The Review God of War Deserved
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We've been dying to replay God of War since it released in 2018, so the new PS5 patch was all the motivation we needed to return to Midgard. Please enjoy this very special review of what it's like to live with someone who plays God of War...again. Will my boyfriend reach the highest peak of Jötunheimr? Or will he get distracted by the grudge he's been holding against the Valkyrie Queen? Find out now! #PS5 #GodOfWar
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  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews

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    • trax72

      Just shave your head

    • goodlooksmcgee

      haha, HEAD over there

    • Zack Smith
      Zack Smith

      Where is persona 5

    • Jquan2020

      Play Detroit: Become Human, great game, also, play all 3 Life is Strange game's, ur in for a trip of emotion, I'll just say that. 😱😭🙂💯

    • Bradley Blake
      Bradley Blake

      It took me 67 attempts to finally beat tye Valkyrie queen. On the 67th try when I finally actually beat her it was probably one of the most satisfying moments in my life. (Which is actually really sad now that I think about it lol.) I really just didn't think I was capable of it around probably my 50th try. Even on regular difficulty she's very hard, let alone on give me god of war. She was just brutal.

  • UAUA

    I didn't know there were secrets last time

  • David Mclean
    David Mclean

    Hi , the videos are great. I was wondering how you are able to use sound and video clips from games , movies and other media without losing monetization or getting hit with a copyright infringement. I have just started my own channel that talks about movies I like and I wanted to edit different images and videos from different sources. ALgone , either hits me with an infringement or demonetizes the video. I also use my own voice over over the clips and use , less than thirty seconds of footage. I thought with re editing the footage in a similar way to your content and having my own voice narrating a commentary of the piece I was reviewing would constitute fair use. Any help or advice would be appreciated from yourselves or anyone in the comments. Thanks :)

  • Leo Mazorodze
    Leo Mazorodze

    I enjoyed this review....subscribed💯💯💯

  • Leo Mazorodze
    Leo Mazorodze

    I enjoyed this review....subscribed💯💯💯

  • Dimitri Dionissiou
    Dimitri Dionissiou

    Hey have you considered have a review of living with someone who plays Hades?

  • Markus Dickinson
    Markus Dickinson

    11 minutes of pure entertainment!! you guys are awesome and a great team. I have just as much time enjoying the commentary as I do the flawless edits! keep it going I love it

  • Dr Strange
    Dr Strange

    Beautiful game, boring combat mechanics.

  • Dominic .LoFranco
    Dominic .LoFranco

    I downloaded god of war my for ps5 because of this review. What an amazing game ty!

  • Kratos

    "mY bOyFrIenD"

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      Yes, that's the joke, welcome to the channel.

  • SparkySpice0911

    Now do breath of the wild again

  • KamiKazi

    Please do a Titanfall 2 Rewiew !! I beg its a really underrated game

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    Jose Padilla

    Please do cold war

  • David Lee
    David Lee

    is she doing a dunkey impression, you got my sub

  • LordLokilo

    I'm subscribing now in your channel, and I love that segway to keeps, very smooth, Linus smooth

  • Ghost Biker
    Ghost Biker

    as a god of war fan I played that game more then 50 times more than 40 of them was in the hardest diff and always finished it at 100% I can understand any one that was taken by it

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini


  • BK Films
    BK Films

    ahh yess. here we are, back to one of my favorite games of all time

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      I would love if they also did some game summaries! I love this channel and all they make hehe

  • TawaraboshiGenba

    The PS5 is a lie.

  • Miguel Rodrigues
    Miguel Rodrigues

    Time for new game plus :D

  • Denielle Chapman
    Denielle Chapman

    The ravens! Some of those birds had to have been placed just to piss us off. And the designer of the valkyrie queen got so much hate mail from fans for how difficult she made her.

  • vtaykw1

    I have the same reaction 😂. Memories start flooding back.

  • Sean :P
    Sean :P

    Day 1 of waiting for the OMORI video

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham

    When are you going to cover Assassin's Creed Valhalla?!

  • Александр Федоренко
    Александр Федоренко

    How about trying something new, like bannerlord?

  • RockingKevin

    6:50 That puts a big smile on my face too

  • King in the North
    King in the North

    Play kingdom come deliverance

  • Kiệt Lê Đinh Thế
    Kiệt Lê Đinh Thế

    hipe for the new daddy of war thor get ready to be shore

  • Osmondnewyen

    Are you dunkeys gf?

  • ThelastflyingYete

    Y'all should review this indie game Haven, its co-op. Im finding it very cringey but Im single so...

  • Brandon

    1:06 was too funny

  • Grant Daniels
    Grant Daniels

    that dunkey voice tho lol

  • Tomas TDE
    Tomas TDE

    Man, I freaking love your videos! I found you guys like 4 days ago and I've watched literally every single one now with this being the last one. Honestly, one of my favorite youtube channels.

  • Constance Cushman
    Constance Cushman

    I would love if they also did some game summaries! I love this channel and all they make hehe

  • vexelghost

    I’ve still not played this game or any of the PlayStation exclusives. The Persona series keeps pulling my back in.

  • Aidan Davis
    Aidan Davis

    666 dislikes. The devil is a hater.

  • Mustafa Bashar
    Mustafa Bashar

    666 dislikes Thats a satanic disapproval

  • Ivan Lovrinović
    Ivan Lovrinović

    8:40 why is that shit so heartbreaking i cant.

  • 84C4

    This time, they're playing for Keeps

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    Isn't a sponsor spot for hair loss treatment a bit mismatched with a game where you play as a bald and badass demigod?

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony


  • MABlacksmith

    This the best video you have made yet, and that is a high bar to clear. Certified GOAT.

  • Carlos A Filho
    Carlos A Filho

    The editing on this channel is just out of this world. Definitely one of - if not THE - best videogame channel on YT ;)

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      Thank you!

  • ilovelamp22

    With regards to your new sponsor keeps, their product is a drug called finastride/propecia. This drug does work for many, but for some it can cause very dangerous side effects, something Keeps plays down for profits. The effects can be so damaging, that the Canadian, Korean, and UK governments have all issued warnings, and deterring statements on the product. I would ask that you rethink this sponsorship.

  • Suraj Ryan
    Suraj Ryan

    Please review Max Payne 3 . PLEASE

  • Enrique Ganto
    Enrique Ganto


  • MrScrawnjuan

    Was, was that a Girlfriend Reviews impression of Dunkey?

  • blake brouwer
    blake brouwer

    Hell Blade: Senua's Sacrifice pls

  • Adrian Untalan
    Adrian Untalan

    I grinded so hard to beat the Valkyrie Queen just before the final realm so that I would be super OP for the final boss only to realize I already beat the final boss and that the final realm only had a cutscene.

  • Coffee 'N' Stuff
    Coffee 'N' Stuff

    keeps doesn't work.

  • Jonas Endert
    Jonas Endert

    That valkyrie story is 100% relatable... With the exception that I just couldn't crack the queen 😭😭😭 I died like 86412093 times until I did the good ol rage quit... Maybe I should try again 😅

  • Tyler Beauchamp
    Tyler Beauchamp

    You should do Valheim! 😄

  • ImPwnedByaPanda

    ha pathetic, i beat the Valkyries in 4k 30fps

  • Kopie

    ign - too hard and too long.

  • babyweems

    Also be aware premature hair lose in men has been linked to heart failure so get regular check ups with your doctor.

  • gwyn lee
    gwyn lee

    Oh my god, I am guilty of everything in this video!

  • Damiàn Montalvo
    Damiàn Montalvo

    Hello girlfriend reviews, I wanted to ask if you know about a game called Hades, it has very good story, it’s art design is beautiful and the combat system is just great

  • Abigail Wignarajah
    Abigail Wignarajah

    My favorite thing is to watch my husband play story-heavy video games and I loved this game but also...I had all these thoughts. ANGLE UP MORE TO HIT THE BIRD. NO, UP. UP!!!

  • Eloise Ruth
    Eloise Ruth

    ‘How many pots are you guys gonna smash?’ **Laughs in Ocarina of Time**

  • Massine Moustaphaoui
    Massine Moustaphaoui

    This video makes me wanna go out and find a girlfriend

  • Chaos is Coming
    Chaos is Coming

    best game of 2018 god of war 2019 spider-man 2020 the last of us part 2 2021 Lockdown ends

  • Lubedupsquid

    The “Big Snake!” part Was hilarious

  • Reginald Dumornay
    Reginald Dumornay

    First of all the review was incredibly entertaining and well made but I am just as impressed by the ad transition “kratos really rocks the bald look...” *chefs kiss*

  • Tony León
    Tony León

    This is so inspiring to see. I remember when that first GOW dropped and man have you guys exploded since then. Congrats, you deserve all the praise.

  • snipermantis84

    1:24 The essence of Dunkey consumed you!

  • Josh Hunt
    Josh Hunt

    First lockdown I took it upon myself to finally 100% this game! It took me a while but by god I didn’t. I have to admit, I shed a tear when I finally killed the valkerie queen

  • Jb300

    God bless the edit was good xD

  • Coconut Head
    Coconut Head

    Enjoyed all the previous GoWs. Played the first couple hours of this one and got bored. The kid is annoying and the combat is clunky.

  • Karla Cristina de Almeida
    Karla Cristina de Almeida

    Hey! Matt should totally play Journey! Shelby will cry.

  • Kaz


  • Blaine Lodder
    Blaine Lodder

    The dunkey impression sends me😂😂

  • Ján Kuľha
    Ján Kuľha

    Really?! So long to kill Queen?! You have girlfriend not boyfriend then 😉

  • Karolina Pająk
    Karolina Pająk

    It still bugs me that I didn't defeat the Valkiria Queen. Damn I really need to replay GoW.

  • Brandon Sharp
    Brandon Sharp

    When's this going to become Wife Reviews?

  • James Wheeler
    James Wheeler

    1:24 Nice Dunkey impression 😂

  • Nickotronick

    Dear Girlfriend Reviews, I Dare Matt to play Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. There's lots of story for both he and Shelby to dig into, an endless mountain of memes (make sure to get the DLC missions, you'll thank me later), and a perfect excuse for Matt to bust out a joystick and act like an Anime fighter pilot. Or act like he's in Top Gun, that also works too. Sincerely, Nick

  • Adithya Kiran
    Adithya Kiran

    "Open the door" "This is no ordinary illness" Damn... That pun was soo funny😂😂😂

  • Jefferson Lima
    Jefferson Lima

    1:14 Kratos bringing the TV hahahahaha

  • Brian O
    Brian O

    Yo as a 30 summin rockin the crud outta being bald... Keep your hair kids.

  • Jiovanny Simon
    Jiovanny Simon

    It's insulting to hear you make a videogamedunkey impression.

  • Janos Schaffer
    Janos Schaffer

    Dear Girlfriend Reviews, I unsubscribed a few months ago & am writing this comment as a last effort in hope that one day I may again enjoy your videos. Please stop making fart jokes. I thought maybe you are just trying to appeal to a younger audience, but no. If my kids ever came home one day & made a fart joke I would give them the beating of a lifetime. Thanks, Janos Schaffer

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    Tagir Suleymanov

    That Tenacious D piece was spot-on

  • Asterix

    God I love this channel

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    Arturo Perez

    NOT TRUE! I had SO much hecksilver and i thiught i wouldnt use it all but i actually did...

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    Ibrahim Salman

    Please don't ever stop thos videos

  • SixBladeKnife

    I, too, have been two years with the valkyrie queen living in my head, laughing at me for not being able to defeat her until I got my ps5 two weeks ago. Needless to say this review got me laughing hard!

  • Daniel Marin
    Daniel Marin

    Ahegao kratos is not real he can't hurt you Ahegao Kratos: 7:16

  • MithrilRoshi

    Yep, was here at the start, now here in the mil. :D Such humble start

  • Rising Miles
    Rising Miles


  • genericdoggo

    this game is meh

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk

    GoW wont be like this if the next installment end up as a hack & slash as GoW was, welp the open world 3rd person RPG genre does works as a life support

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk

    Oh the controls for RD2 is more embarrasing than controllers.

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo


  • Waleed Elshamy
    Waleed Elshamy

    One of the best, coolest, funniest reviews ever.

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      I'm really sure that God of War is more than a Great game

  • Hrushikesh Gouda
    Hrushikesh Gouda

    they say thor is making friends in midgard cuz he’s scared of going back home alone. i wonder who scares him.

  • Jamandabop

    8:31 We need a review of Hollow Knight: Godmaster now.

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith

    2 out of 3 guys go a bit bald by 35?

  • Steph G
    Steph G

    Your editing is downright amazing, love your reviews !


    Uncharted 4 : "Best game she ever watched" God of War 4 : "Best of times" Obviously the Girlfriend rewiever probably never watched or played : Final Fantasy 7, Xenogears, Resident Evil 1, Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2, Halo 2, Halo 3, Gears of War 2, God of War 3 and 1, Shenmue 1, Ecco The Dolphin Defender of the Future, Uncharted 2, The Witcher 3, Half-Life 2, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Goldeneye 64, Batman Arkham Asylum, The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, ....or maybe she did and she is somehow amnesiac now ? I thank her for the review though. Peace.

  • Rusty Shacklferd
    Rusty Shacklferd

    Really hate that they just do the same games multiple times. At least they use to change the game before. Think it's finally time to unsubcribe, this channel has really gone down hill.

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    Zachary Martinez

    So a game I think would be very interesting for you guys to review would be No More Heroes which is on the Switch.It’s an older game that has been re-released on the Switch and it’d be very interesting to see a review on it.

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