Should Your Boyfriend Play Hitman III?
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The new year has started with a game. That was my first ever experience with Agent 47 and I laughed at how bananas he is, but my boyfriend felt a little more cranky about some of the design choices. Please enjoy this very silly episode of Girlfriend Reviews!
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    Tonight we are playing The Medium on Twitch! Should we review it though??? Tell us else what else to play! We're thinking of doing some classics soon. Skyrim finally?

    • Jack Sparrow
      Jack Sparrow

      I hope eventually you play every video game ever created and she makes the videos on every one of them

    • IAmOneWithTheCheese

      Kotor 1 and 2. For kotor 2 tlscrm mod.

    • Tokeyo Nico
      Tokeyo Nico

      The ending of this video deserved a sub from me lmaoooo

    • Caitlin Hyde
      Caitlin Hyde

      Play Ys 8 or 9! Or any Ys game.

    • J A
      J A

      Persona 5 royal! You won't regret it. It's a couple years old but it's probably one of the best rpgs I've ever played.

  • Lance Garcia
    Lance Garcia

    Matt, I hate to say this, but you're "yelling" is not yelling. And you spend enough time online that I have to believe you know that. Why are you trying to convince us that what you do is yelling?

  • Rodrigo Acosta
    Rodrigo Acosta

    "Hey what's going on?" *shovel to the face*

  • Amir B
    Amir B

    Did you just put the red dead 2 cover with generic guys holding guns HOW DARE YOU

  • caleb cancio
    caleb cancio

    0:51 oh ya luigi

  • Elizabeth Warwick
    Elizabeth Warwick

    Does he play warzone too?

  • Drunken_Moose_

    I love the editing, script, memes, gameplay and sounds. One of my favourite channels for content

  • Amania Miller
    Amania Miller

    I would like a video where you guys find Easter Eggs in video games. =)

  • Jason Marcil
    Jason Marcil

    7:46 has me rofl

  • Luis Armando
    Luis Armando

    Was Shelbyss plan to oush Luigi into the "Cool guy holding a gun" category?

  • Cameron Cox
    Cameron Cox

    do little nightmares 2

  • Azairti

    Ive discovered your channel recently, thought it was a joke but then I've caught up on all your videos I have to say, it was a load of fun. The commentary is tong in cheek but always aiming to convey a thought-out point, you guys mix meme with actual reflexions of what the piece of gaming your reviewing is/should be striving to be, in short I love your content. Keep it up and thanks for your work !

  • Gabrielle Dela Cruz
    Gabrielle Dela Cruz


  • Gabrielle Roxas
    Gabrielle Roxas


  • Gabrielle Roxas
    Gabrielle Roxas


  • Gabrielle Roxas
    Gabrielle Roxas


  • Gabrielle Roxas
    Gabrielle Roxas


  • Gabrielle Roxas
    Gabrielle Roxas

    Please do AC VALHALLA

  • GSN

    Where is Assassins Creed Valhalla

  • Djxdjjdj Sjsjdjdjdjd
    Djxdjjdj Sjsjdjdjdjd

    You are a little Bit lazzy....1 Video per Month....

  • Flamel VSDee
    Flamel VSDee

    Persona 5 Royal or Divnity Original Sin 2 are totally worth to give it a try.

  • kavish kripalani
    kavish kripalani

    Please do uncharted 2

  • Aayush Raj
    Aayush Raj

    Love the content, hope you guys have other hobbies cause it might get repetitive.

  • Hoplite76 _
    Hoplite76 _

    1:03 Seems like Mandalore has picked up a new alter ego

  • Graen Dread
    Graen Dread

    Thanks for pointing out that this game should not be bought - online Singleplayer, wtf's going on... O.o

  • Abdel Rahman Badr
    Abdel Rahman Badr

    Do hadess please

  • Brandon Janoski
    Brandon Janoski

    Yoo I just realized that cover art of Luigis Mansion. LMAO I had to google that to see if it was real.

  • Emanuel Torres
    Emanuel Torres

    Have the both of you, consider playing supergiant games, like Hades. I know is a rouge like Game, but give it a try anyway, you just might like it.

  • Javier Nuñez
    Javier Nuñez

    I would love to see ya review little nightmares 2 or both games if you choose

  • shounen17

    This video was not nearly long enough.

  • AstonishingREDD

    This game actually looks kinda trash honestly.

  • Jenny Peace
    Jenny Peace

    I love your channel! Thanks for all the laughs. Are you guys gonna do a Skyrim video?

  • Alan Samuel Gonzalez Quiroz
    Alan Samuel Gonzalez Quiroz

    Metroooo exoduuuuus

  • Alan Samuel Gonzalez Quiroz
    Alan Samuel Gonzalez Quiroz

    Metro exodus

  • Alan Samuel Gonzalez Quiroz
    Alan Samuel Gonzalez Quiroz

    Metro exodus

  • CPTxMcKnight

    Is anyone going to mention the Suicide contemplating Luigi?

  • Bradley Bobula
    Bradley Bobula

    It's so cute and scary

  • Bradley Bobula
    Bradley Bobula

    Play out pls omg play omori

  • Bradley Bobula
    Bradley Bobula

    Play omori plss

  • Bradley Bobula
    Bradley Bobula

    Play omori pls

  • Bradley Bobula
    Bradley Bobula

    Play omri

  • Bradley Bobula
    Bradley Bobula


  • Bradley Bobula
    Bradley Bobula

    Play omori

  • stiffycrust

    Do a review on persona 5 the royal

  • SneakySquidy

    Great stuff! Would also love to see your opinions on Age of Calamity :)

  • Gamer Girl Plays
    Gamer Girl Plays

    Dildos in Saints Row. Bananas in Hitman. Next thing you know, there will be toilet paper as a weapon in Halo.

  • jordnluce

    Review MINECRAFT! ha

  • TheArcSorcerer

    can you please review Friday Night Funkin'

  • Joshua Larsen
    Joshua Larsen

    I love watching these videos so much I’ll rewatch videos like crazy

  • Muhammad Zain Gohar
    Muhammad Zain Gohar

    Story cinematic of mine showed a full short video of past 2 installments. I have no idea why yours ended with just some texts.

  • firexheartedxmage

    Please do a review on Spider-Man miles morales! So far from watching my boyfriend play it and having played the OG myself, it’s a little lackluster. We are anxiously waiting your review!!

  • Gary the weirdo Gary the stupid squash
    Gary the weirdo Gary the stupid squash

    Can you guys play For honor or maybe Assassin’s creed Valhalla

  • covid 19
    covid 19

    Where is apex legends???

  • Joe Curwen
    Joe Curwen

    "I'm a hitman, but I'm a silly hitman."

  • George Sturges
    George Sturges

    you lost.

  • George Sturges
    George Sturges

    no touching.

  • Klára Vrlíková
    Klára Vrlíková


  • Thomas Dehetre
    Thomas Dehetre

    I think Shelby has an obsession with butts and poopoo. I watched several episodes in a row and it is a common theme lol 😆

  • Emir Çakır
    Emir Çakır

    do skyrim and dishonored

  • DoomSlayer

    should your boyfriend play bayonetta?

  • Victor Kling
    Victor Kling

    Make a no man’s sky video please

  • Mister

    Next thing you know "Mom reviews"

  • JDB

    Did somebody say... dressed as a chicken... Might i recommend looking up 'Wang Rong Rollin - Chick Chick (王蓉 - 小雞小雞) MV' on ALgone...

  • Breno Coutinho
    Breno Coutinho

    Please do Spiritfarer!!

  • Gus Pyfer
    Gus Pyfer

    Should your boyfriend play rocket league?

  • Dan Xander
    Dan Xander

    Just discovered this channel, been loving all the humor thrown into the reviews! I'm hoping to see you guys review Bayonetta/Secretary With Guns at some point, since it keeps getting call-outs in your other reviews! XD Looking forward to more!

  • Francisco Ramírez
    Francisco Ramírez

    Haven’t watched the video and already Liked it

  • Luke Ridger
    Luke Ridger

    I feel like I'm years late to this channel but it has quickly become my favourite. Your references and meme queen moments tickle me.

  • Kurt Baughman
    Kurt Baughman

    You're voice is so nice. You and your bf should narrate audiobooks together.

  • Ian Bright
    Ian Bright

    They've made how many Hitman games now and yet this thing plays like a pre-alpha. "It kinda works now so lets sell it!"

  • TurtleRed

    Play persona 5

  • Aaron Zalman
    Aaron Zalman

    1:16 lmao

  • Chirag

    girlfriend anime review when?

  • Kerem Anani
    Kerem Anani

    I am mostly watching these videos because i am honestly jealous of your relationship. I hope for the best the world can offer to you two.

  • Jason Gaming
    Jason Gaming

    Lol im new here

  • Matthew Zupan
    Matthew Zupan

    I’m sure y’all have gotten this a lot already, but I think you would love persona 5 royal as a backseat and frontseat gamer

  • droathsuperdad

    You have the best sense of humor and style when including hysterical cultural references. The script is whip smart and super funny. It’s an amazing channel you’ve built. Can’t wait to watch it all! Cheers!

  • Sourav Dhar
    Sourav Dhar

    Review Ori and the blind forest

  • jguitar151

    Yeah but when is this gonna become wife reviews?

  • Melissa Martinez
    Melissa Martinez

    Naruto storm?

  • Diego Schneider
    Diego Schneider

    Ok but when is the Girlfriend Reviews games awards 2020

  • Avneesh Dhar
    Avneesh Dhar

    At this point.... I admire her dream boyfriend she clickbaits in every video...

  • AlejoConejo2209

    Halo CE next?

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk

    Western box covers: typical guy w/ a gun

  • Sumher Brown
    Sumher Brown

    “he needs to wash his lil shoes off.” it’s the little comments that get me😂

  • Commander Kenobi
    Commander Kenobi

    I sometimes think that this game is more on the underrated side, wish this game was more popular, it's such a good game lol


    I agree with alot of things he's saying but on the other hand this is what games used to be like Remember Splinter cell. Most games these days are way over convoluted with just running & gunning doesn't really take a whole lot of work or thought to make a map were You just run & gun through in first person CALL OF DUTY

  • The Abortion
    The Abortion

    Hahaha that shovel spree was hilarious

  • yana xxi
    yana xxi

    punching sephiroth in the face 😂😂

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams

    Berlin is by far the best level in any Hitman game to date. Change my mind

  • Johannes Myburg
    Johannes Myburg

    Do assassin's creed rogue or black flag why don't you do older games it would be cool

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    it's 2021. How are video games STILL unable to allow the player speed match the speed of somebody you have to follow during the talky bits.

  • 80's what the heck
    80's what the heck

    can a boyfriend play team fortress 2

  • quineloe

    Day9 said it best: Hitman 3 is a comedy game where you do weird stuff and the game just rolls with it

  • Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank

    I love this channel

  • Abutu gaming
    Abutu gaming

    Y’all please check out my latest video and subscribe if you like video game reviews like that ❤️

  • VetchGex

    haha banana go brrrrrrr

  • wazzutroy

    Please do Little Nightmares 1 and 2 (coming out next week!) Love your channel! Watched every video even if I had no interest in the particular game you're covering 😂 so entertaining!

  • It’s me it’s not me
    It’s me it’s not me

    He killed sephiroth in one punch

  • Jacob Chavez
    Jacob Chavez

    Yah know what i think Matt should play is tf2 it’s by value 2

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