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Uncharted 4 is the best game to watch a loved one play. Here's why.
Special thanks to this channel for some of their beauty shots:
And another special thanks to this channel for documenting this game's insane details:
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  • gonçalo Baia
    gonçalo Baia

    My mother agrees lol

  • Armin z3po
    Armin z3po

    Damn you are a cool girlfriend

  • whatthehell

    Fun fact: Uncharted 4 was the worst part of the whole franchise.

  • Jordan Kelly
    Jordan Kelly

    The last of us 2 is still garbage.

  • Wesley Colvin
    Wesley Colvin

    This one's a hell of a lot of fun even as an audience member.

  • Tobija Doll
    Tobija Doll

    Woman, I can not put in word how much i loved this Video. Literally. Loved it. Thank YOU! As I said. Can't really put it in to words. Just loved it :DD

  • Gr8_Balls_o_Fire

    Girlfriends who like video games exist? 🤔

  • Mike Verbeek
    Mike Verbeek

    I fell in love with this game again because of your video.

  • Luke Staten
    Luke Staten

    Uncharted is a masterpiece in every aspect, from a gamer and a critic.

  • Big Man
    Big Man

    I played some with my cousin and it was amazing.

  • Francesco Mucci // Filmmaker
    Francesco Mucci // Filmmaker

    Ehi, guys! Love your videos. I guess you got asked this so many times before, but how would you get your partner (my girlfriend in this case), who's not into videogames like AT ALL, to play or at least be a backseat gamer for once? I've tried with TLOU (which is one of my favorite of all time, of course), but she has given up after meeting Ellie. Can you imagine?😅 Love u guys, and keep up the good stuff!

  • Keyzee

    that ending did not age well ... tlou2 sucked

    • Shree Kaushik
      Shree Kaushik

      Not for them

  • Kennet Muñoz
    Kennet Muñoz

    My family used to gather around with me to watch me play it, everybody were amazed with the level of details and they even came visit us just for the game :3 ohhh memories

  • Sazal Rahman
    Sazal Rahman

    I dont have a PS 4 to play this and I hate myself for it.

  • Roby Random
    Roby Random

    Ps4 can run this but cant get 30fps on cyberpunk

  • donat zubcic
    donat zubcic

    I never paid attention to uncharted, but I got gifted uncharted 4 and honestly its one of my favourite games ever

  • Diesel 1210
    Diesel 1210

    This channel is pure gold. So glad I found you both.

  • Jassy Blagojevic
    Jassy Blagojevic

    I 100% agree with the title. I was a total backseat gamer with my boyfriend on this one and enjoyed every second of it. Especially yelling the directions :D

  • hiropon


  • Hasan Razaqa
    Hasan Razaqa


  • Nick Mittal
    Nick Mittal

    Please do a review for dishonored😬

  • Random LifeHacker
    Random LifeHacker

    4:02 we miss you Sam

  • Heath Kish
    Heath Kish

    The most valuable couple since Jay-Z and Beyoncé ❤️

  • Andrew C.
    Andrew C.

    these videos are so well written. bravo some dudes girlfriend 👏 I mean that sincerely not condescendingly btw

  • Clarke Flippo
    Clarke Flippo

    ALgone algorithms brought me here and I have to say they nailed it. The writing + humor + editing here is fantastic. Sending this to my wife ASAP.

  • Vanessa Trottier
    Vanessa Trottier

    Hollywood’s gonna wreck this game for sure. Even the love story in this game is better than most films I’ve seen

  • Mick-Eric Boettge
    Mick-Eric Boettge

    It's funny that she's calls it the pinnacle of backseat gaming, coz I think that's the only I'd enjoy this game. Everything about the visuals, narrative, characters and dialogue is amazing. Druckmann would make u superb film director. Everything about the gameplay is a joke tho. Exciting when you can put the controler down. Intolerably boring when you're asked to do something. Had to put it down after a few hours :( uncharted 2 was a masterpiece in pacing at the time. This is an outdated, even less refined version of that.

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens

    I wanted uncharted lost Legacy oh well

  • Stones Poi
    Stones Poi

    I love that you use FF 7 music lol

  • Martinbumms

    the way you guys put that lord of the rings part into that video just made me so happy that I had to pause out of excitement .... I adore you

  • leucifer

    I hate Hollywood baloney!

  • Adam Krause
    Adam Krause

    You said it well, Woman. Basically Naughty Dog produces nothing short of MasterWorks.

  • eduardocorralabad

    This game is not really good.. much better tomb raider...

  • Montesama314

    "Swordfighting Jake Gyllenhaal" Now that you said it, I can't unsee it, and now I want him to be opposite Tom Holland in that Uncharted movie.

  • Felipe Santos
    Felipe Santos

    if you play the previous 3 games before this one you can feel the love of the developers for the franchise in this one.. the fanservice level of this one is unmatched! Love you guys by the way >.

  • Wade Anderson
    Wade Anderson

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was better.

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & Groot

    *We need more games like Uncharted..*

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    The coop is underrated asf. I'm gonna play it with mah momma. And teach her the campaign :) and how to fkn play lol.

  • Alex LaJeunesse
    Alex LaJeunesse

    One of my all time favorite games. Utterly beautiful with a gripping storyline (as are all the Uncharted series), but this one was a finale in the best ways I wish all games could be so engrossing. I really must play it again, and I normally don’t replay long campaigns. I have only just started the Lost Legacy spinoff.

  • bemersonbakebarmen

    NaughtyDog makes overrated games. They are more like movies rather than games. That is just throwing away the potential of games in favour of making them more like films. Are they good? Yes, but not that good.

    • Meme Iselfaneye
      Meme Iselfaneye

      That is, was, and always will be a non-sense criticism. They're almost entirely gameplay, as much as any modern games with a story focus go (which is most), in fact, they're a bit more gameplay, because somethings that would be done in cutscenes in other games, are moments of action in Uncharted. The only thing Uncharted could have done better, was freeform platforming, those sections are a bummer (ironic considering Naughty Dog's history with some of the best platformers ever). On top of having the most diverse gunplay, the melee is also above most other 3rd person cover shooters, while still simple, there's so many context cues that also make fist fights incredibly diverse. Like going to throw a punch, but Elena is right next to you, so you grab her and spin her feet first into an enemy's face; or punching an a enemy who then falls into a object, and the finishing strike you jam him through it. They're as good as and 3rd person cover shooter ever, with some of the most dynamic levels of all time.

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      disagree but ok

  • Hudkig

    notice me senpai

  • kakarotto yt
    kakarotto yt

    Uncharted 4 is the best game I've watched? What you seen its gameplay or what?

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      you are new here huh??

  • Giovanni Perticaro
    Giovanni Perticaro

    Great game fun only last of us was better naughty dog is the king

  • Silexxe Edits & AMV
    Silexxe Edits & AMV

    I'm sorry but... Uncharted 4 is my favorite game ever and it can't be changed. The whole uncharted serie is AMAZING but the 4th? A MASTER PIECE! its like... the little cherry on the top of the best cake ever

    • Gamma Smash
      Gamma Smash

      Same here. Unfortunately, I gave my copy of it to my nephew, and I've been kinda missing my annual playthrough. I'm gonna have to pick up another copy. I do have a copy of Uncharted the Lost Legacy, and that's, gameplay-wise, virtually the same game. It's just missing that Nathan Drake charm.

  • Joel Vedhapriyan
    Joel Vedhapriyan

    And that y they are making a uncharted movie

  • Lucia Izsáková
    Lucia Izsáková

    I have a question (idk if this has been asked in the comment section already, forgive me for that!). I just bought a PS4 from a friend who had uncharted 4 so he gave it to me too. My question is: do I have to play the previous games (I never watched it, never saw even the trailer or any gameplay, I have just a slight idea what it is about). So what do you recommend ? Can I just play it or should I get the previous titles too?

    • Fahad Ahmed
      Fahad Ahmed

      For a better and understandable experience, I recommend you to play UC1, 2, 3 first.

    • Gamma Smash
      Gamma Smash

      My first Uncharted game was UC4. I enjoyed the hell out of it, so I went back and played the others. You don't need to have played the others to enjoy UC4. They're all great, but Uncharted 4 is the pinnacle of the series.

  • Justin Kim
    Justin Kim


  • Chris Standridge
    Chris Standridge

    As much as y'all reference LOTR, have I missed the review of "Shadow of War/Mordor?" New sub also, your vids have me cracking up beginning to end.

  • hunter affleck
    hunter affleck

    Hard to believe this game is made in 2016. Naughty Dog are God's man . Don't know how they do this . Probably one of the best if not THEE best team cinematography you can get in a game and very detailed gameplay you can get in a game . Not to mention , intense and emotional stories on the side as well . Very very rare now a days . I just started playing the Uncharted series for the first time a couple weeks ago . Still on the first game but it's making me hyped to get to 4 and Lost Legacy . Both look really awesome .

  • Frank Gutter
    Frank Gutter

    You are so correct, it is a game made for the cheerful audience in the background, popcorn in hand. A smoke makes it even more entertaining

  • Jefferson Santos
    Jefferson Santos

    I'm a big fan of the Uncharted series. During this pandemic, I decided to play all the games again. Damn, they're all great, but Uncharted 4 was even better than I remembered.

  • Gilroy Reine
    Gilroy Reine

    Damn, I wish my girl was into games like that, the moment I hop on my ps she starts giving me the kind of look an old man gets from the grim reaper... Dead serious (Hehe no puns intended)

  • Abdullah Sabir
    Abdullah Sabir

    this was my favorite game of this generation until "the last of us part 2", needless to say, naught dog knows what they are doing.

  • Safir Aksel
    Safir Aksel

    The only game where it's soo entertaining by just watching someone else playing

  • clash tuber
    clash tuber

    What i learned in Uncharted 4 is do not plan ahead it Will not work

  • Oskar Gibson
    Oskar Gibson

    What version of that song was it at 0:21? I believe the original is called Korobeiniki, but I want that specific version.

  • zennok

    This video game me the idea to start another playthrough of the uncharted series (or as my gf call it "boom booms") with my gf, so thanks!

  • Russ Glove
    Russ Glove

    With you all the way!

  • 16RogerL

    My older brother and I used to spend what we would call a “brothers weekend” playing the uncharted games. Just a few months ago I got a PS4 and grabbed Uncharted 4. I spent about a week and a half playing it and loved it so much, it brought back so much happy nostalgia while also just being a genuinely good game. I’m not going to lie when I say that at the end of the game I teared up knowing that this is the end of the Nathan Drake collection. I’m glad that somebody else enjoyed this game like I did. Btw your channel is really great, keep it up!👍

  • Hunter G103
    Hunter G103

    This video has a million views

  • Boruch Arnold
    Boruch Arnold

    Naughty Dog knows how people talk. It's amazing.

  • Samu Niikkanoff
    Samu Niikkanoff

    3:50 Ryan Gosling*

  • Jakub Wdowinski
    Jakub Wdowinski

    all the things you said about noghty dog aged poorly

  • perry chirpy
    perry chirpy

    Good review

  • Broken Lantern X
    Broken Lantern X

    Just avoid the first one. you will hate Jet ski's forever/

  • Shobhit Bhadani
    Shobhit Bhadani

    This game is an absolute gem..I loved every second of playing it



  • Nooru Bohra
    Nooru Bohra

    Focus, commitement & sheer f*ing will....

  • Vuzi Zeteka
    Vuzi Zeteka

    This was beautiful

  • damola olayinka
    damola olayinka

    lmao your editing and storytelling is phenomenal

  • Pugpals21

    You guys should play uncharted 2

  • Yeahsure

    Can Rockstar please sell the Max Payne franchise to Naughty Dog. One of the best protagonists in gaming being wasted. A linear RPG style game with a decision tree would be amazing with a protagonist that is so conflicted already and tortured by past decisions.

  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith

    “Here, your frying pan”

  • Liam Maxwell
    Liam Maxwell

    This channel has great story telling within the reviews

  • Gaming In The Apocalypse
    Gaming In The Apocalypse

    LOL That last of us scene was hilarious and so accurate

  • Abzet Gaming
    Abzet Gaming

    Even after 4 years....Still the most beautiful game I have ever seen

  • tleeg74

    I'm alittle late to the whole "gaming" thing and just got a ps4 3 months ago because I really wanted to play "The Last Of Us" and part 2 (loved them both) now I need a new game....saw Uncharted 4 at Target for $20, thinking of getting it so I'm watching a dozen reviews to get ideas of the game and get peoples opinions. Seems everyone loves it....so what the hell, I'm gonna get it tomorrow. Question is....if I've never played a Uncharted game, is it ok to start with part 4???

    • tleeg74

      @Jarosław Brodowski Awesome....unfortunately my 12 year old son really wanted to play part 4 when i got it a few days ago, so we've played about 2 hours of it so far. It's pretty damn cool. Not as much action so far as I'd hoped, but it's still really fun. I'm sure it will pick up once it gets going, we are barely in our adventure in the game.

    • Jarosław Brodowski
      Jarosław Brodowski

      @tleeg74 i got u dude, I really hope you'll have fun with uncharted series this autumn. The feeling when you complete the whole journey is one of a kind. Uncharted is hell of a ride.

    • tleeg74

      @Jarosław Brodowski thanks for the advice

    • Jarosław Brodowski
      Jarosław Brodowski

      I'd highly recommend getting the remaster pack with parts 1-3 first. You can watch story summary instead of playing the first game because it aged really bad, but in my opinion playing 2nd and 3rd game (both are top shelf action games, especially 2nd one, since it is considered the best in the series) is essential to having fun and understanding all of the themes, jokes and characters in 4, as well as for the ending to have impact.

  • Hector Pereira
    Hector Pereira

    I don know why but I also love this game is only the second game I have ever played more than once, and the funny thing is that in fact you don't get to do much more than shooting, or climbing, or driving throughout the whole game but still is really fun; maybe is because as you said, it is like a move where you get to be part of.

  • Aditya Thakur
    Aditya Thakur

    Swordfight Jake Gyllenhaal 😂😂

  • H Wiseman
    H Wiseman

    U4 was incredible.

  • Susan Lisson
    Susan Lisson

    This is a really well put together review but do you not have enough time to play games yourself? The Uncharted series is so entertaining and moving to play as well as The Lost Legacy game and both The Last of Us games. I’ve taken hundreds upon hundreds of screenshots over the years as well as replaying all aforementioned games. The newer Tomb Raider series is also brilliant, especially the final Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Hubby & I both have our own game systems as we’re both gamers and don’t always like exactly the same games which we discovered early on in our relationship. We do both like to posse up in Red Dead Redemption 2 online for some fun.

    • Girlfriend Reviews
      Girlfriend Reviews

      I don’t play shooters with a controller but please check out our Bioshock & Doom 2016 videos where I played the games myself. I also play games frequently on our twitch channel :)

  • Kernipp

    Fun fact; i bought a ps4 just to play uncharted 4

  • Sharpie 290
    Sharpie 290

    Best reviews ever...................................................................................Just saying.

  • Steven Salazar
    Steven Salazar

    The main music in the uncharted in menu will always make me run through a wall

  • EanFox

    I think y’all should play Uncharted 1-3

  • Rose Sevenyears
    Rose Sevenyears

    I still hope someday you'll find "Plague tale innocence"...

  • Siri Cortana
    Siri Cortana

    For me, Uncharted 4 was the best game I've ever played, until I played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Those two are my absolute favourite GOAT games!

  • baran jan
    baran jan

    you play the cutscenes in uncharted series

  • BakedMoMo

    woah, just got flyby'ed by that great edit with Aragorn's "that is rare gift"

  • Michael Mud-Dragon
    Michael Mud-Dragon

    "Committing murder with your wife." 😐🙂😀😁😂🤣

  • Deedric Kee
    Deedric Kee

    Been playing "Uncharted games for years,it's the beat games I've ever played✨🤘

  • Apex Alex
    Apex Alex

    You guys should do a review for Lost Legacy now

  • Cyn .P
    Cyn .P

    3:50 that edited Macho Nacho hat though 😂😂😂

  • William Colon
    William Colon

    My favorite game of all time 🙌 ❤ 😍

  • jemson cayetano
    jemson cayetano

    Did your boyfriend play Uncharted 2 already? Many thinks (including me) that it was the best Uncharted game.

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      I think UC2 and UC4 are really close

  • Prptheawesome

    God damn I love Uncharted

  • 1824_Nitin Narang
    1824_Nitin Narang

    crash bandicoot !!! out of no where

  • Syed Zidane
    Syed Zidane

    I loved this game. Played over and over again

  • HaloFunGaming

    Uncharted 4 was great Especially from someone who beat it on the hardest difficulty. Naughty Dog nailed everything down perfectly except for one thing. Too much climbing., not enough grappling hook

    • ITz Benzi
      ITz Benzi

      HaloFunGaming what are you talking about it does focus on story and it wasn’t predictable no one knew rafe got sam out of prison and sam didn’t actually spend 15 years in prison but instead 13 years and spent the 2 years working with rafe,and no one knew nate was going to lie to his wife until it actually happens,only thing that was actually predictable was that sam was shady and he may backstab us but no one knew how though,the other 3 games didn’t have stories all it was is just nate is looking for treasure and then the plot changes and he has to stop a generic villain from destroying the world,4 was about nate giving up his old life for a new one to let go of his past but is brought back in because nate wants to save his brother who he thought he lost many years ago at first he doesn’t want to do it but he cares so much about his brother so he does,nate wasn’t as selfish as he was in the other games by just looking for treasure but instead he wanted to save his brother the only thing he wanted to do in this entire game he didn’t care about the treasure even when it was in his premise,the only selfish thing nate did in this game was lie to his wife and he had a huge character development because he regretted what he did and tried to apologize to his wife and at first elena still doesn’t fully forgive him and elena wants to focus on saving sam,but as time goes on you can see that they’re warming up to each other and missing the adventure that they use to have,at the end when they’re on the docks nate tells sully that him and elena still has to hash things out because she’s still not fully to terms with him yet and also when nate and sam are talking,nate gives sam a really good talk about how going on an adventure isn’t worth it and it always ends the same way,i could go way more into details on why this has the best story in the uc series.

    • HaloFunGaming

      @ITz Benzi well the story was also predictable but the game clearly doesn't focus on the story

    • ITz Benzi
      ITz Benzi

      true this game is a masterpiece and i can agree with that was alot of climbing

  • Abbott Abbott
    Abbott Abbott

    That editing, tho…

  • Rockport1911

    Great Uncharted game, it ties alot of ends together and doesnt need a sequel ever. And it shows what Naughty Dog was capable of when they do the storytelling just right....not like in TLOU2 where they forgot that important part...

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