everyone, has no patience for a woman in distress and drinks himself into unconsciousness every night.

  • ihatetrevor69

    I had an essay about a topic of our choice and we should talk about it and i didn't know what to write about so i wrote about video games and how it can affect backseat gamers and i used your videos to write it and let's hope i get an A

  • melkisedeck

    You alright gal

  • Alex Cray
    Alex Cray

    3:31, the mean girls referance was on point.

  • kirikakirikakirika

    Word of advice: if you want to place a waypoint without that struggle, turn off the index.

  • Yadhu Krishnan P
    Yadhu Krishnan P

    We live in a society 😂

  • Bruna Mancini
    Bruna Mancini

    I can’t believe I just found this channel today

  • mike gribanov
    mike gribanov

    Nothing beats red dead 2 imo

  • CheeZbred

    7:37 and this is why it was released on console first.

  • JSchlo401

    I thought your review was funny.... But I've also played through the single player twice. And I've never had any of these control issues that you mentioned. Is it possible your BF just isn't good at video games?

  • Konstantin Stepanov
    Konstantin Stepanov

    complains about the boring mechanic of gathering resources to make items in game, favourite game? - Animal Crossing... Thats women for ya folks :D

  • Oliver Betts
    Oliver Betts

    For a game to be impactful narrativity as most films and story focused games is phenomenal due to the fact it's also got the best open world environment. There's something so beautiful about camping in the wild like a Survival roleplay Experience for hours on end, and to realize 4 Hours later; Oh yeah this has a campaign, and tons of other stuff to feel the time. It's a gift to be honest, by far the best and most underrated game to hit this generation.

  • quineloe

    7:40 that's a settings issue. I had that as well until I changed the mouse steering on the horse to camera only.

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham

    I laughed out loud at when he choked the lady and said, "What!? I didn't do this! Well, okay, I guess now that I started it..." with the subtle serial killer music fading in.

  • smalls IV
    smalls IV

    7:15 I didn't do this?!?! Ok well I guess since I started it

  • cloudface von ruckus
    cloudface von ruckus

    Obviously someone has to have made the point that the boyfriend should just get headphones right?

  • Erez Zecharia
    Erez Zecharia


  • Nihit Khandelwal
    Nihit Khandelwal

    There is something very satisfying about watching both of your rdr2 videos!

  • Andris

    I loved the recurring Halloween theme... :D

  • Steven Hall
    Steven Hall

    The Times They Are A-Changing was the most perfect background.

  • JoshGormley

    I never finished this game or any Rockstar game actually. I always get distracted with everything else and never get back to the main story. Especially with RDR2 I tried to keep the missions going, but I just couldn't. 🤷‍♂️🤷

  • Vegan Milk
    Vegan Milk

    I know nobody asked for my opinion but I feel like red dead 2 deserved game of the year more then god of war did

  • SpartanJames

    I love your vids they are funny lol

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    This is the only channel that makes me laugh HAHAHAAAAHH I LOVE U GUYS

  • tommy diamant
    tommy diamant

    “Well I guess since I started this-“

  • Alim Uddin
    Alim Uddin

    In my playthrough Arthur helped every one his entire life and at end of the game I wished I could do something for Arthur.

  • Codex

    Someone likes TPB..... Specifically Bubbles.

  • Clark C
    Clark C

    10 months later, first time noticing the Mean Girls reference at 3:31 YOU GO GLENCOCO

  • Ruben Thoresen
    Ruben Thoresen

    Seeing these lookbacks from the first one shows how much better they have gotten at this. Fun to see how they have improved in such a short time.

  • Jake Lionheart
    Jake Lionheart

    BF: what!?!? I didn't do this!!! GF: ohhh my gawddddd BF: well, since I started it...

  • HappyDude

    Its not a purse Its a man bag 😆

  • Fapper z
    Fapper z

    First run is hunting and birdwatching simulator indeed

  • Fred

    7:16 hahaha "ok well i guess, since i started it"

  • Kyle Webster
    Kyle Webster

    Love the office reference

  • Kami Kawajiri
    Kami Kawajiri

    I finished the whole game within a month with all extra content completed. And finished all 6 chapters and the epilogue with max honour giving Arthur the most honourable and perfect ending and that is why I won't play it again. For John and Arthurs journeys ended perfectly for me and left me in tears of happiness and proudness.

  • Dnja

    The only reason this game didn't win GOTY was because the pacing wasn't for everybody, but other than that, the game is absolutely beautiful. I would play the game for 3-5 hours everyday and sure I got bored it got too long, but it's a game that makes you want to go back day and day again until you finish it. This is my 2018 GOTY. Not God of War.

  • luiz scofield
    luiz scofield

    Wait can you hol'up a minute?

  • Gamer Max
    Gamer Max

    I don't have a GF

  • Chaz Tupper
    Chaz Tupper

    Aurthor Morgan character ever. Joel from Last of us is second...followed closely by Aloy from Zero Dawn.

  • mau557

    What does goat mean?

    • LIFE is beautiful
      LIFE is beautiful

      Greatest all of time

  • Garfield Boris
    Garfield Boris

    When console this time wins 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Naufal D'Bei
    Naufal D'Bei

    2:20 whats the music on that?

  • Rylowian

    What about Girlfriend plays Red Dead Redemption 2?

  • Nhyl Lawi-an
    Nhyl Lawi-an

    My Girlfriend reviews this as "ghost" Just like her.

  • Kurt Buttstadt
    Kurt Buttstadt

    Nice use of Seinfeld (and Costanza!) and the fiddle cover of "The Times They Are A-Changin'"

  • Bel Hanger
    Bel Hanger

    You make me laugh so hard. I gotta replay this as a sociopath now.

  • Blue Mask
    Blue Mask

    Man PC didn't even wrok for me, that's total bull and now i'm sad

  • RealityVeil

    The slow decent into madness at the end. Perfection

  • John Hurley
    John Hurley

    i still love the details of the edits in this the spooky music to acidentally pressing e gets me every time

  • Anon

    So basically... Matt played Odgrub the Basher in Red Dead

  • Dudify

    0:16 that would actually be relaxing

  • David Anthony Atienza
    David Anthony Atienza

    Holdap a minute. I think there's something missing in this video

  • Let's Game Bout Time
    Let's Game Bout Time

    I didn't run into any of the technical problems these reviewers find, I don't get it.

  • Shane Vogt
    Shane Vogt

    Hahaha yes bubbles - here kitty kitty come kitty 😺

  • yogurtpimp

    It's the greatest game ever made. Ever. Ever.

  • Danosauruscreck

    Sounds like your bf plays exactly like I do, how you're supposed to, to how yo spose ta

  • Andrei Arca
    Andrei Arca

    Omfg that TPB clip got me.

    • Andrei Arca
      Andrei Arca

      Are you guys Canadian? There's a surprising amount of TPB clips.

  • Jacob Oberg
    Jacob Oberg

    Camp outside the fence and steal carts. 40 bucks or 60 or whatever and you can spam it. All you need is a mask. You're welcome.


    The quick horse Dick was hilarious and random 😳

  • Blootooth

    5:12 The way Shelby said "Baby !" is the exact same way my gf does it when I'm being a idiot

  • Chris Joseph
    Chris Joseph

    The cougar bit killed me. Awesome video


    someone kind enough to tell me the name of the song at 9:00 ? :)

  • brad carver
    brad carver

    Is your boyfriend Mr. Plinkett?

  • JustSomeGuy X.
    JustSomeGuy X.

    RDR2 first playthrough = white hat second playthrough= black hat

  • Reuben Francis
    Reuben Francis

    What ever you may say, the best game I have ever played

  • Justin de Monkey
    Justin de Monkey

    7:20 I believe Rockstar game engineers have some sort of twisted fetish where riding is the same as choking to them, hence they tend to do these two activities together, exclusively

  • Justin de Monkey
    Justin de Monkey

    4:29 I used a dynamite instead of pulling the wall open

  • Crafting table meme
    Crafting table meme

    When the strike scream and run happened i died of laughter

  • Drily - RED
    Drily - RED

    I also hate when I try to find a ''choke lady'' video and end up clicking on a ''ride pony'' one. But, well... Since I've started it.

  • willmt

    The old woman turned into a moose 😳

  • Gurture

    Okay, so im not the only one who had issues with the controls lmao

  • Satchith Harve
    Satchith Harve

    @7:10 I had that EXACT same issue where I accidentally punched a woman while trying to get my horse, leading to a wanted level, police chase, then a shootout

  • ThelastflyingYete

    What's the track at 8:50 called?

  • Alan Serrano
    Alan Serrano

    On the first run through of Kotor your Obi Wan. The second your Darth Vader.

  • Bryce Burgess
    Bryce Burgess

    I love how she slowly started talking in a western accent throughout the video

  • Xandy 523
    Xandy 523

    Greetings from Brazil

  • Black Magician
    Black Magician

    6:43 Why here does the boyfriend sound like Woody done lost his sheriff toy mind?

  • White Lantern
    White Lantern

    To think this channel might not exist if he had put the audio thru the headset only

  • neelkanth garg
    neelkanth garg

    Undertale genocide

  • Martin James
    Martin James


  • sammy ham
    sammy ham

    You know, gamers who have a girlfriend are rare !

  • Danny Omar
    Danny Omar

    5:05 omg

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