Should Your Girlfriend Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons?
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My boyfriend reviews what it's like to live with someone who plays Animal Crossing. It's time for the moment you've been waiting for!
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  • Victor Xu
    Victor Xu

    Touching everything...

  • Prime87

    3:36 Die-inside-Simulator2020

  • Gaming By Frankie
    Gaming By Frankie

    5 Star Man got me good 😂😂

  • Kokiri Child
    Kokiri Child

    can yo believe,....I'm a girl who love video games, but don't like this one!!

  • C D
    C D

    You guys are hilarious

  • Pakman's little bot
    Pakman's little bot

    So, wait. This is Stardew Valley, but more grindy and without the dungeon?

    • Pakman's little bot
      Pakman's little bot

      @Louisa Greer Ngl, hitting on the villagers is 60% of the appeal in Stardew xD

    • Louisa Greer
      Louisa Greer

      Also you can't seduce the villagers. That would be awkward

  • Manuel Fernandez
    Manuel Fernandez

    "shit no man you could get your ass kicked saying something like that"

  • Jenny Peace
    Jenny Peace

    Could you guys do an island tour for the 1 year anniversary???

  • ultimata

    My best female friend got a switch for a good price. She never played video games in her life before. It's funny to see what she likes and how she plays. I tought, which game could she like? So i bought her animal crossing for her birthday and she adores it. She is litteraly obsessed with it

    • richard polygamy
      richard polygamy

      Females amirite

  • Nikky K
    Nikky K

    You can switch the tools by pressing the left and right ◀️▶️ buttons instead of opening up the wheel.

  • g o
    g o

    ive been laughing the whole videoooo lmaoooooooooooooo

  • Patrick Kilduff
    Patrick Kilduff

    Did you know that the song goes, 'It's a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood...' and not THE neighborhood? Yeah...I found that out recently and was sure it said THE...but nope...he never sings that....Mandela effect.

  • Ave Lye
    Ave Lye

    The gameplay between him and his Gf is cute.

  • Carolyn Laws
    Carolyn Laws

    As much as I enjoy this game- I think part of the appeal is that it takes so long to do things-it slows you down so it’s relaxing. It’s not fast paced or stressful

  • Ahri Chan
    Ahri Chan

    Actually... My boyfriend loves to watch me playing animal crossing :3

  • thunderlink

    That was refreshing new

  • Carlos Rios
    Carlos Rios

    That intro alone made me subscribe

  • Will Cordell
    Will Cordell

    Too much fishing? Or too many movie references every other minute YIKES

  • zack phy
    zack phy

    Yea I've always hated this game, even when I was a little kid and played the GameCube one. I remember renting it from Blockbuster and being like what the actual f is this crap lol. And I was like 10 at the most. It was, by FAR, the single most boring thing I'd ever played, and I used to play those crappy licensed Tiger electric games like Aladdin and Lion King.

  • Adams Brew
    Adams Brew

    4 days in on New Horizons and I already hate money rocks. I always see em as a waste of good potential iron ore rocks. My deep sea diving takes care of the money prob.

  • Emily Turner
    Emily Turner

    Now breed them roses to get gold and invest in turnips

  • Dylan Denny
    Dylan Denny

    1:43 GEORGE CARLIN!!!

  • Emma Tipping
    Emma Tipping

    Finally got my own switch just so could play this 😍 had to come back a rewatch.

  • Sarah Saunders
    Sarah Saunders

    after over 50 years of never playing a videogame, and spending almost 30 complaining about how much my father and I play them my mother picked up Animal Crossing, and she visits her island every day and strong arms us to check turnip prices. It's wonderful.

  • Eleazar Rojas
    Eleazar Rojas

    I don't even care about the game, you guys are just so much fun!

  • Athena Tran
    Athena Tran

    Reminds me of Dunkey’s comment “The difference with Animal Crossing is that if I talk shit about it, Leah would shoot me. ... I give it a 4 -what?? -a 5, outta 5” 🤣

  • Martin

    "A big club..... and YOU ain't in it" I lost it, I was on the floor laughing my ass off.

  • Gab G
    Gab G

    I tried playing ACNH for a couple of hours. Wasn't for me. I found the lack of cartoon violence disturbing. Don't get me wrong. I love the graphics and how cute it all looks. But I would rather play Dragon Quest cuz like Ron Swanson would put it, "It's like (ACNH) but I still get to kill something."

  • qrpnxz

    I was waiting for that Pink Floyd punchline to drop SO HARD. ;(

  • Damien Paxton
    Damien Paxton

    4:51 Are the clouds in that wallpaper moving?

  • _ SPT-Wolf79 _
    _ SPT-Wolf79 _

    The closest I've come to playing Animal Crossing was I watched my best friend play some version on the GameCube and he repeatedly hit a tree with a shovel until he was chased and attacked by a swarm of angry bees.

  • Timo Kampwerth
    Timo Kampwerth

    Ok, genuine request here. Can someone who likes animal crossing explain the allure to me? My fiance loves it, my sister loves it and both of them had roundabout the same reaction as Shelby during that trailer: *sharp inhale* "A LADDER?" and i just don't get it. I enjoyed Stardew Valley and Harvest moon for what they were, they are nowhere near my favorite games list but they were fun little farming and township simulators and i can see why some players like and love those games. I also tried Animal Crossing and wanted to shoot myself. I played for a week and the point of the game seems to be to inconvinience you at any turn while also being obnoxiously cutesy about it. All while celebrating features, such as a Ladder, the other games of it's type have had for a decade or longer like they reinvented the wheel whilst standing next to a car. I'm not trying to dump on it, if you enjoy a game go and enjoy it! You do you. But to me it plays lile Harvest Moon / Stardew Valles on tranquilizers minus the farming. So it boils down to a very tedious and artificially slowed down collectable grind. I don't get it. But I want to. Aside from "modern realistic" shooters (CoD, BF etc) this is the one game where I just don't understand the allure. So if some kind soul would have mercy on me and try to explain the allure of it, I'll gladly listen.

  • Gido

    I thought Nintendo was supposed to have that legendary polish. How do they explain that laundry list of horse shit game design?

  • David Dunmer
    David Dunmer

    That office space dialogue was so well used. See.. do more of these reviews. Don't try to butt in with regular game reviews. That's not what your channel is about.

  • Danilos S
    Danilos S

    How the tablesturn

  • Aavishkar Singh
    Aavishkar Singh

    Link saving hyrule and club of you're not invited 😂

  • Frostyblade 88
    Frostyblade 88

    Hearing Matt say how the fishing puns were annoying brought me right back to Yahtzees zp review of animal crossing, and at that moment I realised Boyfriend reviews should be a thing. This was hilarious

  • Amy Miller
    Amy Miller

    Okay okay, Subbed. (Mostly because of the Trailer Park boys insert) Really though, solid, entertaining content. 😂

  • Sam

    this game was made to waste people's time and make them pay $60 bucks for it

  • James Arthur
    James Arthur

    Those laughs are so wholesome

  • etan etan
    etan etan

    lol, you explained this very well. I finally get it, lol! I was wondering what it was all about.

  • ShenaniKenZ

    That intro was not fun

  • Jono D
    Jono D

    @3:40 Is Matt making a Pink Floyd reference.

  • MrLeonthepro

    Love the TPB reference........... I’ve been saying that to people for years. Most of them don’t know what I’m on about.

  • Keith Buesse
    Keith Buesse

    Those crafting complaints sound exactly like Breath of the Wild's cooking system, which really annoyed the hell out of me with how clunky and needlessly slow it was.

  • James Fifer
    James Fifer

    The office space reference was sheer gold. Plus the LOTR references will make my gf immediately love this video 😂👍🏻🤙🏻

  • Tarragon Powder
    Tarragon Powder

    Date and Time Zone: Los Angeles, Vancouver. From the far lands of United States of the Canadian Bear Republic

  • Jesus Diaz
    Jesus Diaz

    When my girlfriend got this game I wanted to die


    The acapella song made me laugh nonstop for 4 minutes

  • •

    The amount of work she puts in this game is so cute and useless♥

  • Abram Francis Black
    Abram Francis Black

    The solid 30 second intro. Matt you genius bastard.

  • Bunch Of Videos
    Bunch Of Videos

    The intro of him singing made me unsub lel

    • Bunch Of Videos
      Bunch Of Videos

      @Girlfriend Reviews bruh, was a joke tbh can't unsub from this

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      Who, the guy from spongebob? Because that was from spongebob lol

  • Luo Ziv
    Luo Ziv

    animal crossing is the worst 60$ I ever spent

  • RD H
    RD H

    I only wish the Doom Slayer could sly the islands (THE PEOPLE IN THE ISLAND..S!!!!

  • Olsun

    This is why I didint like Animal crossing. ITS A CHORE NOT A GAME

  • W rex
    W rex

    At 3:34 is time by pink Floyd

  • Kai Koehler
    Kai Koehler

    The man is spitting straight facts

  • Tom Louis Müller
    Tom Louis Müller

    0:49 This DADALATALADADAATADA goes on for 31 seconds.

  • Conner 1234
    Conner 1234

    What the clip of “I’d stab him” from?

  • Choklez

    Should I buy it? And amazing video 😂

  • Killer Bunni
    Killer Bunni

    "But apparently nothing compares to Isabelle just existing"

  • Elias Solorzano
    Elias Solorzano

    The fact that he actually called a fisherman 🤣🤣🤣

    • Fajar Adi
      Fajar Adi

      Dude... It's Seth Rogen voice. I just can't tell from what movie it was taken.

  • HellsDementedSong

    It’s true. Animal crossing is not really the kind of game you can backseat game with considering it is really boring to watch. Really fun to play but not so much fun to just watch. I’m just grateful my boyfriend isn’t trying to tell me how to play this game “right” since I’m an animal crossing expert.😁

  • Floyd Hoelzl
    Floyd Hoelzl

    Love the spongebob reference

  • Osinacho GAMER
    Osinacho GAMER

    I actually like your synical perspective more than GFR tbh... Not to sound rude.

  • Osinacho GAMER
    Osinacho GAMER

    3:53 This line has made me want more boyfriend reviews lol.

  • DragonWaffleZ

    yes, she should play whatever she wants.

  • Paul Parker
    Paul Parker

    I just proper lold at that bit where he called the fisherman

  • co0ki3M0NstAr

    I agree it SUPER HOLDS YOUR HAND AND ASKS YOU A MILLION QUESTIONS just to craft a fishing net

  • co0ki3M0NstAr

    Whoaaaa i never caught an ore fish that was sweet

  • co0ki3M0NstAr

    Dude said manual labor lmao. She need more profiles n to make money trees. Or collect quality bugs and fish and wait till flick and CJ each to visit your Island

  • Matthias R.
    Matthias R.

    So... just dance is next right...?

  • Jessica-Lynn Warren
    Jessica-Lynn Warren

    It would be really fun for Shelby to make her BF participate in her passions like musical theater. "Should You Watch Hamilton with your Girlfriend"? or "Should your Girlfriend watch Cats?"

  • profezzorBALTAZAR

    I would prefer all the things he pointed out to be "fixed", then me and my kids may have enjoyed it more🤔

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen

    Them: talking bout mr Rogers neighbourhood Me a gen z kid who’s nostalgic for the movie aliens in the attic

  • Benjamin Ray
    Benjamin Ray

    More please

  • Christopher Tryhorn
    Christopher Tryhorn

    Girlfriend reviews is hilarious but we need more boyfriend reviews on our lives

  • mimi

    3:50 I must know if that was a sea bass or a coelacanth! 😅

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington

    Nerdiesss be nerdiesss.

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones

    3:50 this sequence with the 51 years reference, it unlocked a level of laughter in me that I did not know even existed. This is just an amazing channel all around; talent, wit, and heart always in generous abundance.

  • Big Fat Al
    Big Fat Al

    Absolutely adored this video. 🤣

  • PJ Edwards
    PJ Edwards

    The fact that this game ever sold a single copy is PROOF that men and women are different.

  • Vesperitis

    0:50 what the heckie is this from? it's hilarious.

    • Uncle Urda
      Uncle Urda

      I’ve never seen someone on the internet not know this Spongebob reference

  • MJTheEnigma

    I don’t know why but there’s something deeply, VISCERALLY funny about that clip of tiger king with “six year olds” superimposed over it that I keep coming back to even seven months later.

  • mdredheadguy1979

    Wait, Shelby paid Matt to get off her island and not touch anything, then she comes over to his island and does the very thing he was asked not too, and she calls HIM a grouchy old man? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Oh well, at least they managed to weather the storm as a couple. Right?

  • D B
    D B

    What's the outro song??? I've been skimming through animal crossing music for an hour and I can't find it. =[

  • Briley Wells
    Briley Wells

    The SpongeBob reference had me dead

  • Charley Ball
    Charley Ball

    Loved this! 😃

  • Mama Luigi
    Mama Luigi

    I played Animal Crossing for like a day when it first came out And I stopped because I got really bored

  • Isaac R
    Isaac R

    The spongebob waiting thing had me dying hahahaha!!!

  • HeftyOwl

    I actually cried listening to Shelby sing Mr.Rogers Theme song. That was the cutest thing I have heard in a long time.

  • manofglass _
    manofglass _

    This intro was so good 🤣

  • David Lavender
    David Lavender

    What is the sound effect from the intro of Boyfriend Reviews?

  • Brian Taylor Kinney
    Brian Taylor Kinney

    Have seen your gfs videos. She's great! Also couple here that both plays acnh and we totally agree with a lot of your gripes.

  • Isabelle

    look sometimes those imp be getting in annoying places

  • A U
    A U

    th I was expecting a girl

  • Hallow Jupiter
    Hallow Jupiter

    Is no one going to talk about the fact that She sounded like jaiden animations when she took back over? cause I really thought it was jaiden at first

  • Daniel Maciel
    Daniel Maciel

    Let's all give a round of applause to Shelby for the amazing voice work she dedicates to this channel. Matt is fine, don't take me wrong, but it's an entirely different experience to have Shelby on. Great example of how to create amazing content playing to people's strengths. (Matt's editing is godlike, btw. Just want to put it out there not to give the impression I'm dissing the guy. It's just that Shelby keeps saying that Matt does everything, but this video definitively proved that's not true :D).

  • Luke Mooney
    Luke Mooney

    matt went so hard on acnh that shelby didn't let him boyfriend reviews anymore :(

  • Jason Ringhofer
    Jason Ringhofer

    “So immersed in the game she talks about them like real people” Sounds like you with stardew valley