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Our last video was an analysis of The Last of Us Part II's narrative. In this episode I actually review the game with, you know, jokes and stuff. They say the best medicine is laughter, and after this depressing game I think we could all use a little memes. #tlou2 #TheLastOfUs #NaughtyDog
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    People can stop explaining The Lord of the Rings to us. The point of the joke is that all of the plot hole questions we asked are easily answered because they aren't plot holes. Apparently my extreme sarcasm and Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy music wasn't obvious enough 😂

    • CastielFFBoi

      @SugarW1thC0ffee I don’t really see where “the joke” is though. She was making valid plot hole comparisons before that but now that people point out the one that’s flaw it’s now considered to be sarcasm? Like she was making fair arguments up until then

    • Jack Sparrow
      Jack Sparrow

      I'm confused were you actually paid to review the game or not?

    • Jack Sparrow
      Jack Sparrow

      It is a shit game but I still love you guys

    • Leon Paelinck
      Leon Paelinck

      @Girlfriend Reviews fair enough

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      @Leon Paelinck it doesn't sound like you got it.

  • Will's Corner
    Will's Corner

    I loved the game

  • Ece Çakmak
    Ece Çakmak

    These kinds of reviews that is purposely praising this game and try to justify everything that the game does feels as bias. Doesn’t seem so objective to me.

  • M. Collier
    M. Collier

    Finally people who get it.... can I upvote this video a million times? I'm convinced that everyone who hates one TLOU 2 are just misogynists... the same people that hate on The Force Awakens cuz "reY cAn'T bEaT KyLo, DaTs StoOpiD!" crowd. Just turn Rey and Abby into males and those same people wouldn't have a problem.... until Male Abby has sex, then their misogyny would quickly convert to homophobic comments.

  • Hito157

    "it's all just penis" Adam Sessler

  • Mike Antos
    Mike Antos

    Dagoba is supernatural, it was on purpose Lol.

  • Michael Fares
    Michael Fares

    A worthy successor, a masterpiece

  • Titan

    Joel when he found out he was gonna die: Well shit...

  • Nelsky

    I was a past subscriber, I honestly taught you will at least be honest, but at the end you cowered, you chose not to give a score because you know that what ever score you pick there is a group that will hate it, but for me it would be more honest if you did. This will be maybe my last comment on your channel, I know you will probably just ignore me because of how big you are now but I am one of those people who lost faith in you because you chose to ignore the negatives of this game, just like how naughty dog bought their way and shitty practices so tape whatever negatives this game has.

    • Honey Toast
      Honey Toast

      The didn't give it a score because "They don't do that here", not as a way to sell out. They said they liked it, they gave their honest opinion. None of what they said changed just because they didn't slap a number on at the end on the video.


    The truth is that it all really boils down to peoples hype to play the protagonists of the 1st last of us, and to learn the person you've been waiting for so long just dies and you get to play so little of him and to play as the one that killed the character you've been anticipating really bums people with the long built up hype. I honestly love all the improvements in the game and see it as another near masterpiece but let me tell you after hearing that Joel is going to die early in the game, it made me so depressed that I never watched any content of the game for so long but after a long time of grieving for a fictional character I saw what the game has accomplished and it's impressive, let's just hope that the next last of us has a more hopeful vibe after this games very grey narrative.

  • Jordan Kelly
    Jordan Kelly

    Game is still garbage

    • Cerebromide

      Yeah whatever you say jordan

  • Sterling Williams
    Sterling Williams

    I don't have a problem with the characters or story. It's just the execution and way they went about telling it

  • Adnan Sabljic
    Adnan Sabljic

    the best game ever

  • Emerson Fleming
    Emerson Fleming

    I’m not taking a side because I haven’t played the game. That being said, I don’t think a lot of its vehement haters have either...

  • Tiberious_ Jefferson
    Tiberious_ Jefferson

    Love the Terminator score in this so much

  • Slow King
    Slow King

    These reviews are terrible

    • Cerebromide

      How so?

  • Matthew Saltriver
    Matthew Saltriver

    When you make a story that's so good people don't understand it and say it's trash... THAT'S when you know you're a good writer

  • EatingBurger

    This is honestly one of my favourite games, I liked it a lot!!

  • Yevhen Rezohlazov
    Yevhen Rezohlazov

    7:40, I had the same feeling, did not want to do it. I died, like, 5 times just hoping they would just stop at some point.

  • Zly Boby
    Zly Boby

    Oh hell no! :D I don't give damn about this game but don't compare ellie simply changing her mind to Frodo after months of struggle losing the battle of succumbing to the power of the ring...Such a herecy...

    • Cerebromide

      Well that’s fair

  • Sincere_Doomguy

    God this was funny as hell. I am so happy for your success too! 6:59 also this part made me lol so hard

  • Nimesh Singh
    Nimesh Singh

    I had to pause 40 seconds in- it was already so funny. And the stalkers thing is on point- as Ellie I died like 15 times before randomly finding the exit and breaking out to leave about 7 stalkers behind me. As Abby I killed them all with plenty ammo/supplies to spare. And looking back, they did make Abby's sections more cinematic and easier to play by giving her better skills/health/much more ammo and supplies. Joel killed her dad painlessly to save his loved one- Abby tortured him before killing for revenge in front of his daughter after he saved her life! She didn't deserve to live and the better game parts. I had no hesitation pressing square to kill her.

  • normalguycap

    Wow, you're review is even more of a contradiction to what you told me in the other video. This is incredibly reductionist and dishonest with your "whataboutisms". If you want to draw similes then you need to actually pick applicable ones.

    • Cerebromide

      Finally a criticism I agree with, that part was kinda ass

  • Wyatt Jones
    Wyatt Jones

    I feel like you and Dunkey explained why you guys liked the game the best. Very articulate and funny.

  • Ellie Joel
    Ellie Joel

    My top27: 27-Ghost Of Tsushima 83/100 26-Final Fantasy 7 Remake 84/100 25-Resident Evil 2 Remake 85/100 24-Resident Evil 7 86/100 23-Heavy Rain 87/100 22-Ori & Will Of The Wisps 88/100 21-Detroit: Become Human 88/100 20-Death Stranding 90/100 19-Batman Arkham City 90/100 18-Marvel’s Spider-man 90/100 17-Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception 90/100 16-Silent Hill 2 90/100 15-Metal Gear Solid 4 91/100 14-Devil My Cry 91/100 13-Demon’s Souls 92/100 12-Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 92/100 11-Legend Of Zelda: Breathe Of The Wild 93/100 10-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 93/100 9-Bloodborne 93/100 8-Shadow Of Colossus 94/100 7-Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 94/100 6-Red Dead Redemption 2 94/100 5-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 94/100 4-Persona 5 94/100 3-The Last Guardian 94/100 2-God Of War 95/100 1-The Last Of Us Part II 96/100 Bonus-The Last Of Us 93/100

  • Stop Me Oh
    Stop Me Oh

    Wow, it's the exact opposite to me. I claim in my videos I disliked the game by making fair points in my opinions and then people who liked it show up, leave dislikes and are like yOu jUsT dIdN't uNdErStAnD iT.

    • James Lanier
      James Lanier

      @Stop Me Oh 1. That's valid. While I think the violence was meant to emphasize the inevitable chaos of any kind of retributive justice attempt, it did seem a bit egregious. 2. I don't really get that. It took a while for Ellie to get the idea, but she eventually learned her error. Abby learned pretty quick after Joel's death, though she did relapse once with Dina in the theater. 3. Don't think of it as them trying to teach you a lesson. Revenge is obviously bad. The themes here aren't deep or profound. What's compelling is the journey these characters go through to learn that in a world consumed by desperate violence. 4. That's not a problem. New characters in sequels are fine. 5. Nope, nothing was changed. The Fireflies were never just a terrorist group. That was always FEDRA propaganda. The Fireflies were a resistance group, and that group had both good and bad people like every other group in this series. Also, Joel saving Abby wasn't going to undo the 4 years of obsession she had with killing him. Protecting Lev was her way of finding redemption. Her guilt over what she did to Joel is her entire motivation, and nothing was going to get away with that. But you're also kind of arguing that Abby should've let Isaac execute a 13 year old boy. 6. No, no plot armor or Hollywood deaths. That would completely contradict the tone of TLOU as a series. 7. We can be better than that as demonstrated by characters like Owen. 8. The first game was pretty straightforward too though.

    • Crackles The Grinning Clown
      Crackles The Grinning Clown

      @San Blindsnake "you will see there's plenty of people who have legitimate reasons for disliking the game" "Yes... There are legitimate reasons, and the first one is tastes. Now, legitimate reasons as bad writing? No. And this is clear when you start to dig in what some people call bad writing." GTFO fan boy. You talk about debating, yet you just vomit your opinion out, vaguely reference "what some people call bad writing" then rush on to your next "point". So you're accusing ME of doing exactly what YOU just did. I never claimed this was a "clever debate" because I never claimed this was a debate. I'm pointing out your hypocrisy and your cognitive dissonance. The only basic MFer here is you my dude.

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @Crackles The Grinning Clown "Like I said, we get it. You're a fanboy. " Yes... And you are a hater... But damn... So many comments were we could have this "clever debate" and you choose one thread in which the debate was calm and not basic... Not nice my friend, not nice... "yours is just that. An opinion" You only realize now that all we do is to give opinions... Ok then... Its not about the opinion, is how we defend our opinion that matters... "An opinion. And a bad one." LOL... Not in this one... There are two things I have plenty of confidence, that this game is superb and the ME3 is crap... Other than that I´m open to debate. On these two themes I´m open to prove you are wrong...

    • Crackles The Grinning Clown
      Crackles The Grinning Clown

      @San Blindsnake lmfao I already told you, the game is sheit. I don't care to debate that with a white knight of Neil Druckman, because I don't care to read any more of your bloviating on it. Like I said, we get it. You're a fanboy. Good for you. You wrote out your thesis, multiple times, and accused any other take as "opinion" while yours is just that. An opinion. And a bad one.

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @Crackles The Grinning Clown So... Still not an opinion? Basic hater level? I´m sure you can do better... I hope...

  • Dark Thoughts
    Dark Thoughts

    It's a gut wrenching masterpiece. I personally can't wait to watch a third part, and I hope the dev's stay true to their course, despite the bigoted outrage culture that it attracted.

  • Lester Crest
    Lester Crest

    It's a good game, but no GTA V.

    • Shree Kaushik
      Shree Kaushik

      no knack

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      Nor FIFA or COD...

  • Man Person
    Man Person

    I think one of the big factors to people not liking this game is the marketing. That trailer where ellie is strumming a guitar while joel is just out of focus then goes into the light at the end, thats fair. But the trailers where joel is in his present day model instead of his in game model, and the whole "this is ellie's game" tagline despite abby taking up half the screen time (and in the end gets the better ending if only slightly) and all the crunch time horror stories really put a damper on most people because they felt like they just got sold on a different game.

  • Gun Kingplay
    Gun Kingplay

    Can you apologise you jump scared me a little bit thank you

  • Righteous Survivor
    Righteous Survivor

    You’re boyfriend cheated on you

  • CharlieBrown20XD6

    Man....if it weren't for the leaks this game wouldn't have been so divisive. People hated it before they even played it which is absurd. What an incredible yet grueling experience this was. Can't wait for part 3

  • Jeffrey Grace
    Jeffrey Grace

    I feel like we'd be bestfriends. I understand and appreciate ALL your references. Great content :)

  • Honey Pumpkins
    Honey Pumpkins

    Joel instead of Iron Man on the wall made me actually spit take laughing

  • Cem Aydın
    Cem Aydın

    I think you should have said "why did joel kill all the fireflies at the end when he worked to get ellie to them" instead of the frodo bit, giving an example from inside the series insted of another series could have worked better for the haters

    • C B
      C B

      Because thats a bad example, he didnt get her to the fireflies by that point for them to kill her, he probably expected tests then she'd be released and come back with him by the end, its not a complete switch out of character its very in character for him both in the selfishness and in his arc with Ellie. If anything a better example would be when Tommy agrees to take Ellie to the Fireflies for Joel, is more out of character for both Tommy and Joel, as Tommy was very much about his survivor camp and wife at that point not the Fireflies so why is he agreeing to it and Joel literally was going to Tommy to finally get rid of Ellie just at the last opportunity to do a 180 and want to keep her.

  • LostConciousness

    At the risk of being downvoted, I simply didn't like the pacing of the game. Too many plot conveniences... a golf club in a winter cabin? Abby killing Joel mercilessly despite being saved by him? It also bothered me how characters trekked between Seattle and Jackson like it was a summer stroll in a flower field. I don't believe Isaac would have given Abby the green light to hunt down Joel on a hunch and bring several of his highly regarded medical staff and soldiers with her. Mel didn't even like Abby and knew she was pregnant, why is she there? That's just the start of the game. I just found myself questioning the game too much throughout it's entirety. then there were all the flashbacks, then flashbacks in flashbacks. The pacing, out of character actions and plot conveniences/armor just made me go "meh". Too many times I was thinking "I don't believe the character would do that." Death Stranding had better consistent characters and plot and that was a game about killer tar whales trying to eat you! Let's talk about the well-documented strikes critical youtube reviewers were getting, let's also talk about how Druckmann was personally making frivolous copyright claims against people he didn't agree with. Let's talk about how Duckmann and Troy Baker would lash out at everyone they didn't agree with on youtube and twitter with personal insults and attacks, none of which were directed at them personally. Let's talk about how professional critics were limited to reviewing the first half of the game "or else." Then let us finally talk about how Sony officials were calling review outlets (Vice, for example) and coercing them into reconsidering their review. that's not a company nor an industry I want to support. The game was dark but come on plenty of games do the dark storytelling just fine, Resident Evil seems to manage. Plenty of games have you play as the "killer", in fact that's most games. Nathan Drake was a straight up serial killer. so using that as an excuse to "oh you just don't understand" completely undermines the review process.

    • Meme Iselfaneye
      Meme Iselfaneye

      It's actually extremely common to just drive balls when you live with a decent amount of wilderness around you, just go out to the deck and take some swings. And a single act of kindness doesn't just erase years of hatred. And if Isaac knew how important it was for such a high ranking member, it's not out of the question to give her her one concession. The Mel thing is more questionable, but she went because Owen went. The plot "contrivances" aren't all that unreasonable. As for Druckman and Baker, I saw endless amounts of straight ignorant replies in just casual conversations, so you KNOW they were bombarded with the most moronic BS day in and day out, so that's of course what they're going to see most, and that's what they were responding to. If what they were saying didn't apply to you, then they weren't actually talking about you. Though other things are definitely on the shady side.

    • MiniMan

      Downvoted? This is youtube....

    • punypufferman180

      Man if you think death stranding had a better plot than tlou2 idk what to tell you

    • C B
      C B

      As much as I agree with the pacing being very bad and the flashbacks/time jumping/location jumping was jarring to play through, I feel like too many people don't understand the concept that plot conveniences and armour have to happen for a story to exist. For a few examples Abby finding Joels patrol and killing him despite being saved, Joel and Tommy are seen as the lead patrol so if it was a random patrol when J+T were overwhelmed by the mob then Abby dies in the fence and the random patrol would have already been dead to save her, the WLF return home after finding Abbys body the next day and end of the game? Same for Abby realising he saved her and rather than remembering this is the guy who killed her dad and the pain that caused her she talks about in game, instead just spares him, everyone goes home, end of game. It'd be the same as calling out things like LoTR for Bilbo dropping the ring all a sudden and leaving for Frodo to start his journey, the droids in Star wars being sold to a family whos the son of Vader and knows Obi Wan, Harry Potter survives the death curse and multiple death situations to die at the right time to win? As for smaller things like why was Mel there? Abby and Owen always had a connection you literally play through, she didn't want to leave them alone regardless that she was pregnant as he might not come back to her, its not exactly crazy theories its something that plays out in the game. Isaac giving the green light could have been repaying his faith in her since she is his second in command for obviously being loyal to him or that she was distracted with this leaning over her so he wants her focused for the invasion. Do you really want to do real time travel for days between Seattle etc? Thats just game convivence and would have killed the pace completely. Everything can be explained very rationally its more a case of whether you are willing to pause for a moment and look for the answer rather than just question the decision because you don't like/agree with it. With the company/Druckmann/Sony etc I would say that in reality it has nothing to do with the game itself and rating the game for what it is, it'd be like saying the Mona Lisa is a 2/10 because they made you pay 500 and get baptised just to get in and see it, you're not rating the art at that point you're rating the studio. A games review should never suffer because you don't agree with outside elements that the studio does, expose the issues and talk about not supporting the actions but the game is its own thing in the end. Similar to complaining that they were only allowed to post reviews of the first part of the game, in the end that's a condition to review the game before the NDA is dropped, if they chose to review the game based on the NDA just to get a review out first, that's their choice, they are within their rights to wait until the game releases and review it for the full game, you can't blame Sony for a reviewers decision to want a 'first' review out rather than full review later.

  • Huw Rogers
    Huw Rogers

    You know the effect of Joel’s death worked WAAAYY too well when the fanbase goes on a rampage too Naughty Dog’s just on a whole other level tho

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @Shree Kaushik I wouldn't go that far... but I will respect your opinion... :)

    • Shree Kaushik
      Shree Kaushik

      @San Blindsnake YES ...GOAT

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @Shree Kaushik Yes... Goty...

    • Shree Kaushik
      Shree Kaushik

      mission failed successfully

  • Keseran kun
    Keseran kun

    I guess this is the type of game that you either will like it very much or hate it so much... Like the fruit, durian. If you know what I mean...

  • Ghostkiller25190

    Could you actually review the whole game and not just the good parts like I haven’t seen a single review that actually breaks down the game the good the bad and the ugly I just see people talking about the good shit and the fact that she’s a female is another reason people are sucking her off like Bro y’all keep saying this one of the best review and all she did was Talk about the good parts

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @C B "I really don't care to waste my time having a convo with someone..." "I won't pay any attention to the reply " Hope you can support your last statement, because you were unable to do the same with the first one... "your opinion on 1 review that has 2.4m views so obviously resonated with alot of people. You not liking it means jack squat." We can play a lot with this statement... The game has a ton of fans, a ton of great reviews, a ton of awards including GOTY and so on... but in the end it all comes to personal taste, so his opinion may mean something to you and some other people, but to me it means, what did you say? "jack squat" "I don't care for the last of us part 1" And that's the only thing I need to know... your recommendation makes sense from this start point... and it makes my reply way more easy... "Skill up being more of a reviewer than Girlfriend reviews..." Yes, he is more a reviewer than a non reviewer... it's a great recommendation letter. I was just pointing out that, with so many reviewers out there, you choose one of the worse... "size does matter in the context of "who's voice do people generally listen to for YT reviews"" I think you value these youtubers way too much ... "Narrative: a spoken or written account of connected events." Damn... You really like to go to the basics... At least go a little far..."A narrative consists of a set of events (the story) recounted in a process of narration (or discourse), in which the events are selected and arranged in a particular order (the plot, which can also mean "story synopsis")." "the idea of narrative structure, with identifiable beginnings, middles and ends, or exposition-development-climax-denouement, with coherent plot lines; a strong focus on temporality including retention of the past, attention to present action and protention/future anticipation; a substantial focus on character and characterization, "arguably the most important single component of the novel"" "get a dictionary" I will... And then I´ll send it to you... "The pacing and tempo was horrible going back and forth between days, characters, flashbacks and timelines. It was jarring as hell and just a bad structure for story-telling." The idea that storytelling has a predefined good or bad structure is so "not clever"... Let me just give you one example (there are a lot) Pulp Fiction... The pacing is perfect because it is necessity from a storytelling perspective. Yet, even with a low pacing structure some people failed in the most basic understanding of characters motivations... "Hating a game that you like doesn't make people bias..." Of course not... I hate Dark Souls, and I'm not biased because of that. But I also know the game is great. The fact that I don't like the game doesn't changes that fact... But the difference is that I can put away my personal feelings in order to give a proper evaluation of that game.Otherwise I would be biased... Do you get it now? "means lots of people like it and lots hate it, you like it, great, nobody cares, get over it" Are you sure is me who needs to get over it? "my opinion is the only correct one because its my opinion if you disagree you're just wrong" You know this is a two way street... You are acting exactly like this, so stop the diva drama... "This guy funnily enough has the same opinion on the game as skill up it seems so it would have been perfect to send him there. :')" So you are not really sending him to a review, you are sending him to video who validates his opinion... LOL "Have a nice life dude." You too... Dude...

    • C B
      C B

      @San Blindsnake Jesus this was long, to keep this short because I really don't care to waste my time having a convo with someone who's having a conversation with himself not actually reading what is put infront of him: A disaster from start to end is your opinion on 1 review that has 2.4m views so obviously resonated with alot of people. You not liking it means jack squat. He didn't like the LoU1 so it makes sense...I don't care for the last of us part 1, its a very boring story with bad controls but great characters, I still rate LoU2, people like different things its not all or nothing. Skill up being more of a reviewer than Girlfriend reviews was literally my first and only point you've somehow turned into a convo about our opinions on the game. You can disregard size all you want, doesn't change the point that size does matter in the context of "who's voice do people generally listen to for YT reviews" and that was all the original post was about -_- Narrative: a spoken or written account of connected events. It is not themes, motivations etc, they are separate things interwoven into the narrative so again the narrative is just the actions of the revenge story, get a dictionary. I don't think skill ups review is good on the game but I understand his and many other criticisms. Again the point being you broadly saying "everything technical is almost flawless" means nothing without specific examples, rebuttals to the actual criticisms of technical aspects of the game, its just a pawn off broad statement because you can't explain yourself. The pacing and tempo was horrible going back and forth between days, characters, flashbacks and timelines. It was jarring as hell and just a bad structure for story-telling. Hating a game that you like doesn't make people bias, people can hate the game for their own reasons and his criticisms are all valid regardless if you agree or not they're his opinions and "jumping on the hate band wagon" hurts his income more than increases it as he'll have less opportunities working with naughty dog and other companies because of it. I don't understand the game, obviously having liked it, played it twice and platinum it, but because I can understand issues and you can't take criticism of something you like everyone is wrong or against the game and you :') Nobodys saying you can't think of it as a masterpiece, but just because people have the opposing opinions doesn't make them against the game, not understand or (insert non-sense reason here) etc, people like different things, the game average rating is a 7/10, means lots of people like it and lots hate it, you like it, great, nobody cares, get over it. So congrats you have 0 reading ability, 0 comprehension skills and just generally act like one of those ass-hat, my opinion is the only correct one because its my opinion if you disagree you're just wrong, idiots that nobody gives a damn about. :') Just for a frame of context this entire conversation came out of me saying if this guy wants a more in depth information in a jokey review style, go to skill up and the only reason you couldn't take that is because he did 1 review you don't agree with and throwing your toys out the pram about lol. This guy funnily enough has the same opinion on the game as skill up it seems so it would have been perfect to send him there. :') Just an FYI if you want to take the time to reply that's your decision to waste your time but im just giving you that pre-warning that due to your lack of ability to comprehend most of the points I've made let alone just being an opinionated ass-hat, I won't pay any attention to the reply so it will only be your own time your wasting on such an irrelevant comment. :') Have a nice life dude.

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @C B "I didn't say his LoU2 review specifically, I said his reviews in general..." Well... I only saw his TLOU2 review, and it was a disaster from start to end... Then I saw that he didn't like TLOU1 so much either and it all made sense. "doesn't change what he is which is a more detailed reviewer than Girlfriend reviews" Well, Girlfriend reviews doesn't tries to do a detailed review, but if I need to tell you that... "alot of people agree with hence his size." Size means nothing to me. What matter is context. I'm criticizing the review I saw, and what I saw was a very bad review. It has nothing to do with me liking the game or not. "everything else is generally average." Sure buddy... Keep telling you that... "The narrative is just about revenge..." No, the main plot is based on revenge, but the revenge part of the game ends in the theatre fight. Also, the revenge part is structured in Ellie's first journey. But thanks, considering your basic view of the narrative now I understand why you think his review is good... "I see the narrative as this and you see it as that" Well I see the narrative as the overall structure that intertwines all aspects of the story of the game, from characters, to motivations, to events to themes to major and minor plots. And while there are predominant themes, like revenge, you can clearly see that revenge is just the fuel to all the major themes in this game. "On the issue of the technical side of gameplay the game" It fits perfectly the type of game and story the developers wanted to make. The game follows a very specific tempo and pacing, in order to fit in the world and narrative of TLOU. Just like the first game. I understand perfectly the criticism that some people states against the gameplay, but what they want doesn't fit the logic of this game. "the fact you're quoting 2 of about 30 different aspects" You mean the fact that I quote two aspects while one of them (technical) embraces almost everything besides the narrative? "Let alone having the mentality that just because you don't like 1 persons review on 1 game..." Nah... I don't like biased people who tries to profit with the hate towards this game. But you are talking about this guy in a TLOU2 video, so my reply has that in consideration. "he might have great reviews on every other game you love" Maybe... But that does not changes the fact that his review of this game is a biased disaster. On his defence I would say that he is not alone in that... "people just get too stuck in the mindset that because they like something its a 'masterpiece'" Nah. I love the gameplay of this game. The idea that other gameplay would work better is just laughable, and a proof that you don't understand the game you are playing. This is not Uncharted, GTA or COD, as explained, this game mechanics have a very specific structure. The gameplay is just another tool in their storytelling. And I think it is a masterpiece because I don't see games that are much better than this one. It belongs as the great ones, and like the great ones is a masterpiece. "At which point every game might as well be a 10/10 masterpiece..." On contrary to popular belief I don't need a 10/10 to call a game a masterpiece. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is not a 10/10 game, but is a damn masterpiece at my eyes.

    • C B
      C B

      @Ghostkiller25190 Thank you for what? :') Nothing you said there I talked about or agree with lol Joel is a bad person, yes the world is broken but humanity is surviving in pockets by being moral, yet he kills hundreds of survivors and kills humanities last hope for a cure just because he selfishly wants his own daughter back even though Ellies choice would have been to die for a chance at a cure doing something. Yes I agree there's no guarantee that a cure fixes anything but at the very least it would have made the survivors immune from bites which is a step up for survivors atleast. The ending wasn't about her killing Abby, it makes sense given what Ellie went through, yes Ellie wanted to kill the person who killed her surrogate father but when shes lost that father, shes gained PTSD issues, shes lost Tommys favour like Joel did and lost her partner and surrogate kid because shes soo consumed by rage. When you get to that point of actually achieving your goal and realising it'll change nothing, it means nothing and you've still lost all that ^^^ because of it, it makes you realise all you're left with is the blood on your hands and that'll just leave her with more PTSD that she couldn't handle before. It'd be a cathartic moment for her to have hence why you have the flashback of her having an actual good memory of Joel when she has the chance to stop.

    • Ghostkiller25190

      @C B thank you lol I swear people just love this game because they don’t wanna feel like a monster like idu how you have a story about morals when the world is broken to say Joel was a bad person because he killed abbys dead is stupid I mean do you really think a vaccine is gonna to fix the world I mean form what we seen it’s to far gone to be save so why waste her life and like the face that she let Abby go is stupid anyone in their right mind would definitely kill someone that forced you you to watch your parents figure die in your face

  • BoatsAndGardenTools

    I'm normally the first to complain when media preaches progressive politics, but in the case of TLOU2, I just... didn't see it. Great game.

  • Kieran Fanning
    Kieran Fanning

    'We don't do that here'/100 is my new rating system for wine reviews

  • Lucho Benedetti
    Lucho Benedetti

    Just finished it and i loved it. I still don't understand all the hate

  • Jesper Tobiassen
    Jesper Tobiassen

    Finished the game yesterday. I think it was an outstanding achievement. Every decision felt true to the characters, and sometimes they don't do whatever you wish they would do. But that's what makes this game amazing. It is sort of the opposite of what Game of Thrones tried to do. They abandoned their interesting nuanced characters and made them do things they probably wouldn't do. They chased the plot. This game stays true to their characters, their motivations, their feelings. Without selling out to the so called fanbase. The people who wanted a Hollywood sequel to the original TLOU probably didn't understand the first one very well. Well done on these videos. Well reasoned.

  • Alberto Gomez
    Alberto Gomez

    Omg, I just finished this game and am filled with mixed emotions. And I come here to be drowned by awesome memes instead.

  • Mr. Turkey
    Mr. Turkey

    I loved the gameplay and all, but I just feel like the game kept cockblocking me from an ending. Like everytime Abby/Ellie was close to killing Ellie/Abby, they didn't and it really just dragged the game on too long for me

  • KugelBlitz

    This game is great, but there are definitely a lot of flaws that aren’t addressed well enough. The main ones for me are mostly with Abby (and Dina, to a lesser extent). Abby’s views on revenge never really change, and therefore never really thinks about whether or not torturing and killing Joel was justified (it wasn’t, as Jerry refused to ask for Ellie’s consent to end her life, a violation of the Hippocratic oath and what led to Joel killing off the fireflies). That’s probably why people would celebrate when Abby dies to Ellie. Dina was just useless after they arrived at the theater, for the rest of the game. There are more, but this comment dragged on long enough.

  • Jason Pelletier
    Jason Pelletier

    I just started watching your videos . I like the way you keep the fun and entertainment as your key factors. I won’t play this game but I won’t knock anybody who is enjoying it either ... I didn’t enjoy Fallout Nee Vegas like most . I never trashed the game but just saying I didn’t enjoy it like everybody else because ... it’s to bad you have defend yourself is my point . Good review

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      Great perspective. I don't like Dark Souls, but it's a great game. It would be stupid to say the game is bad just because I didn't like... somehow, people dont have problems to sound stupid when criticizing this game.

  • Zgeist 2
    Zgeist 2

    Those joker clips with Abby destroying stalkers got me good 😆

  • Miwel

    I completely agree with you, there's no plot holes in the game. It feels more like a bunch of kiddos with fragile masculinity complaining about their loss. Anyway, Joel was old enough people... It's apocalypse and he achieved at least 60

  • Guz Gonzalez
    Guz Gonzalez

    Beautiful game. Well deserved GOTY.

  • Rowantic

    i do not agree with this review.

  • X- Force
    X- Force

    A bunch of Xbox virgins always crying for spilled milk. This game was amazing!

  • _leo_x

    I personally loooved this game its a masterpeace and it makes me sad that soo many people hate it and sometimes they are very cruel hah you can say that u dont like something in a more respective way🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Tim Fishlock
    Tim Fishlock

    Ahhh, I love you guys! So good!

  • Joe Murray
    Joe Murray

    In defence of the constant looting, I feel like that it gives players a really good gameplay incentive to explore all the houses and shops which then draws attention to all the amazing environmental storytelling that they might otherwise miss. Definitely tedious tho

  • Aldo Durán
    Aldo Durán

    I really liked Abby's campaign, full of action and incredible set pieces.

  • Frog Glen
    Frog Glen

    This game has an awful story. Your review felt like false advertising

    • Silas Hedeboe
      Silas Hedeboe

      @Frog Glen Again an opinion and not fact... You're allowed to have it, and I agree with you. But that still doesn't make tlou 2 bad, since Red Dead is better than a lot of games in my and probably your opinion aswell. You have a way of avoiding real arguments

    • C B
      C B

      @Frog Glen I Don't disagree with you there, but my question was, what plot holes are there you seem to think there are?

    • Frog Glen
      Frog Glen

      @C B Red Dead Redemption has a better plot. It's just facts

    • Silas Hedeboe
      Silas Hedeboe

      @C B hahaha yeah that is true

    • C B
      C B

      @Silas Hedeboe Definitely, dudes an idiot lol but there's people who think the Earth is flat too :')

  • Paul Atk
    Paul Atk

    I'm sorry I just had to pause the video and giggle for a good 5 minutes when you called him "Reggie Filet-mignon"

  • The Random Dickhead
    The Random Dickhead

    Me no

    • Roshan Premnath
      Roshan Premnath

      The joker part was gold

  • sarkasmt2

    This game didn't work at allll for me. No, I don't want masterchief to get killed by a grunt 2 minutes in to Halo 2 because I shot his elite Dad on some shitty level in combat evolved. Fun video tho :)

    • Marvins least favorite person
      Marvins least favorite person

      You are well in your right to dislike it :)

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      If your comparison is with Halo... Yes, its normal that it didn't worked for you.

  • Lý Anh Khoa
    Lý Anh Khoa

    the story telling is trash.

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @Lý Anh Khoa "English isn't my first language, write 1 comment take a lot of time." You and me both. I´m Portuguese... "You said the story isn't about revenge..." I said the story is not all about revenge. The only part of the story that is about revenge is Elie's first journey until the theatre fight. Abby journey is about consequences and redemption. And Ellie's second journey, while disguised as a second revenge trip, it has nothing to do with revenge. "you don't even know the different between main plot and the meaning behind it?" You need to understand one basic premise. This game disguises itself as a revenge story, and revenge is, at its basic level the main fuel of all characters actions. But deeper inside this is also a love story, a story about humanity, about flawed people, about guilt, about pain and sorrow, about obsession, about life after loss. If you think this game is all about revenge, I can understand the "the story telling is trash." in your main post. yet, it only proves that the story of this game went over your head...

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @Lý Anh Khoa "How can I prove you wrong..." What you want to prove me wrong? The game has a non linear structure. It relies on flashbacks to give context to characters and their motivations. Every action and consequence has a background who supports the main narrative. You need to be specific if you want me to go in an objective direction. The game is close to perfection at my eyes, so, unless you want me to describe the whole game you need to identify what you think is bad. Also I don't believe the game is good, I believe it is a masterpiece.

    • Lý Anh Khoa
      Lý Anh Khoa

      @San Blindsnake The main plot of tlou2 is about revenge, that why Abb kill Joel in the first place and that why Ell try to kill Abb. You said the story isn't about revenge , isn't that mean you don't even know the different between main plot and the meaning behind it ? English isn't my first language, write 1 comment take a lot of time. I don't think I will waste my time for someone who didn't know what are they talking.

    • Lý Anh Khoa
      Lý Anh Khoa

      @San Blindsnake You don't seem to understand what "basic" mean and your comment didn't even prove the game is good, you didn't make any point about tlou2, the only thing you do is analyze my comment for what ever reason. How can I prove you wrong when you didn't even know what are you talking about ?

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @Lý Anh Khoa "takes me about 2 minutes to know you don't really know what are you talking about." If you believe that there is only one way to tell a story... well, you can imagine the value of your understanding in my mind... You had a chance to prove me wrong, guess that option was never on the table.

  • User 5748
    User 5748

    4:32 Yoo Silent Hill 2 music.

  • lonsoakg

    It’s actually a really really impressive game I don’t know why people dislike this game.

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @ikaruga24 "It's an interactive movie..." MK11 has more cinematics... I rest my case...

    • lonsoakg

      @ikaruga24 That's what you'd expect from a story driven game? Sometimes that isn't so bad. I don't think this is a perfect game, i really wish it had a multiplayer like in the previous game, but it is still a good game. A lot of effort went into it and it shows.

    • ikaruga24

      Because as far as games are concerned it's just a mediocre one. It's an interactive movie and thus people care more of what they see.

  • Danilo Ribeiro
    Danilo Ribeiro

    Well luke was helped by the force, frodo was under the ring influence batman 3 sucks . You should have used the why batman didn't kill superman example

    • James Lanier
      James Lanier

      Batman 3 doesn't suck because Bruce Wayne changed over time though. It sucked because the writer accidentally made Bane correct, so they had to add this nonsensical bomb threat to remind the audience that he's the villain actually.

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      That's the joke. They aren't plot holes.

  • Khalid jamal
    Khalid jamal

    Tlou2 is a masterpiece , great review you earned a new member ❤️👌

  • Leighton

    is that Yosi's island music I heard?

  • abnormalgut

    And I love how this channel blocks comments that go against this narrative. You guys are amazing at censorship 👍

  • abnormalgut

    Hypocritical piece of narrative disaster. The game tells you who to care about or empathize with. Nevermind the hundreds of people you killed on the way they are just an obstacle. But OH HO WAIT. This one surgeon *cough* who was just an obstacle in your way in the first game *cough* He had a DAUGHTER and he saved ZEBRAS and he... Kinda wanted to kill an innocent girl over a potential cure that didn't work out and killed potential immune people in the past BUT WHO CARES Abby gets her revenge and you bet she won't feel the slightest bit of remorse and the best part is: you have to feel empathy for her... Yikes

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      "The game tells you who to care about or empathize with." I have to agree... It makes no sense at all... it is almost as if this is a game, a movie, a book... in other words a story... Oh wait...

    • No_Rust _
      No_Rust _

      @James Lanier yeah people say that Abby feels nothing for killing Joel but it's clear when talking to Mel she is trying to justify it to herself. She can hide it better than Ellie cuz she killed the most scars out of everyone in the wlf base.

    • James Lanier
      James Lanier

      Ellie was the first case of immunity they ever encountered. Abby's entire story is about her dealing with the remorse and guilt she feels after Joel's murder and her desperate bid to find redemption via protecting Lev. Sorry, but did you even play the game?

    • Colin Boxall
      Colin Boxall

      Nice association bias you got there, chumb

  • caolan 314
    caolan 314

    Does anyone know what song at 4:32 is called?

  • Salila Ranawake
    Salila Ranawake

    girlfriend: 1:53 ME: *checked in to an ER 20 mins later with a severe case of unable to stop laughing!*

  • Luke Swan
    Luke Swan

    I was left mulling over the ending of this game for about a fortnight. Like getting to the end of a great novel. I don't think it was as good as the first game but damn.

  • Trump is gone
    Trump is gone

    You didn't actually address the plot holes people were mainly talking about and engaged in whataboutism.

    • Tristin McKinstry
      Tristin McKinstry

      "You're nitpicking and biased I win bye bye"

  • I’m Batman !
    I’m Batman !

    just started playing last night, loving it so far !

  • Brion Wreede
    Brion Wreede

    This is the same writing that brought us Star wars episodes 8 and 9

    • Silas Hedeboe
      Silas Hedeboe

      @James Lanier Thanks for the elaboration on your opinion :))

    • James Lanier
      James Lanier

      @Silas Hedeboe That's insane.

    • Silas Hedeboe
      Silas Hedeboe

      @James Lanier In my opinion episode 8 was the absolute worst of the sequel trilogy. While 9 wasn't good either, it was miles better than 8.

    • James Lanier
      James Lanier

      @Brion Wreede The Last Jedi was pretty good.

    • Brion Wreede
      Brion Wreede

      @Tristin McKinstry if people can still talk about how bad the prequels are I can talk about how bad the last jedi and Rise of skywalker was. For god sakes mark hamill still says it was bad

  • L3XAN

    The sprinting baby clearly represents generation Z, like, running to the future or something.

  • Rohan

    You should do a girl friend review on Titanfall 2 single player! It’s only 6 hours long and you won’t even know the hours pass by cause it’s that damn good! Plus the multiplayer is loads of fun with a high skill ceiling. This game is call of duty on roids! And yes am copy pasting this comment on every video of yours, please fulfill my wish

  • Morgan Ritson
    Morgan Ritson

    I don't personally like TLOU2, but understand that it's an entirely subjective determination based on the weighted values we assign to the different aspects of a work. However, I don't ever want to hear people complain about the way people criticise TLOU2 because this comment section is the exact same sort of "objectivism" that is so often complained about. There are perfectly legitimate reasons to like and dislike TLOU2, and to blanketly discredit and ignore people that disagree with you by painting them as "butthurt", "blind", or politically aligned a certain way is RIDICULOUS, and it just breeds a toxic environment for discourse where nobody is allowed to have any opinion because it means they're an idiot and a fuckboi. Personally, I blame the studio and Troy Baker for starting this shit. The complete refusal to take criticism of any kind, and the numerous times that critics were attacked and disparaged by those above instantly created this kind of environment, and I think that even if TLOU2 is genuinely the masterpiece that some people say, it will almost certainly be remembered for the vile community of commentary it spawned, rather than any of its actual contents. Again, I understand that people have different opinions than me. We're all entitled to that. But something that nobody is entitled to is being a dick to other people.

    • 席妗萍

      @San Blindsnake lol

    • Morgan Ritson
      Morgan Ritson

      @San Blindsnake Point proven. Cheers.

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      "painting them as "butthurt", "blind", or politically aligned a certain way is RIDICULOUS, and it just breeds a toxic environment" So... if 90% of the people hating this game fit in that description we can't say it because it is toxic? "Personally, I blame the studio and Troy Baker for starting this shit." yes... Leave the morons who attack this game before release and the one who never played the game out of the equation... those are the good guys... I really dont know how much of brain your kind has... and by your kind I mean the guys hating this game. "But something that nobody is entitled to is being a dick to other people." I have a feeling you are on the wrong videos preaching for the wrong people... Different opinions is ok, and it happens in every game, but you can see which ones are the morons and toxic... Unless you also think that the people sending threat messages are also cool people and the actors are the one to blame...

  • Cameron Phillips
    Cameron Phillips

    Always awesome to come across a video of people that actually understand and get this game. It's truly laughable when anyone says this game has plot holes, those people have zero understanding of story and character - or they just didn't collect/read anything that gives you the information about the in-game world. Last of Us 2 is the greatest, most courageous, brutally violent and emotionally heartbreaking game I've ever played. And very scary 1st playthrough. This game is about love and forgiveness told through the journey of the cycle of revenge (a classic western style of storytelling, just like the first game). I'm looking forward to HBO telling this story through film.

  • Private Frizz
    Private Frizz

    It was interesting, to say the least...

  • Markchomp

    My main complaint with the game was that I played it on hard. It forced me to play every encounter in stealth. Stealth can be fun, but 25 hours of stealth is very draining. Liked it a lot otherwise

  • Cindy S.
    Cindy S.

    I think that you need to be mentally mature enough to understand this game and that's why there's some people who disliked it.

  • TJ UK
    TJ UK

    I really liked the game. I admit I was annoyed the moment you play as Abby (hulk with a vagina) other than that well worth my money an time

  • dorin egyed
    dorin egyed

    Fack this feminist shet , instead i bought Ghost of Tshushima good what a game !!!

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      Dont you guys feel a little stupid when talking about a game that you not even played?

  • shellshockq8

    F for all the boys who didn't do it 👍 🖐

  • littlekitsune1

    I mean... it's a survival horror game. Looting is the bread and butter of it. Though I can agree the levels being way bigger than the first game can make it more overwhelming, but I honestly found it pretty cathartic to take a breather from the intense story and look for loot for a bit, which I think was the intent. I have the same thoughts about day 1 Seattle. There's no huge funeral scene because it would just narratively be beating a dead horse and end up with forced "sad" dialogue. We already feel the sadness and we don't need Ellie to sit and talk about her feelings over it. She wants to leave immediately because that's how she copes with her trauma, so that's what you do. The first game was much the same. You don't dwell over Sarah, Tess, or Henry and Sam because it's redundant. We can tell just by how the characters are interacting after that, that they're in pain, but gameplay-wise, things move on, albeit in a lull from the action. It's something I really appreciate about the writing and pacing. HOWEVER. I 100% agree I love Abby's muscles. It validates her playstyle as different to Ellie's, and I enjoyed playing as her more just so I could bench press all the things.

  • Lucas Almeida
    Lucas Almeida

    This has become my official preferred channel in the entire youtube landscape

  • Luke Mitchell
    Luke Mitchell

    I know I'm late to the party here but this is the first Girlfriend Reviews I've watched and this was hilarious. I'm now a subscriber. Keep up the good work!


    how was the last video a feminist propaganda who ever wrote that comment is dumb af loooooool

  • Sir Farty Fartsalot
    Sir Farty Fartsalot

    You're an awful reviewer.

    • Yummy Gopher
      Yummy Gopher

      @Sir Farty Fartsalot her reviews are pretty good actually, as over a million people would agree.

    • Goober

      You only think that way because it's something that you don't want to hear.

    • Sir Farty Fartsalot
      Sir Farty Fartsalot

      @Yummy Gopher Better than her name & reviews, that's for sure.

    • Yummy Gopher
      Yummy Gopher

      Other opinions bad am I right? Funny name btw

  • Marlon Frijters
    Marlon Frijters

    Please, do Heavy Rain!

  • Georg Anatoly
    Georg Anatoly

    I wish there was more Abby content within the game, I hope they continue her story in a DLC or something. Her section was by far the best and exceeded the quality of the first game, if it had never existed -- Ellie's story is imo not fun in general, it's not 'bad' just not fun compared to playing as Abby.

  • Nathan DTS
    Nathan DTS

    "Insufficient mourning period." Yeah, I stopped playing for fifteen minutes at three or four points in the game so that I could process emotions.

  • KnightSpeaking

    Can I like this video twice?

  • Wade Anderson
    Wade Anderson

    I let Abby kill Ellie at the end too... I think everyone did. If you have soul at least.

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      If you have a soul you dont let no one die... Oh.. thats what happened...

  • Alexei Kozlenok
    Alexei Kozlenok

    i just don't get it, last of us 2 was one of the most boring experiences i've ever had... but that being said, if you liked it, that's awesome! seems plenty of other people liked it, different strokes and all that

  • Tonraq Korr
    Tonraq Korr

    I really believe that it wasn't that bad, but omg the charavters, the choice of characters was terrible

  • InfamousBladeXD

    I really enjoyed the gameplay as Abby, but I wish I could skip the story the flashbacks and cut scenes, because the story was ass. Imo

  • Guido Skerianz
    Guido Skerianz

    Abbey finding Joel is understandable, is not a plot hole. Luke was guided by the force, thats why he landed near Joda. The problem is that Joel told them who he was, not that he followed them. Ellie don't killing abby makes any sense, but frodo was controlled by the ring (come on this was obvious)! It's not a joke what you made there, it was an attempt to excuse the shitty game plot.

    • Robert

      @Guido Skerianz hey remember in TLOU1 when Joel gave his name to Henry and Sam despite not knowing them

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @Guido Skerianz See... I understand not liking the game, but when you try to explain why... the castle of cards fall... "give them all your information is how Joel is, very intelligent." I will assume you didnt played the game, otherwise you would know that, when Joel enters the room full of people Abby already knew who he was and his name... So, lying would be stupid, to say the least... "it doesn't pay off the dead of Joel nor the all the things the game made you go through." After seeing Ellie going into a path of self destruction, reaching rock bottom... well, seeing her regain her humanity, freeing herself to move on with her life is a very rewarding feeling. So yes, it was a great pay off... "he was not acting as the character he is." This is not a new critic, but I´ll ask, what Joel you are talking about? Joel in the beginning of TLOU1, Joel in the middle of TLOU1 or Joel in the end of TLOU1? Because even in TLOU1 Joel changed several times... And in the beginning of TLOU2 it is explained how he changed his life into a new role in the community... So... Care to explain? "Abbey is very unlikable ..." Abby is an imperfect person (like all people in TLOU world), when you guys start to understand the story from her side things will change on your view... "the game forces you to play with her" And that's essential to understand her. To see the other side, and to understand Ellies future. "and forces you to feel empathy towards her" No, the game just shows you the other side, empathy cannot be forced, you either have it or you don't. I would say that good people, with a good heart will at very least pity her... and that would be enough...

    • Guido Skerianz
      Guido Skerianz

      @San Blindsnake going into a locked room with a bunch of strangers and give them all your information is how Joel is, very intelligent. Ellie not killing Abby in that situation makes sense, but it doesn't pay off the dead of Joel nor the all the things the game made you go through. Joel is not a good person and it would have been ok to be killed by the fireflies, but not because he was not acting as the character he is. The plot feels forced. Abbey is very unlikable and the game forces you to play with her and forces you to feel empathy towards her, wich it didn't success in my case (and many others). Not a very enjoyable game. That's my opinion.

    • San Blindsnake
      San Blindsnake

      @Guido Skerianz When you skip the basic everything becomes logical.... "Joel became a not intelligent person, that's the problem." Be killed by the infected horde or go with this random girl to her safehouse... where is the not intelligent part? "She can kill everyone, I mean EVERYONE, except the murderer of Joel." Besides Nora, all people Ellie kills is in self defence (you can add the slaver in the end too). Abby is almost dead, tortured and beaten. Abby let Ellie live twice. Killing Abby would mean to kill a little kid in the process... And all this without even enter the interpretation of Joel´s scene... "don't expect the audience to see her as a good person." Abby is such a good person as Joel. Did you liked Joel? Think about it, digest, and then you will start to understand the game...

    • VeryHotShambler

      @Guido Skerianz well playing as her shows you that she isn’t actually that bad, that’s what the whole second half of the game shows, throughout the entire game Ellie was blinded by the hate, throughout the game most of the flashbacks are negative ones, remembering painful times with Joel which fuels her thirst for revenge because she remembers them having a bad relationship, but the final moments with Abby she remembers her final moments with Joel being positive, then realises that it’s not for the best, Joel doesn’t become dumb he just becomes more trusting, he knew about the hunter not being hurt in the first game because he had done it before but now he’s more calm and is less of a grumpy survivor and now a caring parent, not dumb. Just changed.

  • Arthur BRIAND
    Arthur BRIAND

    2:51 that is an awesome kill, I wish I had done that

  • Felix Busch
    Felix Busch

    1:06 killed me LOL

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