Should Your Boyfriend Play Cyberpunk 2077?
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Hey, chooms! We've finally finished our review of what it's like to live with someone who plays Cyberpunk 2077, but guess what? I played it too, so get ready for a very special episode of Girlfriend Reviews where we team up to pretty much doink everyone we can.
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

    Thanks for letting us take a little break over the holidays! We're feeling refreshed and ready for another great year of gaming. Let us know what big releases you want to see on this channel!

    • Bobby Albrecht
      Bobby Albrecht

      Immortals fenyx rising

    • Kakashi

      @Michael Levitan how would I know why u don't have a mil subs bro

    • Michael Levitan
      Michael Levitan

      @Kakashi why do I not have 1m subs?

    • Din Djarum
      Din Djarum

      You forgot his best movie. A walk in the clouds.

    • John Ayap
      John Ayap

      "I don't know who I am anymore".. wasn't that the Philosophy of the game...????

  • Cheeseburger

    3:12 quicksave cause i will come back

  • JOBreazy

    Anyone know the name of the song at 4:50 ?

  • M. Collier
    M. Collier

    NO JOKE! This is the best editing I've ever seen. This channel is amazing.... I'm super impressed.

  • Daniel San Pedro
    Daniel San Pedro

    This is definitely one of your top top videos. I love it!

  • AestheticV9

    8:15 had me dead 😂

  • Richard Stevens
    Richard Stevens


  • candyDander

    What a fun video!

  • Dillon Wheat
    Dillon Wheat

    Brilliantly executed Keanu movie reference montage

  • CDolphin

    I can confirm on the stopping part. My gf got gta5 and first thing she hit was the strip club. 😂

  • Bobby Albrecht
    Bobby Albrecht

    Johnny Tsunami! "Hey Pono"

  • Paweł Gaweł
    Paweł Gaweł

    I don;t usually comment on youtube videos but deeeeeeeamn, that was an entertaining one.

  • Dora Sapien
    Dora Sapien

    Where is, A walk in the clouds?? Keanu in his chocolate salesman prime!

  • Vesperitis

    4:24 You forgot how disgruntled players wanted The Replacements for their preorders, and the bugs made playing the game Always Be My Maybe.

  • Blaklyon Den Radio
    Blaklyon Den Radio

    If you ever wondered how corperation greed and consumer dishonesty can ruin a game, here you go... Cyberpunk 2077.

    • G Richard
      G Richard

      PRO TIP: Build a gaming PC. I've played 134 hours and I haven't even finished the 2nd main mission. I've only stumbled upon one small bug that affected the game play. This game is awesome.

  • Hayley Pond
    Hayley Pond

    This was not the game I played. Everything about Cyberpuck frustrated and angered me.

  • Dawie Nel
    Dawie Nel

    This was still one of the best games I have ever played. That said, I didn't have nearly as many issues as others and played it on a PC.

    • G Richard
      G Richard

      @The Quinlan Show Awww, did mommy not give you ice cream with your cake like she promised? This game is mind-blowingly huge. I've played 134 hours and I just started the 2nd main mission. (some) Gamers are the most thin-skinned entitled little effers on the planet.

    • The Quinlan Show
      The Quinlan Show

      @G Richard I'm not talking about bugs, about half of the content that was promised to be in the game just straight up wasn't there at launch and still isn't there. CDPR false advertised a game and now they're facing multiple lawsuits because of it

    • G Richard
      G Richard

      @The Quinlan Show He's playing on PC.

    • The Quinlan Show
      The Quinlan Show

      Did you only start playing games this year? This game is literally not finished and you're eating that shit up

  • Nickolas Buonarati
    Nickolas Buonarati

    Forgot Constantine

  • Aundra Drake
    Aundra Drake

    Damn they did my boy Charlie dirty😂

  • Colton Crawley
    Colton Crawley

    0:28 there is zero deference between the first two pictures

  • AJ

    I never knew Keanu was in so many films

  • Mars KXNG
    Mars KXNG

    *CD Projekt Red Devs* 2022 sounds like a good release date *CD Projekt Red Management* How about 2020?

  • WAtth3n

    This was hilarious omg

  • Gabrielle Roxas
    Gabrielle Roxas


  • Gabrielle Roxas
    Gabrielle Roxas


  • TheLegendOfJoel

    I had coffee emerge from my nostrils at 7:07. Thanks for that.

  • Game Lore Archives
    Game Lore Archives

    What's the song at 4:59 I recognize it and cant put my finger on it.

  • jamvng

    Yes the character moments and scenes, and great writing is what made this game still very good for me. Good writing in AAA RPGs don't come often. What was the last one of this caliber in that regard? Witcher 3? Mass Effect 2? Yeah they aren't common, that's why I still loved my time with Cyberpunk, even if it was overhyped and all the bugs (luckily I had very little on PC).

  • Guillermo Varini
    Guillermo Varini

    Wow. Just Wow. The review of the fallen order and this game, full of bugs and lies. Just WOW ...

  • Icakie E
    Icakie E

    Why are there so many dislikes????

  • stiffycrust

    Do a review on persona 5

  • Joey McDonnell
    Joey McDonnell

    Atreus is best companion of all time. Just wanted to say that. The scene where they take out Baldur is epic. Ellie is amazing too but more in a story way. Atreus was just so badass to have by my side.

  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher

    Cyberpunk we'll bang ok

  • Elie

    wtf is this.

  • punchtothegut

    00:26 anyone else think Shelby and Liquorice are based in wisconsin based off that accent?

  • Deltazeta

    "What in the cocaine are you talking about?" haha I'm gonna start using that from now on 🤣

  • Jon Berry
    Jon Berry

    I was not prepared for you to be this funny

  • punchtothegut

    00:10 anyone else think Shelby is AMAZING at wordplays with changing titles and words of other songs to fit her game reviews? todd howard as the lying king? genius, and at 3:40 all the stringing of keanu's roles like that???

  • Soul Al
    Soul Al

    yo what slang is that 0:25 - 0:30 so freaking cute.

  • Sreya Rao
    Sreya Rao

    Thought "long and hard"...? THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.

  • Charles Clark
    Charles Clark

    I am loving your reviews. The Keanu movie montage wordplay had me aghast and oh so pleased.

  • Lee Stanford
    Lee Stanford

    I have to confess I watched "Little Buddha" half a dozen times in my 20s in my buddhist phase.

  • Nikola Petrović
    Nikola Petrović

    Lol, I never had a girlfriend so I can play whatever I want😂

  • Wilbur Castillo
    Wilbur Castillo

    Some great stuff there with the creative Keanu Reeves filmography integration into the script. As always, thanks for the entertaining vid.

  • free9174

    A lot of times I watch your vids just to get a feel for games I’ll probably never play, but this time I actually want to go play the game. Sounds cool.

  • Milenime YT
    Milenime YT

    What if we give a cdprojeck more time so they can fix the bugs of this game and expirience maybe mush better

  • Michael McClelland
    Michael McClelland

    Great clip use and commentary as usual! ;-)

  • Big D
    Big D

    Cyberpunk was good, even with all the bugs and broken stuff... but the cut content, censorship, lifeless open world, definitely hurt the experience... :(

  • Katie S
    Katie S

    When I learned judy would like my female V.... I had to get the game

  • C C
    C C

    Not going into what it should have been really this isn't even a review

  • J T
    J T

    My fave side character is BOI because I swear to good I would slay so many titans for him it's a brilliant and a believable character

  • Bishwapriyo Sarkar
    Bishwapriyo Sarkar

    The beginning The interlude And The finale of this video All of it had its best vibe

  • Jessie Fallins
    Jessie Fallins

    Keanu monologue was beyond amazing. Perfect. Subscribe and like!

  • Caio Santos
    Caio Santos

    "Cyberpunk was awesome. You know what else is awesome?" From what you said about this game I expected the answer to be "polyamory" but whatever I guess raycon works too

  • Trevor Omondi
    Trevor Omondi

    I see a thumbnail with Panam, i don't think twice

  • Alin Friedman
    Alin Friedman

    You're good, you're really good. Great content

  • Bradley Judge
    Bradley Judge

    Okay seriously.. what a monologue! That was impressive. How movie titles did you manage to tie in to that? Word play on a level that I've never seen before. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Anindhya Verma
    Anindhya Verma

    Console players get one game bad and they lose their shit

  • Greg Kiss
    Greg Kiss

    This game is to buggy and hot at the same time. Even our Galxy can't handle this.

  • Paul V
    Paul V

    Second playthrough I have multiple fits and only wear appropriate attire for each one. nevermind the stats. and cant believe you missed the core mechanic of the game, pushing elevator buttons! P.S: i love this game so much! (haha duckhunter :)) )

  • Blackjack Hearts
    Blackjack Hearts

    Ur best

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak

    This review is the worst. Stop saying this game is good. This is the worst piece of shit I played recently

  • Joshua Gooding
    Joshua Gooding

    Comparing Judy and penis having V to Brienne and Tormund made me wake up my cat cackling!!

  • sebasgr87

    It´s really sad that you guys think people are mad at CDProkectRed just because of "omg hyped game so much"

  • Plathismo

    Good on you guys for not jumping on the YT hate train for this title. The game may be undercooked, but it's still pretty juicy.

  • Lipot

    Circle of Games, hahaha! Great!

  • Goldrabbit

    Goddammit.. Now I really wanna hear "Clubbed to death" in the actual game! Fits kinda well~

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Funniest Cyberpunk video of all time 😂😂 + I think i have a Crush on your girlfriend.

  • Charlie Hawk
    Charlie Hawk

    Little Buddha

  • One nacho 123
    One nacho 123

    Cyberpunk is great!!! But,... it’s not the RPG they promised the people who waited all those years. It’s a great action/adventure

  • Ivaz Dranoel
    Ivaz Dranoel

    Man so overly defensive for a game that over promised and under delivered

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      We have an entire other video about the corpo mistakes. But we thought what we did get was still a pretty amazing game. Not sure how that's defensive. Maybe you are being a little too offensive?

  • Corxeth 117
    Corxeth 117

    you forgot Knock Knock

  • Nathan Coley
    Nathan Coley

    Not gonna lie, I also tried banging all options. 😂🤣

  • Gus

    What's the song at 07:24?

  • Aaron Truelove-Chalakee
    Aaron Truelove-Chalakee

    I know I’m nitpicking...but no Replacements reference?


    I've been playing Cyberpunk almost every day since it released. Wake me up when it's not popular to hate on this game anymore.

    • enid

      I'm one of the few lucky people who went in to the game without prior knowledge, and i love the game too! I'm about to start my 5th playthrough

  • MrFarkasOfficial

    lol my gf says the exact same things. Adorable.

  • Knight

    This is a mastapiece

  • leonard

    Eliie eww

  • Dustin Taylor
    Dustin Taylor

    Yooo that Keanu movie story you told was soo dope I wish I could press a super like button!! Y'alls word play and writing is so on point and every one can relate to something you say and show. Much love guys and how you handle him with the sexual themes are just unbelievable and hilarious how you handled it!!

  • KawaiiCollector

    I spent 9 minutes watching a video that told me absolutely nothing about the actual gameplay. Good video tho

  • Keldrif Darkflame
    Keldrif Darkflame

    This is rare for me but that Keanu bit 10/10!

  • biscuit consumer
    biscuit consumer

    This game is really a banger 👀

  • n graner
    n graner

    Though Keanu is a great choice, they really should have went with Tricia Helfer. She has experience in the roll and is better looking.

  • Mr Guy
    Mr Guy

    Thanks for betraying ray jay

  • aurora skateboards
    aurora skateboards

    this is the best video game content on youtube hands down

  • AeneasGemini

    Have to say, not being able to romance Judy as male V was the worst part of the game

  • kyle chester
    kyle chester


  • Ainsley the meat rubber
    Ainsley the meat rubber

    I didn't take take part in the hype train, yet im still slightly disappointed. They released the game too early!

  • Ender

    all right now, after you went on a tirade throughout keanus whole filmography and put it in "context", i subscribed!

  • M M
    M M

    You gonna do ac Valhalla?

  • Husckle2

    It's ding Dong time My girl friend looks at me: what are you watching Me: I don't even know anymore

  • Ryan Jansen
    Ryan Jansen

    The Keanu movie montage was facking spectacular 👌

  • ShinjiIkari66

    "hey guess what i don't wear socks with sandals ya idiot" Me in a nutshell:I feel very attacked!!!!

    • Noah Smith
      Noah Smith

      @Flangelus I’m half Russian, don’t know if that helps validate my heathenism

    • Flangelus

      hahaa I'm wearing socks and sandals right now... and I'm not even German

  • amah91

    Nah, totally disagree. this game made me exceptionally uncomfortable and feel weird about my bf hoping his character would bang another character.... like wtf this made me feel super unattractive and self conscious with how every women was perfect looking. Plus the story was predictable and not that great in my opinion

  • Barton Williams
    Barton Williams

    Maybe my favorite review yet, keep em coming!

  • Tully Addison-Dean
    Tully Addison-Dean

    are there any more Keanu movies?

  • Nate Chinman
    Nate Chinman

    Please review Outer Wilds. It’s good. Like really, really, really good. I also think Shelby will like it. It would make me happy, but do what you want. I love your channel!

  • Marcus MIDI
    Marcus MIDI

    This is a brilliant video!! :D

  • aguyfromnothere

    Ellie sucks

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