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The Playstation 5 has been announced and even though we are super excited, we can't just not make fun of it.
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  • Mihai Anca
    Mihai Anca

    Back here to relive what a good PS event is like...

  • osiris1309

    When I first read about Microsoft buying up many gaming studios, I figured this would be the end of PS, but I'm honestly surprised to see PS5 beating XBOX series X in sales/demand, yet again.

  • Cheeseburger

    why show tim cook when you say microsoft

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      Cause it's funny

  • J T
    J T

    Thoughts on the GoW Ragnarok teaser?

  • J T
    J T

    Thoughts on the GoW Ragnarok teaser?

  • Pedrus

    talk about bugsnax

  • sarkasmt2

    "Now Injustice has forced us into our streets" Jokes on you, Shelby, I hate BLM and think they're up to 99% bull crap :D

  • Ben Clementz
    Ben Clementz

    Shelby is starting a revolution the boyfriends shall watch not play for any longer

  • roseproto

    The sting cameo thing was lol 😂

  • Tapewaster

    Make a "should your boyfriend help you beat ori and the willow of the wisps"

  • Monray kiarie
    Monray kiarie

    PS 5 is the greatest thing that ever been introduced to this planet 💜💜

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & Groot

    *0:09* *Nah Injustice just gave people excuse to steal some Jordan's..*

  • Kai Koehler
    Kai Koehler


  • Mohammed hasan
    Mohammed hasan

    lol that was tim cook ceo of apple

  • Orosz Tamás
    Orosz Tamás

    I love that you guys didn't recognize Demon's Souls on reveal and now it's one of Matt's favourites (2nd fav of this year behind CP 2077?)

  • Yafet Kibrom
    Yafet Kibrom

    Didn't she kind of blow her cover as just the "Girlfriend of a gamer" by mentioning she expected bully 2 game that is 2 console generations ago

  • inch worm
    inch worm

    Watching their initial reaction to Bugsnax after they've released the review for it is so cute :D

  • Dressier Jester
    Dressier Jester

    Oh that's so cool, I was watching that same live stream on ALgone as well. It's amazing how the internet let's people all over the world watch things together as a collective.

  • OmegaDaBoi

    Xbox is the future of gaming, ps lied

    • C1B-7- Manith Reddy
      C1B-7- Manith Reddy

      lol it isn't

  • Bima Sudiarto
    Bima Sudiarto

    I canceled my PS5 order and bought Mac Mini M1, instead. Heheh. Works come first. My PS4 is still good.

  • INFJ Elphaba Supporter
    INFJ Elphaba Supporter

    Forget "Play has no limits" Reality is *"Stock has limits"*

  • Mateo Gros-Slovinsky
    Mateo Gros-Slovinsky

    The disrespect for little big planet is making me die inside

  • Son Rise Apiaries
    Son Rise Apiaries

    Get married

  • Elena

    did she say "no I wanna be the gimp"?

  • Shrederman

    Ori and the breath of the pikmin

  • Hidr

    I keep rewatching this video because of Shelby singing out of nowhere at 4:38. It cracks me up everytime.

  • Devilbrine

    «Oh hey! A cute video to enjoy for a little bit! Y’know, AS A DISTRACTION?»

  • WeeWeeJumbo

    Update: Halo Infinite is nowhere in sight and you absolutely LOVE Bugsnax

  • AmigosdelCine

    who is here after the Bugsnax video

  • Alexandre Malboeuf
    Alexandre Malboeuf

    You’re amazing, I love you and your content so much I’m so happy I just found this channel been loving so many of your videos 💖

  • Raul Guimaraes
    Raul Guimaraes

    Why didn't you say anything about Demon's Souls? If i didn't know better I would say that you are waiting for the release... Other than that I very much enjoy your videos, you guys net an old Brasilian subscriber.

  • É.T is home or not
    É.T is home or not

    Microsoooooooft "shows a picture of Tim cooks"

  • braxinIV

    “MICROSOFT!” Tim Apple like, uuuuuh.

  • The iSheep
    The iSheep

    why did you show Tim Cook when talking about Microsoft???

  • Giovanni Jacobs
    Giovanni Jacobs

    it's better than ps4 by1 hahahaha

  • Jefferson Santos
    Jefferson Santos

    Watching this again after managing to preorder a PS5. only made my anxiety worse...

  • Nick Bellomo
    Nick Bellomo

    Why waste the money and still be limited instead of shelling out the money for a gamer pc with modes for days and same games.

    • Frank Paul
      Frank Paul

      PlayStation exclusives. Can’t play those on PC

  • Yancy Stamper
    Yancy Stamper

    That Sting reference!!! On point!

  • Zachary Zivalich
    Zachary Zivalich

    The execution of that back to the future and Linus reference was so perfect you should really be proud of that like damn.

  • Nader Khouri
    Nader Khouri

    Did you actually just fully gloss over Demon Souls reveal with a hard cut🥺

    • Frank Paul
      Frank Paul

      Not everyone likes that game.

  • sun praiser
    sun praiser

    Stray gets announced Shelby: look at me I'm the boyfriend now

  • Juan Barraza
    Juan Barraza

    I only thing I want was Horizon 2 & it’s going to be released on PS4. I’ll hold off on PS5 for now.


    Why didn't you touch on the Demon's Souls remake more?

    • Frank Paul
      Frank Paul

      They don’t like it.

  • Alex Storr
    Alex Storr

    I love your channel. No need to elaborate really.

  • Yeahsure

    The back to the future cutaway was so epic. I've been on both sides of that type of thing now as the kids or the adult. So relatable.

  • godmaster20

    “Halo Impotent” XD

  • DerpNation

    little does she know xbox will have the next doom...

    • C1B-7- Manith Reddy
      C1B-7- Manith Reddy

      lol didn't daddy phil Spencer say exclusives are anti consumer

    • Jamie

      I feel that's childish on microsofts end. Making a game that's always been for both consoles not just to force people to your because they have played that series (before you But Sony's always done that. Yea they have but it's been on games that had always been exclusives) so idk I just find it kinda akward even if I never enjoyed the doom series like some

  • Alan Gresov
    Alan Gresov

    "It has games people wanna play MICROsoft" Ooh boy counting chickens and all that

  • Ella Preuss
    Ella Preuss


  • Kehinde O
    Kehinde O

    you said microsoft but showed tim cook..... Did I miss that joke?

  • alienman

    Also Playstation Now is for idiots

    • Jamie

      @alienman I've tryed sending a response multiple times now but it's being wierd. Please do come up with a better argument before calling people stupid

    • alienman

      @Jamie you couldnt manage to quote me accurately. Lmfao

    • Jamie

      See I wouldn't listen to someone who's best response was "playstation is for idiots" you don't have a argument you and you go ahead and call someone a idiot for no real reason.

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment

      Ok buddy

  • alienman

    3 to 4 was a big leap . 4pro to 5 is a dickhole move.


    if only they had waited and found out about the zenimax media acquisition by microsoft

  • Space Citizen
    Space Citizen

    Only way PlayStation will stand a chance against Xbox is if they slap a Supreme sticker on it

    • Jamie

      Agree to disagree

  • Willy Pro
    Willy Pro

    Hey don't be making fun of Gran turismo 7

  • Jeremy Brauner
    Jeremy Brauner

    Editing is on point

  • Samurai Goose
    Samurai Goose

    Xbox sux

  • Dezzyx

    You know it's funny when you watch it twice in a row

  • Irvin Garcia
    Irvin Garcia

    Xbox review???

  • king squidward EPIC
    king squidward EPIC

    When is rockstar gonna get of their asses and stop releasing the same game that came out in what? 2013!???! Holy shit they really need to make 6.

  • methjuice

    why does her boyfriend sound like yandere Dev

  • Bryan Elvis Pacheco
    Bryan Elvis Pacheco

    This is the only girl friend I have 😂😢🤣😭😅😓

  • Woosh Karen
    Woosh Karen

    Is this Jenna marbles secret account lol

  • jmiogo

    Girlfriend should release a gaming parody song album.

  • James J
    James J

    I’ll be moving my truck to get a new truck and then I’m ready for work I’ll call you tomorrow yyytytyyyy

  • Danny Rodriguez
    Danny Rodriguez

    "It has game people want to play MICROSOFT" *Shows picture of Tim Cook*

  • these101

    "You can play, sackboy" :-D omg, i love this channel

  • Finn russell
    Finn russell

    No god of war reaction

  • Tin Dang
    Tin Dang

    Please play demon souls

  • holodoctor1

    Jim Sony, you ole’ flirt!

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy

    I can’t wait to play Cyberpunk on it

  • Tangrila

    uhm excuse me. you are the kitty.

  • Jeff Butler
    Jeff Butler

    I love your channel so much. You guys are hilarious and awesome and I’m so glad I found you guys.

  • badmonkey222

    She sounds like someone's non-gaming boyfriend

  • Javier Mirabal
    Javier Mirabal

    Then Microsoft buy Bethesda

    • Manith Reddy M
      Manith Reddy M

      And what did that do

  • Dyan Poot
    Dyan Poot

    What about GOD OF WAAAARR

  • Anchit Khatta 1812
    Anchit Khatta 1812

    How could u not talk about fuckin Demon souls... Literally the best looking game here

    • Anchit Khatta 1812
      Anchit Khatta 1812

      @Frank Paul well they loved I guess they might wanna play demon souls

    • Frank Paul
      Frank Paul

      I don’t think they like that game.

  • Fix

    talkin; bout bug snax

  • Immanuel Ivanovich
    Immanuel Ivanovich

    She said, "Halo Impotent" What shade!

  • Frosty Yogurt
    Frosty Yogurt

    ouoooo bugsnax...

  • Flamengo91

    The Sting piece had me dying... Shelby, you’re so funny. 🤣😂

  • AsianboyMandude

    liked because of 2:25

  • Eswar Sunder
    Eswar Sunder

    Wait.. DId she say "Microsoft" and show Apple CEO??

  • Thomas Burke
    Thomas Burke

    I come from the future to say, god damn the games look amazing! God of war 5!

  • Matthew Walsh
    Matthew Walsh

    0:14 - Is that a signed picture of Troy Baker doing a David Copperfield impression??

  • Michael Reilly
    Michael Reilly

    Was kinda curious to see what they thought of FFXVI...

  • Jarie Suicune
    Jarie Suicune

    That was a great review! Still never getting a Playstation.

  • Yangadem Enak
    Yangadem Enak

    Grand Tourismo 7 Me: Woah, the audio engineering is so amazing She: I'm bored and at least give me a music! Me: Well, I think she don't like kind of these games and because there's no music in the gameplay :(

  • undercoversuit

    Shelby be like "look at me, I am the boyfriend now"

  • SetBlink

    i guess we aren´t getting a review of demon souls

  • SloppyJoe2008

    Zenyatta Vrs Slender-man, Tokyo drift.

  • Dim Fre4kske
    Dim Fre4kske

    Err.. why do you show the Apple CEO when talking about Microsoft at 0:36. MS's CEO is an Indian fellow. Edit> and immediately after the halo comment, well while we don't know if it's good or not, we do know that it's been delayed by a year.

  • vishist saini
    vishist saini

    I just realised She said Sony just unveiled future of gaming and Xbox wasn't mentioned a single time

  • Devin Zane
    Devin Zane

    Now you have to do one for Xbox

    • Frank Paul
      Frank Paul

      I don’t think they like Xbox as much.

  • Omega Zero
    Omega Zero

    does bugsnax necessarily need to be on ps5 no but what about them HD TEXTURES am I RIGHT

  • Brian Holsonback
    Brian Holsonback

    "Sting" ROFL

  • Mutagen

    Tflops is short for titty flops. Its the gpu's capacity to make a trillion floating titty operations per second. Which is impressive, the human eye can only observe around two or three floating titty operations per second.

  • KC Diaz
    KC Diaz

    SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs

  • Noldor warrior
    Noldor warrior

    Your boyfriend should play Hearts of Iron 4

  • Casey Howard
    Casey Howard

    Yay! I'm the 1057604th sub :)

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