Should Your Boyfriend Talk About Bugsnax?
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You might think it sounds impossible till you've seen a sandwich climb a wall, but Bugsnax is a backseat game to rule them all. #bugsnax #ps5
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    Our next video is PS5 vs. Xbox Series X! What games should we play?

    • googamp32

      Who knew that combining Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, Pokemon Snap, and The Stuff, would make SUCH a fun and unique video game?

    • Universpro

      It's like meatball rain but chinese

    • KïDD ZêÜSS Studios
      KïDD ZêÜSS Studios

      Miles Morales

    • Daniel White
      Daniel White

      Cyberpunk (once it gets released)

    • Scott Richmond
      Scott Richmond

      New Hitman 1&2

  • Toner C.
    Toner C.

    I'm just wondering why Mizkif always memes and brings up this game.

  • Leo Abrams
    Leo Abrams

    Can someone please help me remember the name of the ALgone channel of the guy referenced at 6:58? Please and thank you 🙏🏻

  • CrystaLuna Luminescent
    CrystaLuna Luminescent

    Thank you for making this video. This convinced me to finally decide to play this game

  • NSX Next Gen News Connor
    NSX Next Gen News Connor

    Anyone hear the yes round about lsd trip when she’s singing

  • Eric Leef
    Eric Leef

    God, I had to pause the vid to stop laughing! Great writing and editing. Keep up the great reviews.

  • Collin


  • NoodleBakeEllie

    I hope they make more games with the grumps they are adorable

  • ItsRoman

    "Its bugsnax all the way down" is a disgustingly acurrate phrase.

  • Martin Arku
    Martin Arku

    I saw Loba haha

  • NettlesomeNPC 8
    NettlesomeNPC 8

    Someone was hungry while watching Annihilation and thought of this mastah-peace

  • Mr. Starlow
    Mr. Starlow

    If I was someone`s BF and my GF or even BF asked me to play Bugsnax I would not play it, but if he/she showed me the completionist`s review I WOULD play it! I had a blast playing this game and I`m single

  • Jennifer Braum
    Jennifer Braum

    If you want to watch a play through go watch SunnyLee!!

  • Victor Kling
    Victor Kling

    Make a no man’s sky episode Please

  • David McNick
    David McNick

    6:58 What is this clip from?? I can't get enough.

  • Ismael Perez
    Ismael Perez

    Latinos for TRUMP 2024!!!

  • cantthinkofausername lol
    cantthinkofausername lol

    Speedrunning this game glitchless 100 percent is something I might actually do cus I enjoy it that much (I have never spedrun a game before, let alone 100 percent in one sitting)

  • Frank Il Buon Strau
    Frank Il Buon Strau

    A very good bug sitting experience

  • D M G
    D M G

    1:56 It's just a replay button for the LSD song :)

  • Rants & Reviews
    Rants & Reviews

    "I'm gonna put a shish kebab in your bunger." Children!! Cover your ..eyes? Ears! Cover everything! lol

  • Trip Hazard
    Trip Hazard

    Me and my son (5) have played this for about 100 hours so far. The game is good

  • ThePaperDiamond YT
    ThePaperDiamond YT

    Roger Craig Smith is in it, 10/10 would play.

  • Juan Pedro Gómez Pliego
    Juan Pedro Gómez Pliego

    I love that Yes soundtrack

  • TamTroll

    and here i am feeling like the only person wanting to get through the game without horrifically mutating everyone you meet, to keep them in their pure and beautiful Grumpus forms.

  • The Chicken Show
    The Chicken Show

    I like how it started to play roundabout, that was a nice touch.

  • Bill Vailate
    Bill Vailate

    I think trump ate a peel bug

  • yokoya

    Is this an out of season april fools joke?

  • Tambet Tammisto
    Tambet Tammisto

    WTF even are these titles?

  • Milky Wayan
    Milky Wayan

    cannot stop replaying the song at 1:56 it's so cute lmao

  • Ezra Kwon
    Ezra Kwon

    Phenomenal video. Great job on the script and editing!

  • Morgan Taylor Oates
    Morgan Taylor Oates

    Didn't realise that this uploaded on my birthday. I can't believe I missed my favourite present I never got.

  • communism 2
    communism 2


  • sexydadee

    please petition for pc port of bugsnax

    • Noel

      This has been available for PC since November

  • Ben Young
    Ben Young


  • The Bird of Hermes
    The Bird of Hermes

    I will travel across the land emotionally disturbed

  • Всеволод Рычков
    Всеволод Рычков

    This game really reminds me of "Supraland" that you should eventually try. Also, the edit of "I miss the past where its my problem" is amazing!

  • ben lauver
    ben lauver


  • Oscar B
    Oscar B


  • Diego Ramos
    Diego Ramos

    Pls do a cyberpunk review, can't wait :)

  • Arthur Drury
    Arthur Drury

    We love the songs.

  • Steven Branas
    Steven Branas

    When you find out she’s had a pretty decent singing voice this whole time. 😅

  • Josie Deacon
    Josie Deacon

    Bonger bonger bonger

  • Bruce Leroy
    Bruce Leroy

    F**k yo grapes 😂😂😂

  • Cody Neale
    Cody Neale

    You should play review Sackboy!

  • nathijomac

    1:02 - any criters here?

  • Revyi Cross
    Revyi Cross

    I stop playing because all the npc was annoying.

  • kilemade family
    kilemade family

    Ok now to convince my parents to get me this game. Because they will think it is a baby game. Please reply with tips.

  • Jeff Forbess
    Jeff Forbess

    I love your reviews! Fewer expletives would make it better. I want to share them with others, but I can’t. It’s a shame, really.

  • Brian Matchlock
    Brian Matchlock

    Kiddy game review, proceeds to drop 47 curse words in the review. 10/10 review review

  • EBRAHIM badusha
    EBRAHIM badusha

    Pubg mobile

  • EBRAHIM badusha
    EBRAHIM badusha

    Sis play pubg moboie

  • Feircy

    This game was far better than it had any right to be. So surprised i enjoyed it as much as I did

  • Katie Spaine
    Katie Spaine


  • Marceliaan

    I want to taste bugsnax crawling into my mouth.

  • PureCrash

    Why shouldn't your boyfriend talk about it if he played?

  • Daniel Stirton
    Daniel Stirton

    You should do "a way out" it's a fully co op game with a good storyline. About breaking out of prison to go after the guy who framed you . It would be perfect for you

  • XxamorOo

    The editor is a meme genius

  • Gemini Jinxies
    Gemini Jinxies


  • Mohamed Belbaali
    Mohamed Belbaali

    this is the definition of horror

  • Krylle 028
    Krylle 028

    Each Girlfriend Review vid is like a chocolate treat for me... But each time I try to search for the nougat centered one where she says "Hol up a minute".

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington

    bugsnax OST is a best of RUSH album

  • Why so Serious
    Why so Serious

    Well as if i needed anymore reasons to love this game more..

  • эмуэр гос
    эмуэр гос

    I have a weak pc so, LOADING SCREENS...

  • Jordan Charles
    Jordan Charles

    Got me braking out into a full Pokémon theme song.

  • Tech Priest Halguan
    Tech Priest Halguan

    Don’t forget the fact that the ending just *EXISTS*

  • Will Lear
    Will Lear

    What is the clip at the end, guy smoking on the porch? I need to know, I does is have to know.

  • ZeeTheFuture

    I would NEVER play this game.

  • Ghejt

    Thought this game looked terrible in the launch trailer. Your video swayed me to make it the first game I play on my PS5 and I got the Platinum last night. Thank you, Shelby, for convincing me to have this wonderful experience

  • Cole

    Actually enjoying this game lol

  • Xavier Bullett
    Xavier Bullett

    You guys should review Astroneer

  • Malcolm Austin
    Malcolm Austin

    Bugsnax all the way down? LOVE THE REFERENCE A+++ 10/10 WOULD WATCH AGAIN

  • AndreiSG

    Hang on a sec, was that..... Roundabout?

  • Jérémie Bradette
    Jérémie Bradette

    What's the cutest game of 2020? Bugsnax What's the most disturbing game of 2020? ...........Bugsnax

  • Legume Duprix
    Legume Duprix

    You killed it with that Attenborough impression Shelby 😂

  • Naufal Rafi Difanka
    Naufal Rafi Difanka

    Bugsnax walked so Cyberpunk could run

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah

    You can be a voice actor!(:

  • Luke Scioscio
    Luke Scioscio

    Can Shelby please star in a Pixar or Disney animated movie? Thanks

  • Choink Boinks
    Choink Boinks

    I guess you are what you eat. Hehehehhee. Someone end my suffering

  • Inhale Burrito
    Inhale Burrito

    Shit yall should play Outerwilds

  • Jared S
    Jared S

    That Island of Dr Moreau joke made me laugh out loud at work. People lookin’ at me now.

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez

    Where's cold war? Is her boyfriend too scared

  • Sublime Subaru
    Sublime Subaru

    Ohh shit I was not ready for that Pulp Fiction clip, damn I love you two ❤ , is a Cold War singleplayer, zombies and multiplayer video or videos coming?

  • David Howe
    David Howe

    Lsd song best one yet 🎵

  • Oaks

    5:04 no waiting on loading screens when traveling between areas would've been nice, I played it on PS4 where loading a new area took like 30 seconds.

  • Gabe Acevedo
    Gabe Acevedo

    kinda bug kinda snack

  • Tholapsyx

    Please try out the Outer Wilds (NOT Outer Worlds). It's a transcendental space exploration puzzle game that is impossible to explain without spoiling. Looks like you love puzzles so I think you'll love it. And if you do, do yourself a favor and go in blind as a bat.

  • Bradley Maguire
    Bradley Maguire

    So cloudy with a chance of meatballs cross with Pokémon

  • B1LLyB.0.BBoy

    Can you guys review Spec Ops: The Line?

  • Ozan İnan
    Ozan İnan

    0:55 Bugstranding

  • Dhruv Paniker
    Dhruv Paniker

    Pls do a girlfriend review of doki doki literature club👀

  • Grungepiglet

    watching this while eating seemed safe at first. then the goldblum appeared.

  • Raul Reis
    Raul Reis

    Wow the man, the myth, the legend... Chris makes an appearance at the end 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Mezi Myst
    Mezi Myst

    I'm just here because of kero kero Bonito🥺

  • Simon C.S.
    Simon C.S.

    Demon's Souls review, when?

  • Superstringy

    Great video, had me in stitches! What was the source video of the guy spitting out the bug?! I died

  • The Experience Of The Life Of Living Flesh
    The Experience Of The Life Of Living Flesh


  • Orphan_Slayer69 4
    Orphan_Slayer69 4

    Cod cold war

  • Orphan_Slayer69 4
    Orphan_Slayer69 4

    Cold war

  • VillageIdiot

    Can u do genshin?

  • AhandsomeCorn Channel
    AhandsomeCorn Channel

    I didn't know you can sing so well, the first one I could even tell it was a parody song until you said lsd

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